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  1. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Not the best cable management ever, but it works :P
  2. ADK Gamer's Speedtest.NET Speedwave

    Works great for what I need. Rarely have issues.
  3. captain america: the winter soldier

    I watched it on Friday, and I thought that it was pretty damn good. I should've known that there would've been something during the credits, but my dumb self left with my friends not thinking about it. I might have to watch it again just to figure out what happened... I'd give it a 8/10, maybe a 9. One of the better movies as of recently.
  4. Share your rides

    2002 F250 crew cab, long bed, v10, camper shell, 153,000 miles. Have to wait another 2 months until I can use the lights, though :(
  5. What's your occupation?

    Currently a senior in high school, but plan on getting a bachelor's in an IT related field (haven't really decided yet). Also, I'm an Explorer/Junior with the local Fire Dept/Rescue Squad and respond to calls with them.
  6. PastHorizon's Intro Thread

    Yeah, a couple of friends had tried me to check out Titanfall, but I'm not up to spending $60 on a new game right now. The beta was pretty awesome though!
  7. Member Picture Thread

    (I'm the one in the center with the blonde hair)
  8. Metroholic - Addicting to metro for years....

    I actually never really liked metro too much. Maybe it was just me bored of playing the same map over and over after beta lol. Caspian and Firestorm were by far my most favorite after beta, but that is probably swayed due to my love for vehicles :P
  9. Team builder

    I completely agree, drafting is always fun, and it requires some strategy in itself of counter picking. And it would be nice to have your role already selected, because the insta-lockers are never fun.
  10. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    I'm jealous. When I was building my PC I was really close to getting the 770, but I just couldn't justify it. Now that I look back though, I'm glad I got a 760 because it performs extremely well on everything I play, even on max. I'm not quite sure what I would need the extra bang for in a 770. Besides, if there is some awesome game that requires more than a 760 I can always just pick up another one for $200, SLI them, and call it a day. /offtopic
  11. PastHorizon's Intro Thread

    Thank you all! I'll definitely have to check out the BF4 community sometime!
  12. Naval Strike - Released - 3/31/2014

    I kind of wish that I had gotten premium now, I've missed so many of the sales and can't justify spending $50 for it :/
  13. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    I have an Asus 760 and love it. I couldn't tell much of a difference in the specs between the EVGA, but maybe that was just me. It's handled everything I've thrown at it, and like HollowTip said it doesn't run very hot, even when I've done stress tests.
  14. Team builder

    I don't really think there should be a ranked version of this, and if there was then that'd kind of defeat the purpose of draft. Maybe if they made ranked to where you could select just your role and then get matched based on that? I'm a big fan of them implementing this into normals, except for the long wait times. 
  15. PastHorizon's Intro Thread

    Hello! I am Bryan, aka PastHorizon, and I spend a decent amount of my spare time gaming. My other hobbies include scuba diving as well as shooting, and I am also a volunteer firefighter on the side (http://i.imgur.com/CzZ81zj.jpg, me being the one in the center with the blonde hair). My favorite genre of games is FPS, while I'll occasionally play some strategy-based games. I've been with a couple of communities before, and I hope to call ADK home!

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