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    Corsair Graphite Series 600T

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  1. Christopher "Tenbear" Cyr

    It's been a long time since I was involved in this great Community I used to admin and play on the Epoch servers back in the day and have to say I met a lot of of amazing gamers, and made some friends along the way. I even met one in person and became good friends with him. Some people who have been around for a while might remember Tenbear, who played and administrated in the Epoch server. But whether you knew him or not, =ADK=Tenbear was an awesome and caring person and treated everyone with kindness and respect got along with everyone He not only contributed his artwork to the operation of the servers we ran, but his personality was always respectable to anyone who came into the teamspeak, to either complain, praise or just hangout.. My - our - friend Chris lost his battle to cancer yesterday, leaving behind his family here in Canada along with his Fiancée Grace. I wanted to just let everyone know. And I hope you all know he loved playing with anyone that came around. Rest In Paradise my friend. There will forever be a void you have left with your larger than life personality. Take care everyone, and take care of everyone you love around you. Mattcubus
  2. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    Welcome to the community @[member='smashley'] ... I have no idea what happened between the introduction and this post but I don't feel like reading it. so let's try to type something that won't start a big war....    Not a fan of cats and... look at those pumpkins!!!! WELCOME TO ADK!    huh that was so easy, and has a small possibility of starting an argument.   p.s. Dallas is one of a kind, unfortunately you can't just replace her... unless you make me a sandwich, something she has so far failed to do. Cheers.
  3. Trying to get all my arma games to work again.... commander doesn't want to install either... grrr

  4. I wish there was an admin I could complain too about my missing helicopters...

  5. Admin Promotions - 5/17/2014

    @ProtossMaster @Cagregorio @Pepsi   Congratulations guys!
  6. Restarts are always good if you leave it running. Shutdown and power on are not so good for it. Think of the electronic components inside are just like a incandescent light bulb. And when you power on your computer there is a surge that goes through the components the second you hit that button, just so the system gets turned on. That little spike that's over before you blink, takes its toll on everything inside, and one day might just end the life of a component inside your case.. Of course if you power on and off your system every day this kind wear will take a while to show any signs, so do be scared for your system. Just be aware leaving it on doesn't hurt it and Restarts are a good idea a couple times a week. Sleep mode is great for saving on the power bill :)
  7. A very true fact.... Americans! a little bit of research should show you the way to go to stop this..... just like the topic title says. It's not a good thing, no matter what the companies tell us. This video explains, with knowledge and common sense, why net neutrality is really important to uphold :)  As a Canadian I can only support those who are fighting, but you guys can typically do two things, Email the FCC members and call your congressmen/women to voice your support for net neutrality. Other than that, Read up on what changes the FCC plans to make, and learn how they affect you and everyone who enjoys original content and those who want to provided it (that includes the gaming industry too :wacko:)  Other than that little statement, what do you guys think?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtt2aSV8wdw
  8. What's your occupation?

    Perfessional Transport operator.... or a truck driver... I've been doing it for 6 years almost and have found to have a love hate for it, missing things at home while I'm away is the worst, but it pays well and the work I currently do takes me across Canada every week and the view is ever changing in my office. and i get to see a lot of cool things along the way, every week is different. On the side for extra dough, and for the pure love of it, I like to do photography. wedding portraits landscapes, whatever I feel like capturing at the time  :D Here is some work mixed with what I like to do.
  9. Post a screenshot of your Desktop here!

    look at you unoriginal people, i use my work as a background :) looking at you @tenbear :D
  10. Hey ADK!

    Hi @[member='Colonel_Infy'], Thanks for the welcome! :)
  11. Member Picture Thread

    Thanks @[member='NikolaiRimskyK'] i have a pair of paul c buff Einstein 640's  with a 5d mark III and that was shot on my 50 1.4. 
  12. Member Picture Thread

    [attachment=2857:edits-1---Copy1.jpg] testing the new studio strobes, I used myself as a test subject..... trying not to look angry..... or tough. 
  13. @[member='Novaura'] it's a year or more off but the 780's are strong cards and I can only imagine the prices with slowly lower as time gets closer to 800's release.
  14. @[member='Novaura'] they'll be on sale for march, and permanently once the new 800's come out.... hopefully
  15. Hey ADK!

    Thanks @[member='Aetix'] appreciate the welcome :)

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