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  1. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Pepsi, Over the years you have done a great service to the ADK Community by providing well over tens of thousands of dollars in Graphics Design free of charge for the betterment of the community. While graphics alone does not make or break a Community it can certainly help with Recruitment as well as present a Professional Aura to which various entities such as Affiliates / Sponsors and other larger groups may be drawn to. On a personal level, you and I have had more arguments / fights / battles than any other person I have encountered at ADK. Looking back on it, I can hardly remember any of them as often times they were more for the protection of someone who had no will to fight themselves, which was fine. Over the years, we came to an understanding, and as I stepped away from my duties more and more as time progressed, our friendship did develop moreso. We have had a lot of great, late night discussions the past few years that really brought reality into play several times for me that I appreciated. Unlike countless other leaders that I worked with over the years at ADK, you had your own way of doing things in that if the situation called for a tactical strike by a small team. You would just walk up to the front door and blow it open with explosives and yell, "Get out here lets go already!". This to me was both positive and negative to be truthful. One of the most unique things I personally believe you brought to the table for ADK was the fact that you always saw situations through the eyes of an ADK Member. This vision often created rifts between you and other Leaders who often didn't focus on their own membership in various game departments ranging from Map Settings to Rule Implementation. A leader who often focuses on the Member's needs is respected by countless Members but hated by other Leadership. Thus in a manner of speaking, you appealed to my original self. I joined ADK as a member and all I ever wanted to be was an ADK Member. I saw a chance to help out and even told AOBLXIX "If you have me do this job, I will no longer be able to be one of the guys and some of them will hate me" and after that its all she wrote.......main point being, I saw in you what I saw as a younger ADK Member looking into ADK. You addressed concerns that Members wanted addressed that other Leaders Ignored or mowed over and constantly focused on the membership part of ADK and not the leadership part. On behalf of ALL ADK LEADERSHIP that worked with you from when I started to before I stepped down, we really do appreciate what you have done for ADK whether we say it or not. We love your graphics, we hated how you conduct yourself at times but your goal was always, and will always be for the Members. For that, you do have my respect because the community is NOTHING without its members. Peace.
  2. The end of my time here

    @ColColonCleaner You will be missed. I remember back in the Battlefield 3 days working with you and @Prophet into the late evening hours on different improvements and items to make it and the servers better. All the drama that went those late discussions still makes me laugh to this day as it was quite fun. As well as the times in PlanetSide 2 with the rest of the gang when you helped start an Outfit with your brother. I never did really work with you again once Battlefield 4 released so its been quite a few years since we worked together. Regardless, the amount of coding / design / testing and sweat you put into the Battlefield Section of ADK AND the Worldwide Battlefield Community will never be forgotten. Some of the tools you developed helped countless communities out with their administrative duties and server control. Hope to see you around some time friend Cheers
  3. It was fun

    @Fuz Thanks for all the fun times we had as Teamspeak Admins . Hopefully you stop by still, it would be fun to game sometime, maybe BF1? We'll be in the ADK Discord
  4. Count to 1,000

  5. BF1 Is Sexist?

    Going to have to agree with both. History wise, it doesn't make sense.
  6. Letter of Resignation

    @War_Adm1ral Hey man, you have really given this community your all despite your initial hesistation. I was shocked and surprised to see someone so willing to help organize LAN events and promote ADK in their lives. You were always there wanting to push ADK into the next venue, the next event, the next life. We all can appreciate your efforts. Anywhere you go, people would be lucky to have you along. Wishing you nothing but the best man! Nova
  7. leaving ADK

    @Silent166 Thanks for everything you have given this community Silent. You always went above and beyond for everyone around you and made sure everyone was alright before leaving the area. You touched a great deal of lives here at ADK and I hope you are able to do so wherever you go. We'll always be friends!
  8. Hello, We are looking for players who would be willing to help with the following: Oversee Section to help Prevent Drama Create Fun Events for Players to participate In Aid in Recruiting New players No you do not really run the players who play the game, your job is to help the game grow in ADK Essentially. Anyone looking for a fast-track to Director this is one of those times to step up, currently our current Directors have their plates very full and we don't have any to spare on this game. Thus, this is a great opportunity to showcase your leadership skills by helping grow the game and fast track to an Upper Leadership Position. If you are interested, feel free to post here or let me know via PM. Whichever you prefer.
  9. Shenanigans! > Intro

    Welcome to our forums @Shotgun_Ninja! Nice to meet you Nick. Its great to see someone who loves console games and PC games at the same time. Sometimes people have a difficult time appreciating both worlds. Let met tag up some Game Leadership for the games you mentioned. Overwatch - @BTBHead @Moxya @Mikey @Snipe @War_Adm1ral @Greenshaw @Rabbit League of Legends - @Tipster @Rabbit @Ceroloth @Joey @Greenshaw @Phreaktaco For World of Warcraft, feel free to use the following thread to meet up with ADK Members or to help get the section going: Oh man, it would take me quite a bit to get used to working at night Hopefully you will still be able to play with lots of our playerbase. While we do have players on at graveyard hours, I would like to say our prime time is usually a few hours after work hours end. Regardless, looking forward to seeing you around!
  10. New to the forums

    Welcome to our forums @rf40! Glad to see you enjoying the Battlefield Servers . Its fun to be competitive but its more fun to simply enjoy your time with your fellow players. K/D isn't everything Hmm, let me tag up Battlefield Leadership to give you information if you need it and welcome you! @Marcinkoman @Spanky @JacknifeJones @Paoida @Homeshadow @regenerate83 @Zaizz @BewareDaBeast @Dib @kmi187 @bluemoon_og @CoolLucK @Space @OverlordSev @RidleeVindicate/Hockey @Sparrow @DowntownRiots @Skrux @KnightsX @Warlocc @F34RL3SS @viperman @Naru @BgBang18 @MrsVirtue1776 @LaithSJ @Dylbags99 @Virtue1776 @_MisterRobotoXL_ @Wacko920 @Darknae @Rylie_Smiley Hope to see you around!
  11. intro

    Welcome to our forums @BicShrek! Nice to meet you David. So I am a bit confused, are you here to join the H1Z1 Server or ADK, regardless I will tag up some H1Z1 Leadership if you need them. @Euthanize91 @Bordock @LawlessLEMON @Skeeter @Belowzero @danielcruz @Duplicity2554 @NepuNepu @PostalService @Tagond @Thunderousmight @CaGregorio How long have your friends been in? Best of luck!
  12. Introducing myself

    Welcome to our forums @Marinija! Nice to meet you Marina. That's good that you have been already playing with some of us. Hope you are able to enjoy your time here in ADK. Reading books? Which ones do you enjoy reading by genre? (Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, etc..) You also have a green thumb? Nice, I am still working on tending this flower. Let me tag up some H1Z1 Leadership if you have questions - @Euthanize91 @Bordock @LawlessLEMON @Skeeter @Belowzero @danielcruz @Duplicity2554 @NepuNepu @PostalService @Tagond @Thunderousmight @CaGregorio
  13. who is OCB

    Welcome to our forums @ocb ! Awesome, I hope you find a great home here as we tend to operate a lot differently than Clans. How did you hear about ADK? Feel free to hit up some Game Admins or ADK Members if you want to learn more in Teamspeak. H1Z1 Leadership to help out if you have questions: @Euthanize91 @Bordock @LawlessLEMON @Skeeter @Belowzero @danielcruz @Duplicity2554 @NepuNepu @PostalService @Tagond @Thunderousmight @CaGregorio
  14. Introducing myself

    Welcome to our forums @HiHiCaptain! Nice to meet you Faisal. I don't think I know of anyone in ADK who is from Kuwait, so that's something pretty interesting about yourself. How did you hear about ADK? Great group of games there, let me tag up some Game Leadership to help out. CS:GO - @Viper @Dynasty @Mikey @Homeboy @Rocker III @TemptingFate @Dwight K Shrute H1Z1 - @Euthanize91 @Bordock @LawlessLEMON @Skeeter @Belowzero @danielcruz @Duplicity2554 @NepuNepu @PostalService @Tagond @Thunderousmight @CaGregorio League of Legends - @Tipster @Rabbit @Ceroloth @Joey @Greenshaw @Phreaktaco Hope to see you around!
  15. Intro

    Welcome to the forums @DemiGodShiino! Here I was just about to ask you how heard about us. Well we used to have some of those MMORPGS but we do not anymore. Regardless we are attempting to start up a WoW section found here: Hope to see you around!
  16. introduction

    Welcome to our forums @RiveRs! Nice to meet your Austin. Feel free to browse our forums / Teamspeak for a game you may like. We also have this subforum where players are able to post what games they would like to bring to ADK: http://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/533-lets-get-this-game-going/ Let me tag up some CSGO personnel in case you have questions: @Viper @Dynasty @Mikey @Homeboy @Rocker III @TemptingFate @Dwight K Shrute
  17. Intro

    Welcome to our forums @Snake Eyes ! First off going to say thank you for serving. I can say that we all appreciate your service. Good thing the average age of an ADK Member is in the 30s we actually have a lot more older players than most communities. Nice, so you definitely have a pretty solid ARMA background! That's pretty legit. Well if you have any questions about ARMA feel free to contact the ARMA Adminship @Soap91 @James33 @FakeDeath @CIT0RI @AceOverKings @Gingergod5 @Zudamour @MrPig Hope to see you around!
  18. looking to join

    Welcome to our forums @CvAussie! So you are with Chaos Vanguard? Regardless, hope you enjoy your time in our forums!
  19. I am Lucky332

    Welcome to our forums @Lucky332 ! Nice to meet you Davis! Great seeing a lot of the younger crowed joining in on the PC Gaming front. Not that there is a problem with consoles, but we don't often get younger people but they are not rare by any means Well we have H1Z1 and CS:GO as sponsored games in ADK. We also have some pretty awesomely modded ARMA Servers. Let me tag up some Game Leadership to help if needed or simply welcome you! H1Z1 - @Euthanize91 @Bordock @LawlessLEMON @Skeeter @Belowzero @danielcruz @Duplicity2554 @NepuNepu @PostalService @Tagond @Thunderousmight @CaGregorio CS:GO- @Viper @Dynasty @Mikey @Homeboy @Rocker III @bbqribs1234@TemptingFate @Dwight K Shrute ARMA - @Soap91 @James33 @FakeDeath @CIT0RI @AceOverKings @Gingergod5 @Zudamour @MrPig From New Zealand? I thiiiinnnkk we might have one or two people from there. Not sure....still a huge rarity and AWESOME having more cultural diversity around. Its great because we enjoy having the different play styles / thoughts / fun times with people from all over the world. How did you hear about us?
  20. Introduction of a streamer

    @oOMrElusiveOo Sorry about my delay I work a lot during the day. Is this the link you are looking for: You can find this and more in the ARMA Forums: http://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/343-arma/
  21. Introduction

    Welcome to our forums @Juggs! That's awesome that you found us in a server with our members. I hope you are able to make great friends here at ADK and enjoy your time spent! If you have any questions feel free to let us know. Let me tag up some CS:GO Leadership: @Viper @Dynasty @Mikey @Homeboy @Rocker III @bbqribs1234@TemptingFate @Dwight K Shrute Hope to see you around!
  22. Intro~

    Welcome @Jin to our forums! I see you are interested in joining the H1Z1 Server. I wish you best of luck in your endeavor!
  23. warriorjeff intro

    Welcome to our forums @warriorjeff ! Nice to meet you kas! How did you hear about ADK? What interests you the most so far? Good deal, we love having new players to play with and enjoy our time gaming. Let me tag up some Game Leadership for some of the games you mentioned and see if we can help answer any questions you might have or simply welcome you! League of Legends - @Tipster @Rabbit @Ceroloth @Joey @Greenshaw @Phreaktaco CS:GO - @Viper @Dynasty @Mikey @Homeboy @Rocker III @bbqribs1234@TemptingFate @Dwight K Shrute Minecraft - @Chunkyyukon123 @SLIMJIM @BrassyIA @Jaden @Stealthy Hope to see you around!
  24. Intro Triptonite

    Welcome to our forums @Triptonite! I totally didn't see the notification for your post, sorry about that. How did you hear about us? Also, what does an Insulation Technician do exactly? I am curious because it sounds pretty cool. Since one of your games that you play is Battlefield 4 let me tag up some Battlefield Leadership for you. If you are looking to get into Batlefield 1 we are planning on having multiple servers for it as well and will definitely need more Administration if you are interested. @Marcinkoman @Spanky @JacknifeJones @Paoida @Homeshadow @regenerate83 @Zaizz @BewareDaBeast @Dib @kmi187 @bluemoon_og @CoolLucK @Space @OverlordSev @RidleeVindicate/Hockey @Sparrow @DowntownRiots @Skrux @KnightsX @Warlocc @F34RL3SS @viperman @Naru @BgBang18 @MrsVirtue1776 @LaithSJ @Dylbags99 @Virtue1776 @_MisterRobotoXL_ @Wacko920 @Darknae @Ryli
  25. ¡Hi TEAM! (Gosu)

    @Yisus Cristus Awesome! Well now that i know the game you are seeking out here let me tag up some H1Z1 Leadership for you! @Euthanize91 @Bordock @LawlessLEMON @Skeeter @Belowzero @danielcruz @Duplicity2554 @NepuNepu @PostalService @Tagond @Thunderousmight @CaGregorio

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