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  1. how often will you use it?
  2. Vote ban server for chat spam

    I hide your post as yes it was attacking staff. How you worded it was not correct nor was it really called for. If you have a suggestion an or idea to make it better than word it correctly. The post you made made it seem that we abuse I can tell you now that they dont as I alway look at the logs to make sure they dont. Every section I look at the log that we have servers for so that it will keep all staff in that section on their toes so they won't abuse.. This topic started off wrong an get the response it needed as well as everyone post in reply. You want change then post it correctly as I am for the community do it in a negative way you will get nothing as well as all you will see is my backside cuz I wont lift a finger to help someone doing it the wrong way.
  3. Vote ban server for chat spam

    At this point I see this topic turning for the south. I am locking this topic an stopping this from going to the point of me getting more into it. If you want to give suggestions and bring up ideas. Do it the right way that we should be doing. Take this topic for a example. Things were said in the wrong way title is wrong an now some of you are attacking staff. Which I can tell you now will not fly. Do it correctly an we will listen. Do it wrong an I can tell you now your voice will fall on deaf ears as I won't listen to it nor will I care.. Thanks DoWin

    What games do you play? What do you like to do for fun besides making videos......other hobbies you have besides game?
  5. Vote ban server for chat spam

    That will not change it will go off every 15 mins an that is based off my thoughts. The join Adk is for ppl that are guest so it is needed an with it being a open server it will need to be posted every 15 mins Same for visiting discord it is a open server so ppl need to know where an how to get to us ..... The vote one is free advertising for our server so voting it up is needed so that won't go away we can change it to every 30 mins but the others I said will not change it will be every 15mins
  6. Vote ban server for chat spam

    So yes i have heard of this so talking to @Jaden we have moved to ever 30 mins before it clears out............. And now because of this post I will remove the warning post that it give so that you will now never be warned prior ... shit will just be removed an you will have to suck it up if things get removed. Loves hope this will not be a problem now
  7. Subbed or Dubbed

    I agree with you....there are a lot of anime which I love that I wish was dubbed.....I am a dubbed fan of anime so if I can find it dub I will watch it ..
  8. The Birthday Of The Founder

  9. The Birthday Of The Founder

  10. The Birthday Of The Founder

  11. The Birthday Of The Founder

  12. The Birthday Of The Founder

  13. The Birthday Of The Founder

    WTF where is the meme.................................chickenshit post a meme with it next time
  14. The Birthday Of The Founder

  15. The Birthday Of The Founder


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