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  1. Hello there old friend.. how have u been.  i have been watching the adk discord and am very sad to see no one on it.. what has happend?  when i was here it was massive..  

    I hope you are doing well .. 


  2. I must be god!!!

    I'm just a sexy guy you know you miss around here. I so sexy that I am in love with myself as well.
  3. I must be god!!!

    I swear to do a better job please judge allow me at least visiting rights then
  4. Hey man, how have you been? 

    Still gaming?

    1. Dowin


      Yes here an there. I think I'll be on in a few later tonight 

  5. I must be god!!!

    hahaha well with all the energy drinks to keep me going my doc cant believe it either....... He was betting 6 months ill drop hahaha I'm sorry. this time i will be around more. not as much as i use to be but i will be around an with my mic fixed ill be on discord more too when i have time. This guy called @AOBLXIX I think it was him but hell who knows. I must say I am going to troll the f out of him just to bring back old days an what not but he is the only one that gets that special love you know from me =)
  6. I must be god!!!

    Of coarse I do!!!!! Work is a bitch...... I build nuclear containment vessels an with me being a supervisor its a lot of work but now I get time to do more stuff again like gaming. Slowly return haha
  7. I must be god!!!

    Thats all you have to say???? Missy we need to fix that ASAP
  8. I must be god!!!

    Well Hello everyone! Some of you may know who I am an some may not I have been gone for a bit but Slowly making more time to come back here an there. All I want to really say an I know mister @AOBLXIX will problem bust my balls but dude I love you so much I remember the old days where you use to touch me an I miss it LMFAO. @CaGregorio I will get my mic fix an get on to chat with you here in the next few days. I love you all hope to see you all soon!!!!!
  9. Many thanks!

    Damn I miss being around all of you. Work is so crazy that song brought back a lot of great memories. Hopefully soon I'll be around more to hang an chill again. Thanks for the appreciation an post. Love Dowin
  10. So you as a player know your mods you like that are on a server. So my question to you is if you have played Ark a lot/long time an have been in/seen/tried the game with mods an you know the mod name share it with us. Tell us the mod name an why you like the mod. Example: MOD NAME: DOWINS Love Attack Reason: Well here you go it give a boost to taming an with this mod when you tame a dino it also gives a 10% boost to the attack stats an ext,ext,ext NOTE: This topic is not so that we will change any of the mods, We want a topic to interact with you as a player an for other players to interact with you on you opinion
  11. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. . . well kind of. .

    ooooooooooo i know i know pick me pick me me me me me me me me pick me
  12. Please to Delete

    Under support tab you can request your account to be deactivated. That is the only way we do it. Best of luck Dowin Sent from my XT1650 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  13. [Game Channel Requests] for [Fortnite channel]

    If you are looking to get this game into ADK please use the other form ....Let's get this game going. Not Discord Voice/channel Request......
  14. Hello there

    hey hey, welcome sir....... is there any specific game you like or are you into almost any games.
  15. Inhouses are cancelled for tonight.

    Yeah most of staff are out today so dont have anyone that can run it.......but we will have them next friday for sure

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