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  1. Ahoy!

    Welcome to the adk forums Bam :)
  2. My Introduction

    Welcome to the =ADK= website and forums! Look forward to seeing you on ts :)
  3. Hey ADK; It's your new applicant reidloS doG

    Welcome to the =ADK= website and forums! Look forward to seeing you on ts :)
  4. Introducing...

    Welcome to the =ADK= website and forums! Look forward to seeing you on ts :)
  5. Helllooo ADK

    Welcome to the ADK FOrums Firestorm look forward to seeing you in TS :)
  6. hello

    Welcome to the ADK Forums :)
  7. I introduce, Geedy_Brit

    Welcome to the ADK Forums Greedy_Brit.  :)
  8. Introduction - Stevon100

    Welcome to the ADK Forums :)
  9. What’s up ADK!

    Welcome to the ADK Forums :)
  10. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the ADK Forums :)
  11. Hey

    Welcome to the ADK Forums :)
  12. Introduction to =ADK=

    Welcome to the ADK Forums :)
  13. Greetings Comrades! I am MAYNIAC.

    Welcome to the ADK Forums Mayniac look forward to seeing you out there :)
  14. This is how it feels sometimes

    Yup totally Agree with that , aha
  15. The Cactus is at your service.

    Welcome to the ADK Forums :) Look forward to seeing you on TS ^_^
  16. Xbox 360 Gamer Tags!

  17. Introduction - Stevon100

    Welcome to ADK looking forward to seeing you on ts
  18. mos19k20 Saying Hello

    Welcome To ADK :)
  19. Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From =ADK=

    Hope all of you had a Great Christmas and Amazing Holidays :)
  20. Canada eh?

    I'd just like to say, I love how the Canadian meet-up conversation ended up in a Hockey team fan debate ;p all I have to say is, I'm a fan of the canucks, also IM a Torontonian
  21. Introduce Myself :)

    Hey So my name is xXEmpirePwnZXx, But I go by 'Empire' to make everything a lot easier, that name has stuck with me since I was about 9 for gaming, But my real name is Tristan, I'm a 16 Year old guy, Who works at An amusement park in Vaughn Ontario called Canada's Wonderland, as an Admissions Attendant sadly I hate the Job, But it's money, I am currently Living in Toronto Ontario (In Canada obviously) I  Have a habit of putting capitals when not needed quite frequently , I play a variety of FPS Games, MMORPG Games and Racing games, Like BF4,BF3, Sadly the Call of Dutys , CS:GO, For fps<<< for MMORPG'S I Play GW2, FFXIV:A Realm reborn, Tera, Aion, and LOTRO  And for racing games all the NFS games, But they are all PC , I Have been a Pc gamer ever since I Was little and my dad could teach me what WASD Was and how to move a mouse at the same time as using them. now back to Battlefield,  I Love being an assault person, But I always try and Attempt the Recon class, (Which  never works out for me, but eh, effort for trying right)If any of you are good with a sniper rifle, I give you guys some major kudos for that, cause that is some damn hard stuff, I am currently new to BF4 But was a Super active BF3 Player till about march last year. Now let's dab a bit into my personal life, I am the oldest of 5 Brother, ages 14,11,9,5 and newly 10 month old Ezra, The one thing that sucks is I'm always stuck at home babysitting(but that also means for BF Play time :) *YEAH*  My background is English(UK) I was born In London, But moved to Canada when I was 3, In the winter I love to get off my arse every once in awhile and go snowboarding, it is one of my favorite Physical Activities so far, I am Happily in a so far 2 1/2 year long relationship , I absolutely love French vanilla , the smell, the taste, everything, It's my addiction. I Would love to join ADK For many reasons one of them being It has a great community of some pretty damn amazing people who all get along great and are strung together quite well and I love that. It's one of the main things I could ask for in a clan/community. Also for those who are interested, My current setup is below, it is very soon going to be upgraded, since well times change, so Computers do too(Thankfully)  GPU: Geforce GTX 560 Ti CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40 GHz Memory: 8GB Ram Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Headset: PDP Universal Afterglow Wired Keyboard: SteelSeries Merc Mouse: Alienware TactX Mouse Monitors: Dual Monitor Setup:Samsung Syncmaster S24B300 And that's Just a tad little about me Hope you enjoy (:
  22. Introduce Myself :)

    Thank you everyone :) and Loller, Sometimes they all grab chairs and watch me, they find it so interesting ;p

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