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  1. Would you do this? (Video)

    I would nope all the way out of there. I like heights and doing stuff, but as long as I have safety. Real life has no respawn. 
  2. Yey, ADK membership. Not bad ^-^

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AOBLXIX
    3. Marita


      Aww, thanks to you both ♥

    4. Sever


      Wow they let anybody in here

  3. Omar, reporting for the first time as ordered.

    Yey, finally you made a introduction thread. c: I know this guy is just a hoot to play with, great guy. I expect to see you hanging around! 
  4. Hi there :D

    Oh, welcome to the community! I am pretty into Arma3 at the moment, so we will sure find eachother ingame, either as allies or enemies. Heheh. Hope to see you around! 
  5. new here!

    Welcome so much to ADK! I know you'll find a huge bunch of great people. Hope to see you around :)
  6. Hello I'm Micah

    Welcome so much! Love the tattoo, it looks badass! :D
  7. Hello there, everyone.

    Welcome so much, mate! Hope to see you around. We play quite alot of similar games, so maybe we'll play together someday. 
  8. Were do I start

    Welcome so much to the community! I am sure you'll find tons of cool people around here and have a lovely stay! 
  9. Hello all, happy to be here!

    I have not played that much on Panthera, so I gotta go with Cherno. 
  10. Favorite Champions?

    Never bring your family jewels to a fight with Taric. They are truly, truly, truly outrageous.  
  11. Favorite Champions?

    Armor of the fifth age Taric.  Gems. 
  12. Hello all, happy to be here!

    Welcome to the community! I am such a DayZ fan, so maybe one day we can play together and pick berries. Hope to see you around o/
  13. Wow. That is really touching. It is such a great thing, seeing how she smiles to it and how fantastic she think it is. Yey for technology! 
  14. Hey! Peter here!

    Welcome to the community! I hope you will have a great stay. If I am lucky, maybe I will see you around on teamspeak or such. :) 
  15. The Doc is in....

    Welcome to the community, Doc! Hope that you will have a good stay here, I sure have. Hope to see you around sometimes.  (Will you atleast give me some flu medicine?)

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