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  1. Battlelog Problem

    Hey guys I am trying to join a game but it keeps asking me to upgrade to the latest battlelog version. So I download the latest battlelog version by clicking download plugin, and I instal it, but nothing happens, it keeps asking me over and over and over and over again to install the plugin, but its already installed!   I have no idea wtf is going on, but I have always hated having to rely on Battlelog and doing stuff over a browser. But if anyone has a clue as to why its not working please let me know. thanks!
  2. Kind of back??

    Aye good to be back. And no, no new job yet, but I'm on injured reserve for a lil bit till I can walk a little bit better. I am looking for a new job tho, so if anyone knows of a job that needs video editing, sound editing, A/V overall or lighting setup, let me know! :P
  3. Kind of back??

    Sup guys... I'm kind of back lol, damn injuries lol. Well I missed ya'll! Hoping that there are still a lot of players from back in the good ol days. I'll be seeing u guys around, peace!
  4. Populating Rush!

    will be there even if afk
  5. Aion, does anyone play it?

    bah screw those games, just get The Secret World and lets go kill some zombies!!!
  6. Would this be considered noobish?

    this is awesome lol
  7. [img]http://www.deviantart.com/download/177029075/forever_alone_by_foreveraloneplz.png[/img]
  8. BF4 sort of confirmed

    why haven't anyone mentioned the price of MOH? 70 bucks!?!?!? holy shit, thats A LOT for a game >.>
  9. I don't think your issue is PSU related, but I could be wrong. Have you updated firmware for your MOBO? Check if there is a new bios update, sometimes that does the trick. I know I used to get that error with my PC before the new one. And I used the same PSU I am using with the new one. New one just glitches out every now and then, pic freezes and goes but I think its my GPU lol.
  10. The Secret World MMO

    more like WoW, early version FF14, I believe it uses the Age of Connan engine. Button masher, bunch of missions, and by that I mean A LOT.
  11. The Secret World

    I played it last weekend, will probably do so again this weekend, interesting one.
  12. Hey guys, any of you tried the demo for this game? I played it for a few on sunday for the sake of trying and it seems pretty cool. I am not sure if the battle system is to my liking for a full time MMO but the fact you can have a shotgun and blast zombies in the head is cool as heck.
  13. Buying my first car?

    pretty sure you made your choice already, but I feel like sharing since went trough getting a new car about 7 months ago. First, I HAVE to advise to go Subaru. After going trough 4 winters with a 4cyl sonoma lowrider pickup, that fishtailed for fun, even when it just rained, then with a 1995 camaro Z28, that had so much power, in winter, you hit the breaks, and the car keeps going forward because the front tires lock up and the back tires are still sending power forward, and then to take off you need to activate your e-break so you have some control over the wheels, I have to say, any muscle car is worthless. Sure they are pretty, and they go fast, but it is a trap. I'm starting to get old and my credit stinks, so even with my salary I had to go conservative on cars. My criteria was: kind of fast, AWD is a MUST, bluetooth, sunroof and decent sound, mainly because I got tired of putting sound systems in cars and loosing value. Every single AWD car in this world that is not a subaru, is about 35k+, so I went and tested subaru. In the end, the purchase was a 2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5 Premium. Beautiful dark red paintjob that looks burgandy, no sunroof, and not a rocket on the road. It IS kind of fast, it has bluetoth and the sound is very good. The interior is amazing, with a very nice ride. You want to know the best part? I only paid 22k for the car. It is the best investment of my life! It has not given me a single problem, and the dealer threw in free maintenance for 30k miles. For a first car, if you are young, I would recommend it. If you want something a litle smaller, a Impreza is right on the money for what a first car should be, safe, reliable, AWD and cheap. If you DO have the money and you want to wreck a brand new car, then the Impreza WRX, that was my first choice but they didnt have one available. It is a 3.7sec 0-60, for 25k (BTW it has a faster 0-60 time than the STI, but the STI has a faster 0-100) Ok enough ranting, most of you wont even read that lol and GL on your new car, I hope it is everything you want it to be and more. Ohh and, also, GO AND ENJOY HIGH GAS PRICES TO THE MAN!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!
  14. Man I am tired

    word, been there, too often lol EVERYONE QUIT WORKING!!! O shit, server payments, EVERYONE GO STEAL SOMETHING O shit, jail, EVERYONE COMMUNITY SERVICE O shit, free again, EVERYONE BACK TO STEALING FOR SERVER PAYMETNS Ok that may not work so well. Working like a slave it is

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