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    Crestview FL
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    The Lord, My beautiful wife, and my two fun filled kids. Skydiving, riding motorcycles, drumming. Enjoying retirement after 22 years active duty in the US Army. EnjoyED Titanfall (notice the plural) and now wanting to get into Battlefield 3 or 4. Have not decided which one.

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    Windows 8.1
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    AMD FX-6100 6 Core Processor 3.81
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
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    Power and Cooling 750 PSU
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    8 GIG G-Skill RAM
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    250 GIG SSD
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    Onboard Audio
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    ASUS MX279H 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit LCD Monitor
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    Cooler Master HAF XB EVO
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    Creative Wrath Headset, Logitech G700, Klipsch Speakers
  1. I once took on the entire group of Van Buren Boys!

    I finally am getting a chance to revist this.  Now that titanfall has gone off the deep end I will try the battlefield 3 or 4 whichever one works the best and has someone who is willing to show me the ropes.
  2. New day, new clan, seeing how this works again.

  3. Invite me to the official ADK BF3 platoon

    Is this where you go to sign up for Battefield 3?  I am a newbie at the multiplayer aspect and an older gamer so if there is anyone out there looking to take someone under their wing let me know.  I am retired and online quite a bit.   IGN Tag: RangerIXXI
  4. Hello ADK

    No, my rig can handle it fine, it is the updates and the general crappiness of the game that prevents it from running smoothly.  LOL.  I may try it again but just having way too much fun in Titanfall.
  5. I once took on the entire group of Van Buren Boys!

    What is ESO?  Sorry for the ignorance.
  6. I can not wait for Superman Vs. Batman

    Yep they pushed it back due to them getting the script written correctly.  Affleck is really, REALLY getting into the role.  He is my age and he wants to make sure he does the role right.  I admire that.   I hope he does a great job as he has big shoes to fill for this one.  I think this can get pulled off because of how pretty Cavill is and while Affleck is beautiful (my wife has the biggest crush on both of them) he is older and if they do this right it will be awesome.   The Avengers....er uh Iron Man and friends is going to be climbing up a big hill considering how bad they are doing with the second movie. 
  7. Lone Survivor

    Um, if you remember this is a movie and the actors did a great job and hollywood did it the way hollywood does things.  The AAR is much, MUCH different than what Marcus Luttrell reported and was reported by others.   His act of bravery is GROSLY exaggerated.  Sorry to disappoint.  The movie is great as a movie, but the real life is much different than the book and the movie is a horrid combination of both.   The truth is much more different. 
  8. Was hoping that Bryan Singer would come back to the franchise and this looks awesome.  Seeing Iceman on his ice slide brought me back to the 80's all over again when the x-men were on Saturday mornings.   I think this looks awesome.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6acRHWnfZAE&feature=youtu.be
  9. If You Missed The Super Bowl It Went Like This

    Denver has been on the wrong side of a bunch of beatdowns.  They were the whipping boy of the NFC during the late 80's and early 90's.  Denver has the distinction of having been on the worst beatdown in NFL superbowl history when Joe Montana abused them.   55-10 was the one I watched and that was just brutal.  Was rough seeing the horse...er uh I mean John Elway get beat like that but Joe Montana is the greatest QB ever so.
  10. I once took on the entire group of Van Buren Boys!

    I hope I did not end up offending anyone.  I took that from Seinfeld as it is one of my favorite shows.  I figured that would be a good way to make my introduction other than the usual.
  11. Titanfall

    I can put a couple here.  I am addicted to the game.  This one rocks so put your speakers up.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fnb49K6Hyro   I gave up trying to embed the video however that was done.  LOL
  12. Question for parents/women

    I do know that after my daughter was born my wife's cycles were a mess.  Now that she has her tubes tied they are even worse.
  13. Dear Auburn

  14. Hello ADK

    Nice to see a gamer my age with two kids!  Awesome.  I would join you in Battlefield 4 but I cannot get it to work STILL and it owes me two keyboards and a mouse.   LOL.   I am new too.  I am good with Teamspeak though.
  15. Member Picture Thread

    This is me and the Mrs. at my retirement party.  She is 8 months pregnant in that so no wise cracks.  LOL.    

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