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  1. Favorite anime Characters?

    mine is mikasa http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.tumblr.com%2Fec8faa526b805435f8e02a2f0daf4206%2Fkxhw9zl%2FDv6mxesyt%2Ftumblr_static_mikasa_ackerman_render_o2__shingeki_no_kyojin__by_fujoshi_kuro-d64u5jk.png&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fask-mikasa-ackerman1.tumblr.com%2F&h=900&w=900&tbnid=5sijnGqYPbwTcM%3A&zoom=1&docid=ZMFqs8Saz8oEIM&ei=UFZDU-yeDpK4yAHnyIDQAg&tbm=isch&ved=0CHYQhBwwBA&iact=rc&dur=3313&page=1&start=0&ndsp=32   it wont let me post picture
  2. Homemade Gaming Snacks Anyone?

    i eat penut butter and play i love it u shall try sometime
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    this stuff sucks come talk to me in ts3 i know way better and i make and listen to dubstep 24/7/365
  4. Whats in your Headphones when you Game?

    i listen to dubstep and punk bands like pierce the veil a day to rember you know all of them
  5. What's your occupation?

    I work at a hospital as a clinical assistant im 16 and get 11.50 an hour
  6. Your Gaming History?

    haha i started on sega genesis with sonic and friends
  7. What is your longest headshot?

    1440 with m39 emr bipod on bandar desert carrier to spawn
  8. introduction story

    Hi i will start intro of who i am then my story   My name in most games are biotoxik1 or biolethal1 <---(in origin) but most people call me bio cause its shorter and easier. My real name is Riley i have no problem if you want to use that.    I live in Danville, Indiana as a sophmore in highschool. I am 16 years old. I enjoy computer building, playing games (bf3, eve, war thunder, mincraft, & bf4), riding my longboard around indy, music, and family.   I didnt really find you guys i happen to join my dads match when he was playing and it was adk metro no explosives so i liked it alot and i started playing that ever since. I plan on staying on the adk servers cause they are fun.     I look foward to being a member i hope you take in great consideration about me. ~bio

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