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  2. Colleges

    Hi Guys! Long time no see! Now from what I know, I imagine that the majority of the folks here are either currently enrolled in or have graduated from college. As a sophomore in High School, I have begun looking into my future in where to go for college. I was just wondering where you are currently studying at, or where did you study at? Just a tad bit curious, Thanks, Cynda
  3. My Movie Collection :D

    My Movie Collection, -Netlfix -Demonoid it's quite impressive, I know.
  4. Damn Origin, this would be a lot easier if EA hadn't been a total dick and put BF3 on Steam.
  5. Razer Lycosa... 2 things;

    I don't own a Razer Lycosa, but I have contemplated buying one, so I do have tidbits of knowledge here and there. First of all, the Lycosa is NOT mechanical, though newer Razer products such as the blackwidow are. For your second problem, to be completely honest, I have no clue. My best guess would be to update drivers.
  6. Black Friday 2011

    Well you better line up, cause there is going to be around 10 per store. Lucky for me, Kansas isn't as populated like New York, Florida, or other places, so I might actually have a chance at getting one.
  7. I'm back

    Well that's reassuring
  8. Black Friday 2011

    Also there is a 24" Dynex monitor for only 80 bucks, so that's pretty nice. Good thing I have saved up my money!
  9. Black Friday 2011

    Here you go, its on the left side. [url="http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Misc/Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday/pcmcat225600050002.c?id=pcmcat225600050002"]http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Misc/Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday/pcmcat225600050002.c?id=pcmcat225600050002[/url]
  10. I'm back

    .....Right.... thanks... I guess.........
  11. I'm back

    Don't worry guys, I'm here. I'm sure you were all distraught and confused in the lack of my presence.
  12. Black Friday 2011

    Best Buy is being a bro and selling a $600 dollar 42" TV for only $199 dollars. I want.
  13. Weekend Sale!

    They have already released a Borderlands 2 teaser trailer, so psyched.
  14. CPU Coolers

    So I got some arctic silver 5 today, its done little but Im just gonna wait if anything more happens. I'm getting around 40c on idle and 65c in tf2. I might get the hyper 212+ later if I need it but for now, what do you think about the temps? before without the thermal paste, I didnt realize it, but I was getting around 50c idle and 75c in tf2.
  15. Sound looping problem

    Yeah, it turned out to be a result when I used my wireless pci card after I moved it to a new location but I changed the cable wall output to where I'm located so I dont have to use it. so long story short. It's fixed.

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