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  1. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

  2. Presidential Race 2016

    Well, thanks! Cute, you don't have to tell me, but hipster is new. Why don't you quit stereotyping and prove me wrong? If not, there is plenty of room in this wagon :P The megaphone is necessary, how else could people hear what I have to say?   It's funny how wide spread this is, and how little attention it gets. Connect the dots, it's a child's game. 
  3. Presidential Race 2016

    Come now, if you don't see the truth yet, you might get out there and do some research. Nothing can change the facts, and the fact is, neither party matters. Anyone ever seen the campaign? Yeah, it's kinda like that :P   If it weren't obamacare, it would have been romneycare....guess what, they were the same thing. PAWNS
  4. Ouch, this hurts! However, does not surprise me.    "The time has come, the walrus said"
  5. What's your favorite role and champion?

    @[member='Joey'], I just got into league of legends and was looking for a good character to run with. I really like Vladimir's look. So, I bought him. Could you recommend a few basic items to start with no matter what opponent I face? 
  6. Advice on a new mouse?

    Also, my buddy has this mouse and says it's awesome. G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse   Here's a link to Logitech gaming mice   http://gaming.logitech.com/en-gb/gaming-mice
  7. This is cool. I have a Dallas Cowboys keyboard...found it at an outlet store for $30! 
  8. Best verizon phone on the market?

    I have Verizon, and I currently own the Note 3 and the Galaxy gear smartwatch. I love both of them. Honestly, I will have to say I had the LG G2 for a little while, and I kind of miss it, but then I couldn't have my watch. :P   The note three is pretty cool, but like you said at the top, the best phone on the market is going to be the s5. Just remember, as soon as you buy one, something better is going to come out :P
  9. Need Some input on a Sever.

    Yes, how many users to you think are going to be hitting your website. Also, most of this requirements can be handled no matter which server you purchase/build. Depending on you OS knowledge, a linux web server isn't hard to build up, and you can't beat free software. All the security can be handled with external software and a strongly configured network.    Nothing wrong with hosting a website on someone else's server, either. Media Temple is a great host, and they teamed up with Network Solutions not to long ago. 
  10. Advice on a new mouse?

    @[member='Dmine243'] I'm slightly new to gaming on a computer, but I haven't been satisfied with a wired mouse. I really wish they made some of the gaming ones wireless, but not yet I guess. I really like the Logitech Anywhere MX. It performs very smoothly, and like the name says, you can use it anywhere. It doesn't need a mouse pad to work, any ol' surface will do.   It even has a couple extra buttons on it. (I think back and forward for web surfing) It's anywhere from $40-60 but well worth it. The best wireless mouse I've used to date.
  11. Cost of an good gaming desktop

    I guess I couldn't tell  ya. I don't play battlefield. Sorry   Was just saying its a fast/cheap solution to a gaming computer, plus I just really like the laptop. :P
  12. enhance computer gaming fps

    @[member='DWhite240'] I have to disagree...unless you can find a desktop solution that gives you the same specs as the Lenovo Y510p. I love this machine, and it's right around the right price. $1000 on newegg
  13. Cost of an good gaming desktop

    @[member='Jakethewarlord'] Honestly, If I were you, I would just purchase a laptop. I just got the Lenovo Y510P for about $1000 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834313740) and it has GT 755m sli video cards, which run every game I have on the highest graphics without lag. That's a hell of a cheap solution for what you get.    I also just put together a gaming computer...through newegg as well...cost me about $1200...and the graphics don't run as well. And if you don't know what you are doing/have never put one together, maybe a laptop is a better idea for you anyways. 
  14. Best Video card for your $$$?

    What kind of bang are you trying to get? Honestly there are several different video cards that can handle most gaming for a decent price. I run a ASUS GTX 670 which I picked up for a hundred bucks and runs DayZ and LOL on high settings.    I also have a Lenovo Y510p that has GT 755 SLI. On this I can run on very high settings. Quite a big differnce in video quality, but the games are very much playable on both systems. Depends on what you have now, and what kind of money you want to put into an old machine. 
  15. Bandits beware...

    1. Element


      no threats? Just.. tell them to have greater awareness?

    2. Invictabellum


      If only they could...


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