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Everything posted by MrsVirtue1776

  1. ADK#5 remove flood zone map?

    @zorane Any particular reason why you want Flood Zone removed? I would say give us some details and state your case otherwise it just looks like a matter of opinion to me. As for removing Lockers, I would have to disagree. I'm one of those people that love that map no matter what mode it's on. This isn't a yes or no and definitely not meant as a deterrent to you. Just asking you to give those in charge that make the decisions more details so they can make an informed decision.
  2. I go on my yearly vacation and come back just a member?! I haven't been a member since I joined this community lol

  3. BF1 Is Sexist?

    They're just pure feminazi is all. That's the unfortunate state of the world right now. I think most female FPS gamers don't really care whether their character is a female or male. Given the choice I think most of us would pick a male character just to blend in because we don't want the extra attention that comes along when we're just trying to game like the rest of you. Of course there will always be those women out there that want the attention 24/7 which usually makes the rest of us rare girl gamers sick lol. Just MY opinion here,not speaking for the entire female race ...
  4. BF1 Multiplayer Gamplay

    I only watched game 1 so far and I'm loving it! The new spawn system looks awesome. I better start putting some money away now for 2 copies!
  5. BF1 Style Event for BF4

    This sounds like fun. You're talking before the release so September Octoberish?
  6. Do I want to come back?

    @Dr.Death oh my gosh I missed your return post! Welcome back! I missed our good times and you teaching me the large maps! Warlocc welcome back as well! If I were to come back now I would just work on the community aspect and making friendships. That way when BF1 comes out maybe we can bring people with us and not worry too much about being super serious in BF4 at this point. Just my opinion. I'm hoping a bunch of the old group comes back for BF1 for some fun times.
  7. Battlefield 1

    Make sure to follow the Battlefield 1 sub forum we have started under the Battlefield series section. Any new info people hear is mostly posted in there. Check out our poll going on there too!
  8. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    Any chance we could get this thread moved to the Battlefield 1 forum that we have running now or at the least copying the trailer over there that @bluemoon_og graciously supplied for us here? After finally watching the trailer here it looks like it could be pretty cool. I miss playing 1942 and this kind of feels like it a little to me. The horses look like it's going to fun to try and learn how to use. Some of those maps look a little intimidating to me since I'm primarily infantry unless I can catch a ride with someone I know and trust lol but as always anything can be made fun with our ADK BF people! It looks like something I look forward to trying out depending on the final cost of course since we'll be buying 2 copies!
  9. Meet Our Members #5 - Dynasty & Greenshaw

    @[member='Dynasty'] as a baker I'd pay to see that. You probably make better cakes than I do! <3
  10. BF4 event tomorrow! I better make sure the bar is stocked...

    1. Naru


      Drinking beer from now until the event!... j/k

    2. LaithSJ


      :D :3 , Mrs V waiting for you tonight .
    3. MrsVirtue1776


      I'll be there Laith!

  11. Up Coming Event - Laith

    Time to shake off some rust. Event tomorrow!
  12. March Anniversaries

    Congrats everyone! Time sure flies when you're having fun!
  13. ROUND 25,000 EVENT! This Thursday Evening!

    @[member='ColColonCleaner'] Do you have a time guesstimate for tonight? Just wondering so I know if I need to put the kids to bed early tonight lol
  14. Had lots of fun dominating a pistols server with our Battlefield people last night!

    1. Scorpinox_1


      Darn, can't believe I missed that, hope all is good folks :)

  15. Member meetings?

    @[member='Paoida']   Member meetings are usually every other Monday at 8:00pm EST. Sometimes they will be canceled due to holidays or whatnot. I'm sure someone will fill you in better whether it's this coming monday or the week after.
  16. Veteran Admin Promotions - 1/17/2016

    Congratulations to everyone! Thanks for all of the work that you've put in and continue to give ADK!
  17. Wooo! I'm in for Battlefront!

    1. Surdawi


      Me tooooooo weee!

      We can be battle buddies!

    2. Firewalkerrr


      OK i'm in! Surdawi will be spending much time in the walker i see! This one looks like way too much fun!

    3. QQtiePie


      I MISS YOU! ;( Hope your vacation is going well!

  18. 1 Infraction?

    @[member='SightUp']   The autoadmin punished you for killing someone with a frag grenade on june 9th. If you would like that point removed please fill out a dispute > HERE < and it will be looked into by an admin. Please read it thoroughly before posting your dispute. Hope this helps you!
  19. Rep autocontested an AutoAdmin report against me?

    @[member='DestinedToFlail']   It was for a code 7 test that colon is playing around with. It didn't do anything to your rep so basically just ignore the report because it isn't working properly yet.
  20. Women Drivers On the Battlefield

    She's better than half of the guys I've seen behind the wheel and enough nerve to attempt it!
  21. Hey! My name is Dominick.

    @[member='DeferGaming']   Welcome to the ADK forums Dom! Very good intro post. What kind of music are you into playing? I know I can't go more than about 2 days without music or i'll go crazy! I'm glad you found ADK! It's been my second home for over a year now and for a long time in the future i can tell! I look forward to meeting you in TS!
  22. Hello!

    @[member='ThatOneRossKid']   Welcome to the forums Ross! I saw you in TS but have yet to officially meet you. I miss the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. My husband and I lived in Traverse City for about a year and we can't wait to get back there! If you need anything don't hesitate to let us know!
  23. New guy in town...

    @[member='YaYaBoyy']   Welcome to the forums Jonathan! I've seen you in TS but have yet to officially meet you yet. If you have any questions about Battlefield or anything in general with ADK please don't hesitate to ask! I hope you enjoy your time here at ADK!
  24. Hi my name is Selulu215

    @[member='ice2k63']   Hello Selulu! Welcome to the forums! You have to give us a little more on this intro though to help us get to know you better. I see that you put you're from LA. Any neat hobbies besides gaming? What games are you into playing right now and how did you find our ADK servers? 

    Holy cow that looks like it was a blast! I completely missed my chance to get AOB's tags!   @[member='notacamper89'] Thank you for that awesome video. Very nice editing!

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