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  1. Yard works sucks

    I defiantly enjoy fruits!
  2. That's Rockawesome. Good share.
  3. Yard works sucks

    I have goats . . . free yard care, my farm looks like a Golf course
  4. r u enlisted or vet?

    I was born at an Airforce base hospital. Never joined the service though.
  5. Drinnking and Games

  6. New Admins 6/29/12

    Congrats! . . . I think . . .
  7. Recommended Headsets?

    I can attest Charcharias being comfortable. Maybe the most comfortable headset I've ever had. The Mic in my opinion was only so so in sound quality, that's all I found at fault. Cable was long and sturdy, Sound was excellent. comfort 5 stars.
  8. ADK Community Montage *Please Read*

    I just shot a Jet out of the Air at point blank range with a RPG in the transport Heli and WASN"T RECORDING ARRRRRRRGGGGGG!
  9. New Monitor, buying it soon!!!

    12h hz for the win! [size=1]Nova's HACKS![/size][size=1] [/size] [size=1]I said 120 hz for sure Nova's Trolling my posts I KNOW IT![/size]
  10. Discrete sound cards versus onboard sound

    I think part of what happened was the gaming market exploded to a format where constant updates is a requirement to keep up with the steady flow of new games. New IP's, DLC downloads, patches etc. The discrete Audio market's infrastructure was not able to keep up with the changing tread of constant driver updates. At the same time MOBO and GPU audio prowess was increasing exponentially. Discrete cards prowess is still there and have benefits other then just great sound. The reality is that they can be a real headache sometimes AND an additional expense. You can't maintain a main stream audience like that. No mainstream audience means you either better have a wealthy demographic or you missed the money train.
  11. Populate.....CQ

    Noavaura's Shirking his duties! He's Camping the money train! HACKS!
  12. Mission Small Business - Support ADK!!

    Done and Done. Woohoo!
  13. Buying my first car?

    Toyota's Got HAX!

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