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  1. Auto Balance on Servers #6 and 7

    Exactly. Can't fmove can't do anything to split them up, because of the battlelog feature.
  2. Auto Balance on Servers #6 and 7

    I do believe DICE / EA has added a feature to battlelog that keeps friends / platoons together as well.
  3. Battlefield Wishes

    Fix for the bipods after being revived, not working. Fix to suppression and the recon class. You can get them down to 13 health, yet they are not being suppressed and still accurate as hell.
  4. To SSD or Not to SSD?

    I was poking around on iBuypower.com today and found out that if you provide the logo, they will custom engage the case that you choose for a system build. Wonder if we can use the ADK logo for engraving. @[member='cbrunnem'] I am looking at different builds that will keep me within the budget I am being given, once the funds are available. As for the APU's I didn't some research and they are not worth the money. They had a demo of BF4 on a APU and they were only getting 30 fps on medium. That is not what I am looking for. Any system the I choose will have a 256gb SSD and a 2gb 256 bit memory interface and at least 1030 core clock and streams of 1280. The system will be built around those two items. Instead of building I myself this time, I will have it built to my specifications and shipped to me.
  5. BF4 Computer

    If you don't want to build it yourself, but pick out your parts, you can check out http://www.ibuypower.com/
  6. BF4 Computer

    More than enough. Check out newegg
  7. BF4 Computer

    Are you looking to build or buy a complete system?
  8. Deathman64

    Welcome to ADK community. Looks like we may not be far from each other.
  9. Trent212 caving in finally!

    Welcome to the ADK community. As Marcinkoman stated, get that BF4 going and we can shoot at each.
  10. Whats up guys

    I believe you have killed me several times in BF4. Good to see you around. Welcome to the community.
  11. Neptune's Intro :>

    Hi and Welcome to the ADK community
  12. Defibs only!

    We had a good time doing it. And seeing the Mrs. killing the Mr. was funny too.
  13. [Ideas] For a new server mode and whole setup

    Obliteration would be great.  We would actually have to work as a team to plant or defend the points with bombs.  Survival depends on actual team work.
  14. battlefield dreams

    I Was on Najena, until they combined servers. I was a raid leader for my guild.
  15. Stepping down

    Enjoy the pool and the time with your kids.

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