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    Northern California

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    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
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    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
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    AMD FX 8120
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    EVGA GTX 570
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    Cooler Masters GX 650W
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    Hyper X Kingston 8GB
  • Storage
    HDDx2 320 Western Digital Caviar Blue
  1. Im Back

    I've been absent from this and gaming due to school but now that i finally graduated from school with a degree in business admin. im finally going to be more active as a ADK member need to get more involve in this clan.
  2. planning the greatest comeback of all time...13ozo21 will be returning soon!!!

  3. been playing th EVGA servers for a chance to win some prizes and been busy with some recent death in the family nd new quarter for schools start os the 23rd of april but i will be active and playing on ADK servers when i get a chance

  4. Member Picture Thread

    hey new member glad to b apart of this clan...thats me sporting a RAIDERS bennie yeah thats right RAIDERS!!!!

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