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    AMD 1100t 6core 3,3GHZ
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    Sapphire 7970 oc 3gb ddr 5
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    Razer stuff
  1. Finally i have my pc back!

  2. Lagg

    Hello Guys!   2 days ago i was playing battlefield 3 with 100fps  and i started my battlefield now 10mins ago and i joined the adk servers  and now i play battlefield with 1 fps cant even typ in the chat whats going one maybe a bottleneck i have no idea.   maybe somebody knows what's going one
  3. Muahahaha, 1-5 spain vs Netherlands <3

  4. OO, ye finally i can be active again summerholidays!!

  5. I made a new League of legends account feel free to add me. earthlight is my name!

  6. lets make a counter strike team ( because that game is awesome )

  7. yeah i bought arma ;)

    1. Sparrow


      Nice! Have fun!

    2. FiNN


      Thanks @sparrow ;)

  8. Arma is only €5 omfg thanks nova for telling me this awesome deal ill buy it!!

  9. holy shit, i'm so busy with exams :X

  10. Hi There!

    Welcome enjoy your stay and good luck on your app!
  11. Have fun with this awesome videocard!
  12. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    Welcome, enjoy your stay here!
  13. Application for Vaine

    Welcome enjoy your stay!
  14. ☆Corza☆

    Welcome to the community, @[member='byCorza'] . Hope to see you around.
  15. Error

    I can't join battlefield 4 servers anymore if i join one i get this    ERROR Game disconnected: Client closed down connection. Check your network connection and make sure that port 3659 (UDP) is open.

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