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  1. We can add to this section for more console stuff just have to let me know ....
  2. Please Follow the Steps Listed Below Step 1: Submit a Voice/Text Channel Request Step 2: Use the 'Follow this Topic' button located at the top right hand corner of the thread to receive notifications for it. Step 3: Take screenshots of yourself and fellow players using the "Other Games" channels in Discord. And post them to your application. Hint: I would provide them daily as well as be truthful about the numbers to expedite the process for channel creation. Step 4: Maintain proactiveness on your 'Voice/Text Request Application" to ensure its process.
  3. I play from time to time it has been a bit tho sense I last played
  4. I have merged the 2 application together. So that way there is only one forum to watch. I will keep looking in on this to see how this progress
  5. I do apologise for not asking in the poll to see what everyone can do so for rn just reply to this topic on which one is for you by saying this ... Bf1. Bf4. Or both an when I get home later tonight I will add it in so it will reflect the poll correctly
  6. Hello BF Players, I am coming to you today so see if any of you are instead in doing a scrim against another gaming community. If you are please reply to this post so that I can see who all wants to join. This scrim would be against United We Stand community. They are wanting to go head to head in a bf match with us to try an livly it up for bf players. This could be a regular thing an if so we could also do prizes if we can keep this going but right now it is just for bragging rights on who is better. Again this would be a weekend date .....time would be around 6-7pm pst (Time can very not set in stone) so I am looking to get at least 15 but want 20 to 30......please spread the word an see who all wants to join.... (Note All Times are PST) Thanks DoWin
  7. Can't wait to get on an play thank you for your hard work this is going to be fun.....
  8. Hello Members, Due to lack of support for the game we have decided to remove sponsor for game so if in later time we have people that want to step up an start the section up again we can look at it again. If you have any question please feel free to reply here an I will respond as soon as I can Thanks DoWin
  9. Well if you need help you can see what other people are trying to bring into adk or if you do find a game an want to try to get others an Adk to play an sponcer it make sure to post it here we have a form you can fill out .....
  10. As long as it is agreed on I personally do not care how you do it. But if the guild agrees or even a group of people then I would need to know what is happening. That way I know if I have two groups I need to run an watch or just one group
  11. Well this really need to be agreed by the section members when I mean agreed by the members I mean the people that play in the section an is in the Adk guild ...... If you are not part of it you can put an say your opinion but it really is just that. But this really need to be discussed as well as posted once agreement is reached. I would them make a Adk guild section so that only guild members can see an there is where you will put in detail what is happening
  13. Hello this goes against my better judgement but I will modify some of the things you have said due to it really being advertisment of your YouTube. I don't mind you asking for ppl to help an this is why I edited your post. If you are looking to add Adk under your YouTube then we have no problems in allowing you to advertise yours. We do have a section just for advertising an asking YouTube question I will get you the link to it
  14. @MagnoHenrique If you are wanting to join our Server please read this an apply were it asks you to fill out the application.

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