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  1. vlad and trop made me sad

    Tropical? O.o I already know that Vlad guy's a douche nugget, that's why I love him.
  2. WAZZUP! :)

    'Sup.   [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgzv2MhMpN0[/media]
  3. I've been playing a little lately, mostly on Norshar, but I might hop on Metro too... don't think I'm in the platoon though (DPSCMI in game).
  4. Share your rides

    Strange... seems like I missed the update for this O_o
  5. Share your rides

    Last month my parents decided that when they brought some of their stuff out to their new house in AZ (still living in MI), they would also bring my car :D   So that part's done, now I just need to get back to work on it.
  6. Warped tour 2014, Mesa AZ

    Not sure why I didn't post about it beforehand... did anyone go? My girlfriend & I just got back to the Tucson area. Was a little warm (expected) but not all that bad really, if you're smart about dressing right, hydrating and getting some shade once in a while. We saw 6 or 7 bands... Anberlin (10' from the stage), Yellowcard, The Devil Wears Prada, Breathe Carolina, and a few others (would have to look at the list to remember tbeir names). via my fingers...
  7. Steam Sale Dates

    Seriously... I'm broke this week, between a below average paycheck and tickets/gas to the Warped concert in Phoenix... via my fingers...
  8. Share your rides

    Thanks bucknut :)   Needmoarthreadexposure ^_^
  9. How do you come up with your IGN?

    Nothing spectacular, workin' on cars, drying out in the sun, etc.  I moved out to try to find better work... it's more steady than it was in MI, but it's still basic  minimum wage stuff :\  Been working on going to school for Network Admin, but thanks to child support (my boy will be 9 in July) it got a bit harder, thanks to an issue at the local college they aren't willing to straighten out... so 'til I get that done it's good ol' Pep Boys (did the WalMart thing for a while, never again).   I played BF3 for a while, then downloaded Arma Combined Ops and started playing DayZ.  I haven't seen Erno on Facebook or anything in a long time, but I saw Ockie remarried.  I was over in GR a couple years back in May for a friend's wedding.
  10. How do you come up with your IGN?

    TRUNK!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!! I can't believe it!  What're the odds? :lol:  How've you been?  I don't live in MI anymore moved out to AZ in 2009.  Do you still talk to Ockie & Erno & the gang?  What all are you playing right now?   /20Qs
  11. How do you come up with your IGN?

    DPSCMI I used as my login for Steam (back in '02 or '03 I think).  I was just trying to think of something to use, so that worked.  I didn't have the nickname Jitters because I hadn't started working at Best Buy (was there for 6 years).   EET I started using because I had this weird habit of telling people I was gonna eat them on CS:S when I started playing online.  From there I just made my name EET, I had a ton of random names before that, but that was when I met a few other local guys and we were doing LANs, etc.   Jitters I started using thanks to working at Best Buy... I had somewhat of a Mountain Dew addiction back then (now not so much), so I got the nickname Jitters (hence EET/Jitters/DPSCMI in TS).  I actually had two different people call me Jitters on the same day, and neither had even mentioned it to each other... so I adopted the name with (very little) grace.
  12. The Truth

    Biggest things are comfort and practice... one of the biggest things that get you killed is unfamiliarity with controls and sensitivity.  Really it's like riding a bike though, just fine tuning.
  13. 24/7 Metro vs grenade/SMAW/C4/etc.

    Ok. It's been a while, I just remember playing on a couple that would kick very early, wasn't positive if it came from damage or killing someone.
  14. 24/7 Metro vs grenade/SMAW/C4/etc.

    I know it's doing its job, I was just irritated :P  I just know I would get the message a lot faster on servers that would either slay me instantly or kick me soon as I did damage or killed someone with an explosive weapon.
  15. I just had a hellish round here... was on US fighting for the lockers at B, and we were constantly being bombarded with explosive ordinance.  Has anyone else brought this up?  I've played on a few servers that were very picky about explosive rounds, and people tended to obey after they are kicked within 1-2 offences.  I think this may be a good idea since it's a NO explosive server.  I saw several guys that were punished many times before they were kicked/banned, I'm just curious if anyone else thinks being a little more picky with explosives is a good idea... maybe something like 2 warns, then 2 kills, then a kick or 2, then a progressive ban.

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