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  1. hello... again :)

    hi my name might seem familiar to maybe a few of you. i have been a ADK 'member' since 23 march 2014. my activity died off around the same time i stopped playing planetside. i will try to be more activly from now on,and I hope to see you all in the game :)
  2. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    since you cant customize controls yet you have to get used to the controls they set for you but they are pretty good
  3. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    the cable between the stick and throttle is 53 cm when you stretch it out a bit so thats 20 inch i think
  4. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    hey @[member='reidloS doG'] thanks for recommending  the warthog X in the begining of this post,bought it and having a blast in sim battles in war thunder!
  5. respawn time

    yes yes i know that but you spend a lot of time doing nothing while you can setup your gear
  6. respawn time

    this topic may be somewhere else already,sorry if I missed it just an idea.the respawn time on bf4 servers is way to long killcam and then less then a second map vieuw this makes for useless time while you're looking at your killer,then after that killcam is gone you only have one second to customize your gear  i know its not really explained well short version,can we make it 50/50? 50% looking at your killer then 50% customization screen?or is this just not possible?
  7. What are your in-game plans?

    I was planning to get some freight around planets and so forth but I would love to be joined by someone or join someone with other things like @[member='LtNoobslayer'] , for scouting or someone else for something else
  8. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    i am sold!
  9. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    @[member='reidloS doG'] i assume you have the Thrustmaster - $54 T-Flight Hotas X Flight Sack isn't it a bit strange to have your hand so close to eachother?
  10. cocktails

    so today is my last day at our Belgian sea,and we desided to try a cocktail bar i really did not know what to choose,so I said 'suprise me'. and he made a hurricane,and it was awesome. do you guys know any cocktails? do you guys make them yourselfs? summer is comming and  i really like to make them,alcoholic and non-alcoholic,so please share some tips and tricks :)
  11. pony's tho

    aaah right april 1st thanks for the reminder zep an thanks for the tip cleaner
  12. pony's tho

    so I really dont know where to put this post,but the whole site looks pony'ish,how come? i think this really isn't a good layn out.I din't check the site for a few days and now everything is pony themed can I change this?
  13. Preditorian has arrived.

    welcome pred,can't wait to play bf4 with ya
  14. hellow

    likewise thanks for the advice! its prety easy to lose track of time when on the pc.
  15. hellow

    Hi guys So im pretty new to 'clans' and gaming community. And I'm really looking forward to playin with a community. Im 17 and live in Belgium. i really like playing games,but my mom thinks I play a little to much,so I have timeboss on my pc :( so that means I can only play a few hours in the weekdays,but I can play when I want in the weekends and vacations.   can't wait to play with you guys!  

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