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Airman Brewer

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    The Bird Man
  • Birthday 04/16/1998

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    East Coast
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    I like to hunt and fish. I play a lot of airsoft and travel to many events around the United States. I am proudly certified by www.netacad.com with my IC3, A+. I am also a United States Airman.

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    Windows 8/7 and Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
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    Intel i7 3.30 GHz
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    Nvidia GTX 1080
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    850 Watt Off Brand :P
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    32GB Ram
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    2tb HDD
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    Turtle Beach X12's
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    Asus 17 Inch
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    Logitech G500 Mouse, Razer Keyboard
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  1. Favorite music?

    I would have to say me and Fetty have became tight but J Cole sits at the top. Though since I have been away from home and not near all my country buddies I have been jamming to country at beach partys lol
  2. My Introduction M8

    Hey glad to see that you a part of the amazing ADK community! Sky diving is amazing working on getting certified so I can solo jump anywhere in the USA. Hope to see you around and active, oh and be careful I busted up my ribs one time rapelling
  3. Introducing Myself

    Hey Jayko, glad to have you here at ADK!! I don't play on PC anymore sadly but hope to see you on discord and such here later on. I might buy a new PC down the road but at the moment schooling so have a lot on my plate.
  4. I am Brewer, and I am finally back!

    Yeah will do probably
  5. Hey everyone, so I am Brewer. I have graduated from Basic Military Training with the United States Air Force, and now I am back after taking a year off from the community to prepare my self physically and mentally for this role I now play in life. Gladly I am back so I wanted to do a new introduction for my self. So I am Airman Basic Brewer, soon to be Airman 1st Class in the next month or two. I am currently in Technical Training at Keesler, AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. I will graduate as a successful Cyber Systems Operator 3D032 hopefully by January. I do have to take and pass CompTIA's Security + Exam so that will be interesting. I will be doing a crap load of studying so you probably see me on discord and in the forums as I study just keeping an open mind and learning. On the weekends only expect to see me early of the morning or late at night due to spending time off base with friends so I can not swamp my self in study material. I hope to make a bigger spot for my self in ADK once again, I used to be a DayZ admin back in ArmA 2. Anyways so I am Brewer, 18yrs old, good looking , plan to go army later in life and be on the front lines. Thanks
  6. Can I join

    @[member='FeatherSton3'] no I have not link please?
  7. Can I join

    Hey guys made a new origin account just for battlefield 3 here is my last game stats hope I can get into the team   http://gyazo.com/c07aa2c954faec83ff59b0a795a595c3
  8. good games to go try if you haven't

    I only like donkey kong out of that selection personally so donkey kong for the win
  9. Won't be on TS3 Tonight working help just on forum due to work

  10. =ADK= Flyer Revealed

    Alright printing a couple out now got one I am blowing up in size have some local gaming shops and PC shops around along with a local LAN Party place :P
  11. My College Football Saturday.....

    very jealous of you my friend looks like hella fun!
  12. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    Personally I won't be getting it myself until a good month  after launch to let bugs work their way through first. After that probably will get it for sure! I played it on xbox 360 but got out of console gaming just don't like it what so ever. Now into DayZ and have been for awhile also arma 2 MilSim and Arma 3 Milsim along with other PC games but I am very happy to see GTA V  finally being released on PC hope to see some of yall in game!!!!
  13. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    This is both stupid and idiotic
  14. Dear Denver Broncos Fans

    @[member='n00bwithgun72'] exactly!!!! and with peyton we have a huge fan club hahhahaha #peytonfansnotbroncos
  15. Dear Denver Broncos Fans

    @[member='n00bwithgun72'] Broncos are the best!!!!!!!

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