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  1. Yes I do ..... Love me some truck simulator. If you are ever on hit me up I will be happy to play with you.
  2. @Danmrspeedy Hello Sir, Well after reading your post I am wondering what do you mean by donate? Do you own a server or what not. I dont want to get to detailed in this post so if you are willing to send me a pm here on the forums we can talk there more. Dowin
  3. Love the pic man you are ready for the gas attack haha corny I know but had to say it
  4. Hello Guest's and ADK members, We are excited to announce The ADK Vanilla Minecraft server is opening to the public on Wednesday February 1,2017 at 9pm EST. We have a lot of unique features to offer! We have In Game economy, Player Shops, Admin Shops, Buycraft, MCMMO, Grief Protection, Lockette, SkyBlock, ADK Estates with rentable properties, A fully functional train station, A Beautiful Spawn area, A Zoo, Event with prizes and much much much more.. For more information please visit our minecraft forum section - (CLICK ME) Or Visit us in Discord - (CLICK ME) Join the fun and meet our staff.. Brassy - MC Vetern Admin JadenDevon - MC Manager/Dev LtNoobslayer - Developer _ADK_Slim - Admin Montage98 - Admin ADK_Chunkyyukon - Admin SgCrazyman - Adviser iQue - Adviser Seanofthedead - Adviser Raziel23x - Adviser We are all here to help you at anytime.. Please contact our advisers first! Can't wait to see you in the server! PLEASE NOTE: The server will be shutting down 2-1-2017 at 4:30 pm (EST) to 9 pm (EST) to configure the server files and settings to be open to the public.
  5. me getting fucked up doing quests
  6. O man got a lot of learning to go with this haha
  7. Well Ican say this is that we are currently looking to see if we can host one of our own servers. But before we can do that I would really need to know who has coding capabilities cuz if we can host one bit we don't have a coder for the section then you all know what that means. If I am able I will code as lot as it is not to crazy so we are looking into it but we need to see who is able and willing to do it first
  8. Hello I removed your twitch info as it is consider to be advertising. As you can can see
  9. I felt like a noob again trying to learn all the buttons again. I know for one thing you will deff get a kick out of me while I am playing haha it was good to get back into it and having some fun
  10. OMG your a fagggggggggg wose then I am but you look so cute whistles here boy here here here boy now SIT BAM whos your daddy
  11. OMG not even going to go there
  12. mine is done and ready I have a 29 and dont knwo what server so yes I am going to start over now so i can get into it again
  13. Let's do I love the game so I am all for going at it again
  14. I have the game and if you are playing I would join you it has been a while so I don't remember what lvl I was I know I was a tank in it

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