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  1. Just looking for opinions on leona.

    In my opinion, Morgana is a good pick against leona because Morgana's Shield negates spell effects which includes everything leona can throw at her or a team. It can prevent the engage quite easily. But I'll make sure to not reply on much of anything on the forums anymore if all you guys are gonna do is argue and gang up on people for their opinions. and the first point you're gonna make is what bracket i'm in. It was an opinion
  2. Notable Games

    Game Pics from notable scores and performance from the Jungle
  3. We in the jungle, gankin your dudes...

  4. Just looking for opinions on leona.

    @[member='Phreaktaco'] Relax bro, you're a little too hyped up on mountain dew...
  5. ADKGamers - League of Legends Chat Room

    I tried use this with several people in the room two days in a row. I can literally see the tumbleweed rolling down the lanes. So i'm hoping everyone just happens to be AFK at the same time lol we should utilize this more....
  6. The Wonderful Land of Bronze

    Hey man if it works for you roll that beautiful bean footage. I just don't believe she's a worthwhile ban. Doesn't mean she's not a dominant laner and team fighter. Because she's definitely a pain in the ass to deal with.
  7. Watch This :D

    Jax, Best 1v1 champ in the game.
  8. Just looking for opinions on leona.

    I just make sure my team picks Morgana support into Leona pick. Instant counter...I'm normally not a fan of banning her, she's very strong, but an AP or ADC shouldn't ever be getting caught out by her in teamfights. Good positioning makes her amount of CC null and void. You have tanks to suck up that CC and damage. I feel like in this meta banning around the jungle or the AP is more worthwhile.
  9. The Wonderful Land of Bronze

    If you're Duo bot lane that's the easiest to win lane. the only issue you'll run into is the ADC has pleanty of punch and your Duo support is....well.... a support....What combo are you playing? I used to do that with my Duo and we've stopped that do to Mid/Jungle. The ole Wombo combo of Lee Sin and Veigar. this meta is all about aggressive jungles. If you or your friend can jungle i'd recommend you take a solo lane and he take a high damage Jungle or vice versa. My honest advice in solo Q as well, BE SELFISH. never assume your team will carry, take those buffs, take those kills, Carry All Day and All Night. I pulled myself out of bronze quite quickly this season with this combo you should give it a try.
  10. What do you guys do during the down time?

    Elder Scrolls Online or Titanfall on the Xbox One. But let's be honest i'm usually reading a League guide or watching a Stream lol
  11. What made you want to play League of Legends?

    Always wanted to get hooked on an RTS, didn't care much for starcraft and this was attempt 2 at the genre. Absolutely got hooked on this game and now it's like a sporting event in my house. even when I don't have time for a game the stream is on to watch the pro's. I love a challenge and this game is far from easy, there's always something changing to keep you on the edge of your seat!
  12. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    My computer didn't load my post I thought i forgot to give you my name. sorry guys!
  13. Cloud 9 vs Team SoloMid - Ultra Rapid Fire

    Exactly, especially these two teams they're heated rivals. Like old TSM vs. CLG. Dyrus was a good pickup for TSM as well I always doubted Rainman with anything other than Teemo. 
  14. Anyone want to Duo

    Or you can not pay attention to the players and carry the game...Duo is the way to go in lower Elo, Run Bot lane or Jungle/Mid wombo combo it's the ish. I'd gladly jungle or ADC for anyone in here in a Duo if you want to message me in-game @ GodCompIex                                                                                                                                                 ^                                                                                                                              Capital i not a lowercase L.

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