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  2. For clarity our "No Explosives" server simply forbids people from using explosive to kill each other. The plugin that runs on the server will kill and then kick a player if it detects a kill by explosive. People are advised to just avoid exposives in general in game by admins to avoid confusion.
  3. Thump!

    He was an ADK ghost......
  4. BF3 USAS 12+frags!!!

    I watched the whole series - I have not laughed that hard in a while.......
  5. Server Stats

  6. Heads up from platelamp

    Yeah we need somone to shoot at - hurry up and get back in here.
  7. What have the admins been doing

    If you are asking to chart how long it takes for an admin to respond unfortunately I cannot. I dont have the software needed to coorelate hundreds of thousands of chat line logs with the email reports.
  8. What have the admins been doing

    I have been and admin for a little more than 60 days now and in that time we have seen over 2300 reports. Here is how it breaks down.... [sharedmedia=gallery:images:285] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:284] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:286]
  9. Colleges

    I studied Computer Engineering at Auburn University. I graduated in 1998 and have been working at Microsoft ever since. Hit me up any time if you have questions.
  10. Halp!

    Help us by establishing a budget before we throw everything at you.
  11. Hey guys!

    Where are you at in Louisiana as that is where I am from originally.
  12. The most accurate Metro Rush map I have seen

    Get off my island.......
  13. Bf3 Metro

    When was this happening?
  14. Build me a computer

    Go pick out a Dell, HP, or something that come with tech support. You can find similar specs preconfigured from them and if she is like most mothers has no need for all the horsepower listed above. Otherwise you are going to be doomed to the 9th level of hell playing phone support for the next 3 months.......
  15. new Admins (Needed)

    Novaua has a very excellent point that needs to resonate with everyone. [b]If you are not providing details in your @admin report then you might as well be pissing in the wind.[/b] Pardon my euphemism (oooh look at that big 4 sylable word usage ), but it is not possible for us to always have an admin in game or in team speak. We are trying to round out the coverage so that we do, but in the instances when admins are monitoring the servers remotely, all the details of an incedent arecoveyed via an autogenerated email based on the content of an @admin report. When an admin moniors the server remotely there are times we can appear in game via ProCom to ask for more details, and others were folks are monitoring by phone when we can only take action. In most situations the admins rely on an email report that contains the following. Using this informaiton we have to make a decision on what if any actions to take. More often than not the reason is blank and thus we have to deduce who the offender is. If the K/D or kills does not really stand out and there is not a reason we typicaly error on the side of not taking actio nif we cannot get more details. [list] [*]Person who requested assitance [*]Server Name [*]Time [*]Reason [*]Table of Names, Score, Kills, Deaths, and KDR [/list] The admin prescence on our servers durring most parts of the day is high enough that we are giving the impression of a 24/7 dedicated admin team. This is due to both the remote monitoring and heavy prescence durring the core gaming hours. For example we get a lot of crazy requests as well such as:[list] [*]Admin please kill me I am stuck and dont want a suicide death. [*]Need more players [*]So I joined the page, im conformed that im a member, so how do i get the tag? [*]I will take #2 extra value meal with fries and a diet coke. <----ARE YOU KIDDING ME - A DIET COKE WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE TO YOUR FAT @!#(*!@#! [/list] I will try to attach a few images of what we see via email - hopefully that helps everyone understand better......

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