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  1. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    Welcome!! Hope you enjoy your time on the server!
  2. Greetings

    Welcome! Hope you have a nice time playing here.
  3. Howdy folks - Whiteup

    Welcome to the ADK comunity! Hope you have a good time playing here!
  4. Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Has been a while since I played BF2, are these servers still busy?
  5. some questions

    I think I need more posts before I can get accepted.
  6. OhSOGrimOne Intro

    Welcome to this fun server! Have a great game time!  
  7. Wassup

    Good luck! This is an awesome server!
  8. intro

    Welcome and enjoy your game time!  
  9. Playing ADK

    Hi I am Roelof Live in Seattle and have been looking for a good server to play since WCK became a bad place to be.

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