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    windows 7
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    asus m3n78-vm
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    amd phenom II x4
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    chromed with enough power to sli
  • RAM
    8gb of older
  • Storage
    1x37gb10ksata 1x64gbSSD 2x1TB7200
  • Audio
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    hp 2711x
  • Case
    coolermaster with side off
  • Peripherals
    corsair mechanical keybosrd, xl-760h
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    varies. i forget my vpn all the time
  1. Question About Punish Points

    As a follow up question in the same vein, is there somewhere I can look to see how long I have played on your servers?
  2. Question About Punish Points

    How do I know how many I have?   Apparently I got a temp ban today, and earned a forgiveness point through my dispute - but where do I look to see what my balance/total is?
  3. wyattnoise

    *already addressed by gotmymojo - thanks for forgiving!
  4. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    I dont know how to determine if I have CPU bottleneck vs packet loss vs OMFG my old card is not qualified for my new monitor
  5. wyattnoise

    So if I make it through recruitment, is there a second chance so that I can actually play on that server again?
  6. It looked really cool, but I am hesitant to invest in yet another 'Premium Package' game through EA
  7. Best Video card for your $$$?

    I am 'renting' a 760 from best buy right now.  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than a 750 if your PSU will run it.
  8. R9 270x better than 650ti?

    what about the r9270 vs nvidia760?
  9. Razer gaming worth the money?

    I had a razer mouse a few years ago, but my wife couldnt use it so I returned it.   Once I had enough computers to have my own gaming machine I went shopping for one again, but it seems that they are all for smaller hands now.   I dont think the keyboards/headsets are worth the price though.
  10. wyattnoise

    Oh.   Suppose that I can add my play style.   I like to move (generally).   I use planes as taxis, fly the transport chopper well, the assault choppers NOT so well, and love the dunebuggy.   Not sure which I like better Assault or Support, but have been playing support lately to close out all the guns.  Think if I had everything unlocked everywhere I would be medic - and I heal/revive lots.   My engineer repairs a lot and doesnt kill many opposition vehicles.   My sniper skills have degraded since BF2, and I refuse to touch a DMR.  Love the spawn beacon and tugs though,
  11. Just a taste of the Funky Green Bush!

    *sigh*  I had to cut down my funky green bush this winter as my garage froze, no water.
  12. I am TreeFrogTerror

    Like your nym
  13. operation locker vs. operation metro 2014?

    I like the lockers, but love metro.   I havent played a smaller locker map though, my preference stems from disliking the longer running I think
  14. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    I just upped my monitor to 27" and now my old card wont run bf4.   The price range I am looking at I could go NVIDIA 760 or Radeon R9270   Does the AMD mantle make a dif or should I stay with my brand loyalty and get the nvidia?

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