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    Dowin reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, ADK Membership Requirement Changes   
    After months of consideration and going back and forth on a few different ideas, the leadership of the community has decided to move forward with new requirements for holding the ADK membership status.
    A big part of the changes comes from us wanting to be able to do more for ADK members, and to be able to give back to those who are members of this community through giveaways, events, etc. . . . We do also understand that this new change will not work out for some members, but at the end of the day want to let everyone know that you even without the membership title you are still welcomed here.
    Over the years, ADK has been slow to adapt to the changing times within the large picture of gaming and part of that is due to not wanting to make decisions which are often tough decisions and not always looked at in the broad spectrum as a positive change. This is ultimately something that ADK has faced from the beginning of it's existence in many forms.
    The requirements that will be set moving forward from here on out are:
    Being active weekly on Discord and the Forums. Active participation within 1 or more games within ADK If not continually active over a 3 month period, will be moved to 'Inactive Member' After being an Inactive Member for a 2 month period, member will be moved to 'registered'. Now some people might be shocked or surprised about the second bullet point there, but in all actuality one of the Ranks and Roles that was posted in the ADK member section of the forums was being active within 1 or more games that ADK participates in as it was one of the original guidelines for becoming a member. Yes we did become quite lax on those rules, but as previously mentioned that was one of the requirements. Times do unfortunately change and we haven't been the greatest at changing with those times, which is why we started the discussions we did at the end of last year to prepare everyone for these changes.
    Overall the ultimate goal of this community does not change; Bringing a fun gaming environment to as many people as possible around the world. If anything it only reinforces that goal by making sure that the members of this community are active so that new members always have someone to play games with.
    As we're almost 10 years in to this wonderful journey with ADK, we look forward to even more years to come.  Thank you to everyone who is and has been a part of this wonderful community!
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    Dowin reacted to Gingergod5 for a article, ARMA III / CS:GO Server & Section Shutdown   
    Hey Everyone

    ARMA 3

    This will be the final ARMA 3 Exile Announcement for a while.

    The A3 Section has done well over the years...

    We have struggled with donations for a while now and with slowly decreasing population.
    We have decided that now is a good time to close down the A3 server and shutdown the section,
    ARMA will always have a place in ADK but for the moment, we feel like it’s best to give it a break.

    As of the 13th September 2017, our server will go offline.

    But don’t fear, we will be back some day (ARMA 4???)

    Thank to my ARMA Staff for their continued loyalty and dedication.


    As many of you might know, the CS:GO Servers were hosted on the ARMA box.

    Now don’t get the wrong idea, CS:GO isn’t shutting down just because of that.

    We have tried over the last few months to get the CSGO section going again and unfortunately we have not been as successful as we thought.

    Our servers were geared towards fun game play rather than serious comp matches and although we did try branch out and also advertise the crap out of it, we have never managed to get a crowd interested.

    I would like to thank our CSGO Staff and especially @FeistyTV who has gone above my expectations and done a great job in managing the section.

    The 1vs1 server will stay online until the dedicated box is shutdown sometime Wednesday.

    i encourage you to all go play a few last matches for old time’s sake

    Thanks for All your support.

    ARMA/CSGO Veteran Admin

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    Dowin reacted to Soap91 for a article, Recruitment Changes and Updates   

    Recruitment Changes and Updates
    We've decided to change things up a bit here in the Recruitment section. Our recruitment structure has been the same for a while and we believe that changing some things will improve the pace of how we do things. In our eyes, the things we have changed are going to make the section run smoother as well as make it easier for people to apply and become an official ADK member.   
    Membership Requirements and Application
    As you all know, the requirements have been 5 posts, 1 introduction thread, and a referral from either 1 ADK staff member or 5 Members. We are going to be changing over to only requiring an introduction thread and 10 posts, and to have joined discord. We think that by making this change it will allow more members to get accepted into the community who don't always have time to hop into discord or chat with game staff when they're on.
    The changes we have made on the application are to help make it easier to apply for membership. We have removed some parts from it because we thought that it was too long and that some of the questions were redundant. Removing these questions will make the application shorter and avoid confusions people may have had with the application. 
    Here are the new requirements:
    Total of 10 Forum Posts Introduction Post Join Discord Recruitment Staff Application Requirements and Application
    For awhile one of the requirements to be recruitment staff has been 50+ posts and to be active on forums. Having such a high post count deters people from wanting to become a recruiter because they don't know how to reach the post count, and don't want to stay active on the forums because they think they might not get the job. We have lowered the post count from 50 to 30 hoping that it is a more obtainable goal for someone to reach who wants to become a recruiter. 
    The recruitment staff application was changed slightly because some things were worded oddly or were unnecessary. 
    I hope that more people will be willing to apply to be part of recruitment staff. We're always in need of recruiters as recruiters are the base of ADK. We are the ones accepting members and actively trying to bring them into the community. 
    Everything should currently be up to date, but if you see anything that is still outdated or incorrect please let a recruiter or myself know so that we can get that taken care of. 
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    Dowin reacted to Gingergod5 for a article, Arma III Exile Server x64 Update   

    - Server News -
    We have recently been working on some minor tweaks, Brand new signs for the traders, displaying our rules and server info.
    We are also working towards a new GUI for our ADKMenu, more textures for our ADK Texture Mod and new map Edits for loot locations.

    - ARMA 3 Update -
    Arma 3 has finally got the x64 update,
    this means that when Exile updates to match, we can utilize the full power of our dedicated box,
    increased fps, less lag and crashes and we can expand
    To see the full patch notes, check the link below.

    - Server Info -
    Here are a few important links you might go and check out if you have any questions or suggestions about the Arma III server or just want to know what's going on.
    Arma III Section - https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/343-arma/
    Arma III Dev Log - https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/topic/149533-arma-iii-exile-~-dev-log/
    Arma III  Rules - https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/topic/149537-arma-iii-exile-rules-read-this/
    Arma III How to Join - https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/topic/149538-arma-iii-exile-how-to-join/

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    Dowin reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, Revelation Online - Coming Soon!!   
    If you haven't checked out THIS ARTICLE that @WELL_M3rcy posted recently, well you missed out on a great read and you'll definitely want to do that after this.  We just wanted to get you all interested in a new Free To Play MMO that's coming soon - Revelation Online!
    Revelation Online is a breathtaking MMO where you embark on amazing adventures, explore numerous PVP modes, enjoy multiple unique classes, and embolden yourself through countless character creation options.
    Here's some videos to check out:
    And here's some information about the classes:
    Blademaster: As secondary tanks and close combat specialists they combine their twin blade damage with escape skills allowing them to cut through wave after wave of enemies. Their heavy reliance on melee attacks leaves them open to ranged attacks. Vanguard: These steel walls rely on melee combat. Their chief strength is surviving battles of attrition, rather than dealing burst damage. Swordmage: While wielding a falchion they are focused on powerful magic damage, specializing in area of effect spells. They invest all of their energy in sharpened elemental magic, leaving them relatively vulnerable to focused attacks. Occultist: They deliver a wide variety of dark offensive spells, from damage-over-time, to area-of-effect attacks, to those that deal damage while siphoning enemy health. Occultists can directly heal allies as well. Spiritshaper: As summoners and healers they are relatively easy to play and have great survival skills. They are highly sought after on teams for their support and deceitfully high damage output. Gunslinger: With high precise damage they hunt down individual targets from afar or use advanced weaponry for mid-range deterrence. Gunslingers have few control skills and are less effective in close combat.  
    While we'd love to write up more for you, we think you should head over to Mercy's topic and read all that he's written about the game to get a full in-depth look at it!
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    Dowin got a reaction from KernalSpicyWeiner for a article, SPACE ENGINEERS, A GAME CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!   
    Space Engineers,
    A game Capable of ANYTHING!
    Space Engineers is an Open Sandbox game revolving around space. The game is still in Alpha despite coming out in 2014 as a steam “early access” game.  In this game, you have to minecraft, and build to survive. The game is developed by KEEN SWH LTD and has already accomplished so much in the first 2 years of early access.  Last year it won the Players Choice Indie Game of the year 2015 for its unique concept on sandbox games.  In the next few Paragraphs, I will cover more about the game and my honest review of it.  
    Forging a new path for Sandbox Games!
    Space Engineers is not just like any other Sandbox game out there!  It is designed with a realistic physics and realistic volumetric engine with true damage models.  What does that mean, well, if you build a structure on four pillars, and take the pillars out, the build will fall, break apart, and if you are in the way, it will kill you in the process?  With the volumetric aspect of the game, weight plays an enormous factor in the game.  Too much weight on one side of a ship will affect the movement, take off, and landing of the craft.
    Late 2015/ early 2016, the developers added planets to the game in response to an overwhelming request from the many players for the game.  With that be added, the physics engine, was applied to the planet and the new wheeled options added as well.  Planets have gravity and some have an atmosphere of oxygen.  There are 3 types of planets, the Earth like planet, Mars type planet, and the Alien planet.  Each planet is different experience in its own way and I will cover more about those later.  The great thing about this is your can change the make a footprint on the planet that will stay over time!  Just like Minecraft, you can manipulate the environment around permanently for all to see and share!
    Single Player Survival and Creative Worlds
    When starting the game out for the first time, it is highly recommended to play the Single Player Survival.  There are multiple different scenarios to choose from.   Some examples are Easy Start Earth, Easy Start Mars, Easy Start Alien, Crashed ship on planet earth, Planetary Lander, Easy Start Space, and a few more to boot.  Now, you still have the Creative and Survival option on those scenarios listed.  On top of that, there are advanced options where you can adjust the size on maps, how many planets, which type of planets, how many asteroids, sizes of asteroids, pirates on or off, and aliens and cyber hounds (the two type of mobs on planets, I will cover more of that later).  Recently, the development team has again been listening to the players.  They added a 2 new advance options.  One allows for an infinite world, that is if your computer can handle the beautiful graphics and rendering this game has.  The second it an integration of the steam workshop where they add random ships and stations created by other players stranded in outer space!
    Creative play is Amazing!
    Creative play in this game is incredible!  The options the game provides you with makes is just outstanding.  Like every other Sandbox game, Creative allows you to do anything in the world you want without any of the normal limitations set in survival.  However, so of the extra stuff, the more Space Engineers specific items is Copy and Paste!  Yes, that’s right, you can place the cursor of the ship you made press CLT-C and then paste into the world the same way you would on any computer document anywhere in the world.  Not only that, there is a symmetrical mode in the game that will allow you to duplicate half the ship.  So, you build one side of the ship, let’s say the left side.  With Symmetrical mode on, you can duplicate that to the other side allowing you to make perfectly shape mechanics!  To boot, the game also has a Blue print function.  This allows you to point the cursor at the ship or station, and save the blueprint to be used by you later or saved on the Steam Workshop for others to use.
    Single Player Survival!
    In single player survival, there are many different options you can chose from when it comes to scenarios.  The key factor to this though is like every other Sandbox game out there.  FIND A SPOT WITH LOTS OF RESOURCES!  Now, that does not mean there are no enemies to contend with in the game!  Oh no!  There are pirates both in space and on some of the planets and moons!  They will find you and try to kill you if you are close to them!  To add to the dangers of the universe, alien planets have large spiders that are super aggressive!  And planet earth also has Cyber Hounds that are just as aggressive.  These are be turned off or left on when selecting the Scenarios.
    Multiple player Mode!
    Ok, so, let me start with the truth.  Multiplayer mode is still new and the dev’s are still learning when it comes to this.  However, Space Engineers has a great concept to it when it comes to Multiplayer!  Space Engineers use what they call factions, which can be created by any player.  Factions are basically a Clan or Guild.  With Factions, you can send peace treaties or even place them in a war status.  This will affects how your faction see and interacts with other players from other factions. If you go to peace with a Faction, they become neutral and show us as white on radar, beacons, or when you come into view.  If you are at war, they show up as red!  Red means that your automatic defensive systems will open fire when in range.  When they are in your faction, they will show up as white.  
    Now, to add to this, because multiplayer Sandbox are the shit, this allows you to do a lot with factions.  For example, if a member in your faction builds a Medical Bay (By the way, this is what you use to heal and re-spawn into), you can use it can spawn into there base or ship.  It is a great function to get team members together.  There is a downside to that.  With the exception of you killing yourself or exiting the server, you can not re-spawn to another terminal.  Last I heard, this was being addressed and looked at, and I am interested to see what the solution to this problem will be.
    The most interesting thing with Multiplayer in Space Engineers is the ability to do whatever you want!  If you want to join a faction, you can.  If you do not, they you do not have to.  Most servers are open to whatever the community can come up with.  There are some limitations when it comes to builds, welder walls, about of grinders, and what has to be on a base or a ship to prevent it from disappearing on a server cleanup program.  However, when it comes to options of style of game play, it is limitless.  Right now, for example, there is a small group on the Andromeda PvP server that act as Earth Terrorist!  But, there is another group that keep the Moon Space port open to free trade by acting and calling themselves the Moon Police Department!  A few lone wolfs operate as contractors and will design and build bases or ships for a fee!  Well others operate as pirates in space.
    When it comes to servers, they operate just like ARK, Minecraft, H1Z1, or Battlefield.  The servers are operated by a group or a community.  They have free reign on what modifications they want to run on it, how the scenarios will play out, or even what type of spawns will be allowed.  So, there will allows be something different on every server you spawn into.  Nothing will ever be the same.
    My take on the game!
    Ok, so here it comes, my honest take on the game.  So, I will be a little biased, but it is understandable.  One, I love the flexibility that sandbox games allow people to come up with. Two, I have been playing this game since 2014 when they released it for early access.  However, it is one of those game were the learning curve is severe.  That is the honest truth!  It requires you to do some learning and playing with before you get any good at it.  Also, it is based off the players or communities imagination.  It is not a game with a story line or clear defined objectives.  it is based off the communities and the players to detail the play style.
    The Pro’s
    Sandbox game, always a plus for me!
    Creative mode is one of the best I have ever played or seen!
    Realistic physics and realistic volumetric engine with true damage models!
    A Huge Community that is active with new modifications, blue prints, scripts, and skins!
    Player run servers that allow for a different multiplayer scenario on every server.
    Faction system is outstanding!
    Planets!  Need I say more!
    The Con’s
    Multiplayer is still suffering glitches.  They get fixed quick, but still a small annoyance.
    Serve learning curve to this game!  Not a game that your jump right into.  It takes time, being frustrated A LOT, to learn to be good at this game.
    Player limits on servers are low.  Most Servers being between 30-40 players at a time.
    ADK has a Faction on a Server right now!  We have 4 members, Hansjob, 2 new players, and myself of course.  So, feel free to jump in if you have the game, and hit me up in Discord.  More information is on the forum topic http://www.adkgamers.com/forums/topic/153399-lets-get-this-game-going-request-for-space-engineers/?page=2#comment-541357 .
    WastedSpace - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChn50gGegULImIZsoBQ06Cg
    Eustace The Monk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkkcU_jHAq8
    TGN - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVXIl8kDnBLlpbpukSZyluw
    Worth a Buy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCywBfpGBYhsczNuyyh6Cf6w
    Karma Cat - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBmcdRGNVbtcGalous99-g
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    Dowin reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, PokeVision Offline At Nintendo/Niantic Request   

    Well we can only say it was a matter of time before maps like PokeVision were taken offline. Yes, the site is still online but the functionality is offline for the time being. 
    You can check out a tweet directly from PokeVision regarding a request from Niantic and Nintendo.
    Who knows what will be happening with PokeVision, but for now all of you that have really been using PokeVision day in and day out to catch those 'rare' Pokemon, you'll have to go back to the old ways of walking around without having something to assist you
    Personally, I'm all for things like maps not being able to be used because it does ruin the whole point of the game where you should be walking around trying to find those 'rare' Pokemon. But there's another side to the story right now where the tracking system is completely broken on Pokemon GO right now. Everything is seen at 3 steps away from you, but honestly how many of those Pokemon that are shown as 3 steps away are actually within that area? 
    And yes, John Hankes himself has even stated that he doesn't agree with things like PokeVison or PokeRadar and that they are against the ToS, which is completely understandable (although I haven't read the ToS regarding API usage yet). . but please John, fix the Nearby Pokemon completely before you take away the map sites. 
    So if you're going to take over 2 weeks to fix a VITAL part of the game (more below about the update), at least understand the use of the Pokemon GO Maps that are out there and let them stay active until you fix the game. While I don't think they'll lose a lot of players over this, I think that they will upset a large group of people because of the reason I just mentioned. 
    Some of you might have noticed that you got an update for your Pokemon GO app recently which included the "Removed footprints of nearby pokemon". Now we can be optimistic to see if they actually fixed the Nearby Pokemon and it actually shows Pokemon who are nearby, or if they just removed the footsteps because it was annoying as all hell to see every Pokemon 3 steps away and never change from that. If you've had any luck with finding any of those "Nearby Pokemon" please let us know!
    Now while I'm sure there's a lot of people that lived by PokeVision and PokeRadar, it's now time to get back to basics and start walking all over your Neighborhood and parks like what was happening within the first week of Pokemon GO release. So go out there and walk around, meet new people and have fun! 
    Don't forget to share your sightings in our 'Safari Zone' section of the forums! 
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    Dowin reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, =ADK= H1Z1: Just Survive Server!   
    The server will be online on March 11th, 2016 and we'd love to have you and your friends join us! There's just a short form that you need to submit so we can make sure that we get everyone the keys they deserve.
    We are really looking forward to this venture with our own H1Z1: Just Survive server, and know that it's going to be one of the best out there all because of YOU, the players that will be joining the server.
    As mentioned before it's a simple application process, there will be a link below that will take you directly to the form. (You must be signed in to be able to see and submit the form.) If your friends want to join as well, just tell them to stop by the website and sign up. We do need everyone to submit their own form to make sure that the correct codes are given to the appropriate people.
    Click Here To Fill Out Your H1Z1 Form
    We look forward to seeing all of you in the server, and make sure to spread the word! We'll be giving away some =ADK= Swag and Steam Cash to some random folks who are spreading the word on Social Media and tagging ADK when doing it.
    Twitter - ADKGamers 
    Facebook - ADKGamers 
    Instagram - ADKGamers
    Don't forget to JUST SURVIVE and Have Fun while doing it!
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    Dowin reacted to ReapYou for a article, Wildstar F2P Date Announced.   

    Wildstar F2P Officially will start September 29.     The basic structure of Wildstar consists of 6 classes; 3 can be healers and the other 3 can be tanks, but all of them can be DPS. Each class has its own pros and cons, but they each bring something desirable to the table.    Enemy spells are stopped by what are called interrupts. Everyone has skills that are able to interrupt, so that should be simple right? Of coarse not, most of the mobs have interrupt armor that must be broken before their spell/skill can be stopped. Trying to coordinate 20 people to cast a single spell with-in 1 second while dealing with other mechanics is key to victory.    While the main hurdle of end-game content is you gear, the major issues are knowing what the mechanics are and being able to manage them correctly. Plainly said, if you know what to do and when to do it, then you can progress with lesser equipment than what is recommended.   This is not a game where you become a statue and eat the damage, even the tanks have to dodge and avoid the attacks sometimes. Some fights can be lost because of one person, and some can be one because of one person. There is no battle resurrection so death takes you out of the fight.   If you have played Wildstar before then you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes that have been made. My opinion is that if the game launched with the content it has today, it would have been far more successful and might have hurt the games that have come out since then. The good news is that F2P will bring more content that everyone wanted to see.    

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    Dowin reacted to Phire for a article, Meet Our Member #3 - Zepplen & QQtiepie   


    Meet Zepplen!
    What is your gamer tag and how did you come up with it?
    It's Zepplen. I was playing Final Fantasy 11, and wanted to come up with a cool gamer name. Basically I just misspelled Zeppelin.
    What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
    I’m boring. I own my own business? I was in Australia once I guess.
    What’s your business?
    I own a trucking company.
    How long have you been in ADK?
    Around a year and a half. 
    What are your jobs in =ADK=?
    I made signatures for a little while. Mostly I just kill people in Battlefield as my job.
    What are some of your favorite hobbies?
    Video games, I do some graphic design for fun, and I'm raising a three year old.
    What's your job? 
    I’m a 26 year old truck driver.
    What area do you live in?
    Anderson, South Carolina.
    What kind of games do you play and which one is your favorite?
    I play BF4 mainly, but I play a lot of everything. I just got ESO, I play RPGs like Final Fantasy, a bit of casual War Thunder and Dirty Bomb too.
    Do you consider yourself a competitive gamer or more laid back?
    Somewhere in between probably. I know how to work well with other people, so as long as they’re willing to work as a team it works out.
    What was your first game?
    Ice Climbers, or probably pacman. The first game I got really into though was Final Fantasy 7.
    What makes you stay with =ADK=?
    Before I joined ADK I was in a clan called GGK, and it slowly died, but me and some of the last people would play games online. My brother in law Darkhorse came into ADK and played with everyone. At first I just played with everyone just for fun but then it grew on me so I submitted an application. I think I remember my application actually saying something like, “You guys don’t suck.” A lot of the previous clans I had looked at were pretensions or elitist which I don’t like. 


    Meet QQtiepie! 
    What is your gamer tag and how did you come up with it?
    QQtiepie. I don’t remember the pie part but QQtie was for crying and spotting people in Battlefield.
    What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
    I’m extremely shy, which I suppose is weird since I’m not really shy on Teamspeak.
    How long have you been in ADK?
    Three months.
    What are your jobs in =ADK=?
    I have two jobs, I’m AOB’s Secretary and the Recruitment Manager.
    What is that like?
    For the secretary I take messages for AOB and answer PM’s for him, I update the store and website menus... pretty much anything he tells me to do. For Recruitment Manager I oversee all things recruitment. I oversee the recruitment admins and then in turn the recruiters.
    What are some of your favorite hobbies?
    Other than gaming I like photography, I like drawing, and I recently got into programing. I’m also into cosplay.
    What is your job? 
    I'm a photographer. 
    Where do you live?
    New York
    What kind of games do you play and which one is your favorite?
    I play BF4, Minecraft, and Final Fantasy 14 which is probably my favorite.
    Do you consider yourself a competitive gamer or more laid back? 
    Definitely more laid back. I play mostly for fun and try not to take it too seriously, although I rage a little bit in Battlefield.
    How did you first get involved in the gaming scene?
    I was not really in video games at all until I was twenty and my friend gave me Final Fantasy 11. When I was little my family had Nintendo systems, so I guess I was around those too, but not much.
    What drives you to be one of the admins in ADK?
    It’s kinda funny. When I applied to ADK I put no for admin positions because I didn’t want to admin, but people kept approaching me for it. I do it now because I really want to help the community and people.
    What makes you stay with =ADK=?
    I think it’s because everyone is so open and friendly. We accept different cultures, age groups, and personalities, and I stick with it because it’s a great place to make friends. 
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    Dowin reacted to Phire for a article, Meet Our Members #2 - Raz3r & Colon   


    Meet Raz3r!
    What is your gamer tag and how did you come up with it?
    My tag is Th3Raz3r. I came from Halo, and my first name is Dan and is my last name begins with R, so I used to run by Dang3r. That was already taken in Planetside 2, so I looked down while I was thinking about what to name myself, and I saw my tower that’s eRaz3r brand. So I made my name Th3Raz3r.
    How long have you been in ADK?
    I know it’s over a year, I’d have to look at my page for an exact date.
    Do you have any jobs?
    I used to be an NCO, but now I just enjoy the game. Nowadays I just help support other games
    In real life, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
    I like doing my family’s genealogy and I hang out with my dog, who’s actually pretty smart. (She’s trained to turn out the lights every night). A lot of my hobbies are just gaming and hanging out with the community.
    What is your job?
    I work in a fiance department for a municipal government.
    Where do you live?
    Palmspring, California
    What kind of games do you play and which one is your favorite?
    I play Minecraft with ADK, Planetside 2, I play the Sims 1,2,3 and 4 on occasion but not much anymore, Sid Mier's Civilization 5 which is extremely time consuming, and Elite Dangerous. My favorite game is Planetside 2 because I just keep coming back to it. I enjoy the comradery and running around and how there’s always surprises. Plus Daybreak is always releasing new things, like the invisible Sunders.
    Do you consider yourself a competitive gamer or more laid back?
    I’m not a really competitive gamer, I game more to relax. I like how it stimulates my mind because in most games you’re solving some sort of problem. It’s the same way of how I like playing chess because you’re always thinking four or five steps ahead, so gaming is kind of like that.
    How did you first get involved in the gaming scene and what was your first game?
    I first started playing the original Halo on PC. I started with a gaming community with them but ended up leaving because of bad environmental problems. One of my friends suggested Planetside 2 to me, and within the first two weeks of playing I was approached by ADK.
    What makes you stay with =ADK=?
    I like the comradery and the friendships, and how we really do care about the people on the other end.

    Meet Colon!
    What is your gamer tag and how did you come up with it? 
    My tag is ColColonCleaner. It was due to something that my mother did. She’s basically a health nut, and she started a naturalistic health clinic. She decided to offer coffee enemas, upon which I refused to have anything to do with her clinic.
    How long have you been in ADK?
    Three years.
    What are your jobs?
    I’m currently a Battlefield Admin and the Developer of the Battlefield tools.
    What is being a developer like?
    It’s more time consuming than anything, especially when everything was brand new. Now a days it just updating.
    In real life, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
    Definitely video games, which is a given. I used to do archery, and lots of tinkering.
    What is your job?
    I’m a software engineer for a warehouse and supply line company.
    Where do you live in?
    Wisconsin, USA.
    What kind of games do you play and which one is your favorite?
    Fallout, Battlefield, Hearthstone, a lot of Minecraft, and Dirty Bomb. My favorites are either Dishonored or Metro2033.
    Do you consider yourself a competitive gamer or more laid back?
    More laid back nowadays, but I definitely was competitive early on.
    What was your first game?
    Asteroids on a library-like desktop on my grandparents house.
    What drives you to be one of the admins in ADK?
    Money, power, fire.
    How do you think ADK is different than other Gaming Communities?
    It’s a mixture of the people and the investment. I just love the people here and how we do things. 
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    Dowin reacted to Phreaktaco for a article, ARK Survival Evolved   
    The newest entry into Steam's category of survival games comes in the form of ARK, in line to be released June 2nd. On the surface this game brings nothing new to the table; a generic story of being stranded on an island that you must explore, craft, and harvest in order to survive. What are you surviving against though? Zombies, goats, tribal warriors?
    No, you're fighting to survive against a wide range of dinosaurs.

    Let's start with the crafting system. Like every other game of this genre the game is built around crafting equipment be it armor, weapons, or tools. You need blueprints at first in order to craft any given tool, but as you level up you will gain “Engrams” which will allow crafting of items from memory. The game also follows a hardcore system in which everything you craft will eventually wear out and break if not repaired.
    Following along with the hardcore system are certain key points of the game. When you log off your character remains in the world asleep. Your inventory will either stay on you or in boxes meaning everything that you and others own can be looted, so you will need to either have pets protect your loot, team up with others to watch each others backs, or build up a fortress that no one but your tribe can access.
    To give this game somewhat of a “end-game” goal, the developers have created something known as The Ultimate Lifeforms. If you bring sufficient rare items to special summon locations you will have the opportunity to fight ARK's god-like mythical creatures. These can be taken down with either groups of experienced players or a single players army of pets. When defeated these creatures will drop extremely valuable progression items.
    Now onto what makes this game stand out; the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs and creatures will tamable using a challenging capture and affinity process. This process involves fighting the creature until it is weak enough and then knocking it out and nursing it back to health with appropriate food. Once tamed these pets will follow your orders, although these orders depend on the creature. Some will guard your items or fight with you, and if they are large enough they can carry your inventory and equipment. Some may even be ridden, be it flying on a Pterodactyl, racing through a forest with your fellow tribe members on a pack of raptors, or chasing down your enemies with the T-Rex.
    If you're looking for more insight into the game, look at The ARK Survival Evolved steam page, look through the new forum section on our website, or contact one of these beautiful people:
    @Hackemz, @Dowin, @Cagregorio, @Elmo, @Mr. Pig, or little old me.
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    Dowin reacted to Phire for a article, America's "War On Police"   
    We have the unfortunate fate of living in a world that can be both beautiful and violent. For many of us, hearing about a shooting has become less a stop and pause moment and more the routine article in the paper or the run-by header in the 11 o'clock news. The past decade has seen Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, The Washington Navy Yard, and countless other mass shootings. However, the recent rise in attention to shootings has been directed less at unchecked gunmen and more towards a unsuspecting group; America's Police Force. 
    More and more from our law enforcement are expressing extreme concern over what they see as a rising hostility towards police. As an increasing amount of citizens join the idea that many in the ranks are racist or have become far too trigger happy, a recent firing on police at a traffic stop has brought those wearing a badge the concern of a new threat, not from the criminals they arrest, but from the people they've sworn to protect. The number of police officers killed in the line of duty is rising sharply as the leaders in law enforcement race to keep the situation under control. 
    In the cases of controversial shootings involving an Officer and an African-American, it takes only minutes for the story to begin rapidly spreading and become explosive. Ferguson and Baltimore recently hit the news with massive riots and protests for this very reason. Many blame media over-exposure and dramatizing, but those who have lived in the areas have been speaking out about police brutality for years. It seems that no one can win. Hundred of citizens who have suffered police are being granted massive settlements from the state, while numerous families of police officers are speaking out about their rising fear of sending their loved one out onto the street. 
    "Nobody goes into law enforcement wanting to be hated. "
    - David Cruickshank,The Law Enforcement Research Group
    “When you have police officers who abuse citizens, you erode public confidence in law enforcement. That makes the job of good police officers unsafe”
    - Mary Frances Berry
    "After 20 years of incredible crime reduction accomplished by thousands of dedicated police officers, the public has become complacent now that they are safer. They have let the anti-police pundits and talking heads convince everyone from the president to the attorney general that police are racist and brutal.”
    - Howard Safir, Former NYPD Commissioner 
    We have the ability to communicate and spread news faster than ever with the massive presence of the Internet. We've reached an age where everyone has access to everything. The question is, will this contribute to a society of peace and equality or be its downfall?
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    Dowin reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, Amazon Buys Twitch for $970 Million!   
    So many of you know that there were rumors, speculations or even people thinking that Twitch had been purchased by Google, well that's not the case! Today Twitch confirmed that they will be purchasing Twitch and it's said to come in at $970 Million in cash. 
    You can read the press release from Twitch below:
    SEATTLE—August 25, 2014—Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Twitch Interactive, Inc., the leading live video platform for gamers. In July, more than 55 million unique visitors viewed more than 15 billion minutes of content on Twitch produced by more than 1 million broadcasters, including individual gamers, pro players, publishers, developers, media outlets, conventions and stadium-filling esports organizations.
    "Broadcasting and watching gameplay is a global phenomenon and Twitch has built a platform that brings together tens of millions of people who watch billions of minutes of games each month – from The International, to breaking the world record for Mario, to gaming conferences like E3. And, amazingly, Twitch is only three years old," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com. "Like Twitch, we obsess over customers and like to think differently, and we look forward to learning from them and helping them move even faster to build new services for the gaming community."
    "Amazon and Twitch optimize for our customers first and are both believers in the future of gaming," said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear. "Being part of Amazon will let us do even more for our community. We will be able to create tools and services faster than we could have independently. This change will mean great things for our community, and will let us bring Twitch to even more people around the world."
    Twitch launched in June 2011 to focus exclusively on live video for gamers. Under the terms of the agreement, which has been approved by Twitch's shareholders, Amazon will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Twitch for approximately $970 million in cash, as adjusted for the assumption of options and other items. Subject to customary closing conditions, the acquisition is expected to close in the second half of 2014.
    Twitch did also put a message on their site today thanking the Twitch Community for their support as well as the acquisition and what is to come from it. 
    So now that it's been confirmed by Twitch that Amazon has acquired them, what are your thoughts? There were tons of people who were speculating on what Google having twitch would cause, especially with Google+.  But since that's not the case, do you expect a better experience over at Amazon?  
    Give us your thoughts and let us know what you think is going to happen!
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    Dowin reacted to FeatherSton3 for a article, Battlefield Hardline: Next Battlefield First Glance   
    First off, why Battlefield?When most of us think of Battlefield we think of 32 versus 32 all-out-war. Military style. This, however, not so much. You have to wonder why they chose the Battlefield franchise for this. It has zero resemblance (for the most part), of past Battlefield games. It seems like a mixture of CS:GO and Rainbow Six Vegas. I started thinking of why DICE would create something like this, but then it hit me, EA, they acquired Visceral Games around two years ago. So I think the main question is, while DICE is going to supposedly spend another year working on Battlefield 4 multiplayer issues, has Visceral been working on this installment for the past two years? Still going back to the title, I believe the word "Battlefield" should not be in the title, and instead this installment should be a branch.
    Secondly, what is OMAHA?
    Well, if you have watched the video at the bottom of the link, you will notice that in the video "OMAHA" is mentioned quite a bit. On my first assumption, I was geared towards the idea the Omaha was the name of the game. Obviously, not the case since it's called Battlefield: Hardline (supposedly) My though process quickly turned the other way. Omaha has to be referring to Omaha, Nebraska. In the video it shows this scenic picture of a town seemingly out in the middle of nowhere in the desert. But since when did Nebraska have tons of deserts? After looking into Wikipedia, nearly a fourth of the state is "Sandhills"("region of mixed-grass prairie on grass-stabilized sand dunes") that's not as much as Arizona, but I didn't have a say-so in the game setting. The next thing to probably ask is "Gangs in Nebraska?" Now, obviously crime occurs everywhere, but could they have not picked a state with a higher crime-rate?
    Thirdly, why Hardline?
    When I think of Hardline I think of that Call of Duty perk that no one remembers. But in all seriousness, why the title? According to definitions.net hardline means (firm and uncompromising). Must likely describing both "factions" of the game. Cops on one side, and robbers and drug cartels on the other. Cops, obviously cracking down on those who are breaking the law, and the cartels, not giving two craps about the law, because they will do WHATEVER it takes to get their drugs and money.
    Furthermore, let's talk about the freedom of gameplay.
    In the video it talks about the environments being "wider and more open than ever before". Knowing Battlefield they tend to like creating large maps. I somehow have a feeling that these maps are going to be even bigger. In certain parts of the video, you will see high speed chasing involving Mustangs and helicopters, that gives just a small perspective of the long winding roads. I having a feeling that this Battlefield will turn to more of a GTA feeling in the sense of free roam. It's up to the developers to decided how far into that system they are willing to go. Can you enter EVERY house you see on the street, will elevators work? They also state that "co-op stories can be played multiple times, and in multiple ways". This right here, to me, is something totally new. Meaning that there is going to be MINIMAL scripting. (I.E.: If you die by guy A behind a truck, next time you spawn, chances are guy A will be in a building.)
    Number four, Artificial Intelligence (A.I. for short)
    This is something that I always look forward to in gaming, the bots. Last time this was in a Battlefield game was in Bad Company 2 in a mode called Onslaught, only available to console players. Just as I stated above, scripting, in my assumption, will be minimal and a.i. will be the most "human-like" they have ever been. I would not be surprised if all the game modes that appeared in the video are able to be played all via offline with bots as well.
    Unpredictable? I think that's a great word choice
    Zip-lines and grappling hooks. Can be used "On any map, anywhere". This will definitely add not only a new level of fun, but a great tool for strategic players like myself. These tools will allow teams to be able to infiltrate buildings from so many different angles. Great tools for eliminating campers.
    Get in the Car!
    Of course it wouldn't be Battlefield without vehicles. But did they take it to the extreme in this game? What I mean is, in order to infiltrate drug houses, are attack helicopters really needed? And are A-10 Thunderbolts a viable means of eliminating an armored car, or SUV? Personally, I am going to be driving those police cars 24/7, because they are sick, and I love police vehicles.
    Last, but not really last, the player count?
    For the last two Battlefield installments the maximum player allotment per server is 64 players. The question I think others might be asking as well, can they go BIGGER? Now, if I was going to answer this question based off of Battlefield 4, I would say, don't bother. But two things to remember, Visceral Games is in charge, and people learn from their mistakes (sort,of). I do think there is a great chance that the player base will be significantly greater.
    "I'll pass on this one, thanks"
    The comment that I wonder if a lot of fan-boys are saying. Some people don't like change, and I have a great feeling that people who don't like Counter-Strike will not be getting this game. We have seen it happen over and over again. Battlefield 3 servers are still full of players, Counter Strike, and even Call of Duty 4 still have tons of people playing everyday. At the same time that they will lose a certain amount of players, the payoff will be much higher. This is a chance for players that never liked the series in the past to really get a new feel for what the franchise is trying to instill. I will be watching population stats, you can count on that.
    The phrase that Battlefield has basically been secretly saying to themselves for along time. To a lot of people, if you want campaign, you play Call of Duty, and if you want multiplayer, well there's this thing called Battlefield. I believe that Visceral will be the first in awhile to have made a solid campaign for the franchise. Visceral is known for their amazing story-line from a game called "Dead Space" I think in the campaign we will even feel the brotherhood of all the policemen working together as a team.
    Last, and definitely last. Societal Impact.
    I am pretty sure we have all heard stories about people playing video games, and then evidently killing someone in real life. The kind of opinions of a game like this will really get some people going. Another article will probably shun the video game for players being able to kill and murder cops, and another might shun the video game for showing too much drug use and activity.
    YouTube Video
    Hardlink To Video
    My first long post, so I hope I did not bore too many of you. Thanks for reading, like the first line and then not reading anymore :)
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    Dowin reacted to Phreaktaco for a article, ADK's Phreaktaco Gives A Little Insight On Planetside 2 Today   
    ADK, A different Kind of Gaming Community, best known for our public platoons, zerging, and team killing. The majority of the PS2 community looks down on us, seeing us as a group of gamers that have nothing in common other than our low skill level, while yes we pride ourselves in helping the new players of Planet Side, this is not our sole redeeming feature, there are an abundance of high leveled and highly skilled players that have taught me and many others the ins and outs of Planet Side 2.
    You may ask if we don't pride ourselves in our zerg rushing, then what do we pride ourselves in? Well that's simple, we pride ourselves in our laid back community, which requires nearly nothing to be apart of besides a few hours on our teamspeak channel and a small 20 post count on our forums. Unlike other smaller and more “elite” Outfits running around on Auraxis today we don't require you to follow a specific build or pick a specific class, we don't ask you to be amazing at this game and hold a certain K/D, all we ask of you is to listen to your platoon lead and squad leads orders to the best of your abilities, and hopefully have fun doing it. We're playing a video game and video games were made to have fun, there's no real point of obsession over it, unless that's what you're into.

    Now this all sounds really easy and laid back, but it doesn't sound like you guys do anything fancy/complicated/important on the battle field. Oh why thank you for pointing that out inner voice, now we can get on with interesting points of our Outfit. One of our proudest achievements is our Air Wing, showcased in all of its glory during the PS2 Friday Night Ops number 64, heads up but everyone should definitely watch it, that video does this Outfit a lot more justice than this article ever will. This Air Wing is the epitome of badassery, when at full capacity they sit at the warpgate waiting for anyone on Command Chat to call for air reinforcements, when they're not at full capacity these amazing pilots are floating through our platoons giving air coverage to our ground forces, or running around with our troops, because we sure as hell aren't one trick ponies.

    Me telling you about our outfit and bragging about it's high points really means nothing if you think of us as a zerg rushing platoon that has no command structure. If you think that all our platoons do is follow the single triple chevron waypoint down the latice line there's really nothing I can do to change that, but if there's even an inkling of a doubt that you think we've changed over the years, or if you're completely new to the game and want to meet a few awesome people that will show you the finer details of this overly complicated game, then all I ask of you is to log into the game, turn on Teamspeak, and join our channel for just an hour and we'll show you how much thought goes into our strategies and how much fun we have doing it.

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