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    PC - Asus
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    i7 - 3630QM @ 2.4GHz
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    GTX 660M
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    Razor Death Adder 2013 (Mouse), Razor Mousepad
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  1. new here!

    I play on Garrosh :3 I might not be playing later month though cause I'm out of cash for a subscription, but definitely back on next month ^_^
  2. Hello All!

    Lol seriously? I love battlefield 4 never had a problem yet other then a couple server errors while connecting, But if you've played Dayz then you are far beyond used to error ;)   Either way hope to see you around heh ^_^
  3. Greetings Fellow Gamers!

    Why welcome :D Seems like I'm starting to see a lot more older gamers around, I love it ^_^ Better then have squeakers, you probably know all well what I mean ;) Amazing intro story, and I hope to see you around ^_^!!
  4. Hello Everyone

    Awesome! ^_^ Glad to have you, hoping to see you in the future :)!
  5. new here!

    For sure ^_^ And I'm in Sudbury, Ontario! Home to the largest nickel deposit in the world and on huge smoke stack of pollution lol and people wonder why I got cancer ;P How about yourself, where in Cali are you ^_^?   Oh and hit me up on WoW sometime, I don't play as often anymore, but my battletag Hillcry#1148
  6. HeyOhh

    Awesome glad to hear :D! Well even though there are requirements to meet before applying for ADK membership, you can still join up with the teamspeak and play ADK bf4 servers and show your cooperation with the team out there :)   Hope to see you in the near future on the ADK servers :D -Hilcry
  7. Advice on a new mouse?

    Honestly love the Death Adder, you want something so responsive you feel as if it surpasses realtime (lol)? This is it. Amazing ergonomic design that fits many needs, many mouse hand styles can fit with this, and even right down to the click is super sensitive but don't let that fool you, it's perfect how it is. Not a large clicking sound either but enough to know you've hit it, and it lights up nicely giving your gaming rig a nice extra touch of light.   I think you will not regret your choice one bit going with Razor! Used in my setup here (to the far right without mousepad)   [Spoiler] [/spoiler] And that's another thing, look into Razor mousepads if you want something truly comfortable, responsive and remarkable. Honestly not coming off a Razor bandwaggon, cause I take into consideration all products with a non biased view and have used many mouse pads, but undeniably love Razor mouse pads (and mice of course).
  8. HeyOhh

    Heyoo and welcome!! ^_^ Glad to hear it, never played it myself but heard lots about :3 And what battlefield are we talking here? ;D
  9. Member Picture Thread

    (Purposely cross eyed for photo fyi lol) Setup if you're interested in seeing: [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  10. Much bullets, Such Disappoint, So Battlefield!

  11. Hello

    @[member='Benny Dawg'] Welcome :D Great backgrond and love to see another Dayz player ^_^ Y You said you make music to? I'm in the same boat my friend :D Link me your soundcloud if you have it, maybe we can hook eachother up ^_^   Cheers!
  12. Hello all of ADK.

    Welcome :D!! Great introduction lots of background story, loved it ^_^ Hopefully I will eventually see you around in Dayz (: Thanks for coming by and hope to see you around :D Cheers!
  13. Hello All!

    Heyo and welcome mate :D Glad to see you come in, to bad you haven't upgraded to bf4 yet ;) Hope to see you around (:
  14. Hello! Sneak Away Here!

    Heyo and welcome (: Hopefully I get to snag a chance at seeing you in the ADK BF4 servers!! Cheers mate ^_^
  15. new here!

    Heyo thanks for coming in :D! Glad to see you, and look forward to seeing you around!

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