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  1. Have joined the 7CMBG MilSim community in ARMA III. Good guys. Odd being a member of the Canadian military at first, but really enjoying it. If you're looking for a good milsim community, check out the 7th Canadian Mechanized Brigade.

  2. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    P90 with tactical light and suppressor.   Was always fun to flank a squad camping the lockers and mow all of them down without them ever seeing me, and when they did turn to engage, they were blinded by the light. I also liked to lie prone in the boxes on the red stairs with it and wait for everyone to pile onto the stairs and fire on B before opening fire.   Knife is my second favorite.
  3. BF3 Resurgence

    Yeah, Origin is giving it away for free currently via their On The House program. Not sure how long the boosted numbers will last, but you never know.
  4. Getting ARMA III. Dunno if I'll play on ADK servers or look for a good MilSim community. MilSim was a blast in Arma II, so I may do the same in ARMA III. Maybe if ADK has some decent soundmods whitelisted, I'll play there.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jonathan_J_O-Neill


      Doing pretty good. Actually sitting in TS with you at the moment, and you've not even said hello. :P

      Can't believe I caved on buying Arma III, but with the hundreds of hours I put into Arma II, I imagine I'll get my time and money's worth with it.

    3. KnightsX


      Playing Wolfenstein: The New Order atm and other BF3 servers. Hackers are rampant on ADK servers and no one minding the store anymore....

    4. Jonathan_J_O-Neill


      That's a shame. :/

      I see autoadmin is still chugging away at least.

  5. Bf3 Metro server we are missing you

    I miss it. :(   But, for me at least, it's too late should they bring it back. I've already uninstalled BF3, and I don't really want to spend ten hours redownloading it should it come back briefly.   If it gets brought back for an extended period of time, I'll gladly reinstall.
  6. Is it bad to shut down your computer every time your done

    My PC is always off when not in use. I have the habit of putting everything into power strips, TVs, PCs, DVD players, etc, and when I'm done using them, I shut them off and flip the switch on the power strip. I've done this for well over ten years now, since the power draw from electronics that you think are off add up to your bill.
  7. Missed it

    I tend to hang out in one of the Titanfall channels when I'm on.
  8. So long Battlefield 3. It was a great ride while it lasted. Now, where do I go now?

    1. LaithSJ


      Staying in BF3 and find other server untile they get back the best server :)

  9. O Caspian!

    He's using Colorblind mode.
  10. O Caspian!

          Taxing how? On your system or on you? It's not really resource intensive as it's on the Source Engine. And I can play just fine on my HD 6670.
  11. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    It's not fun. Anyone who thinks that being a BF admin is going to be a joyride is sorely mistaken. If you care about points or K/D of pushing, you're not cut out for the job, because in servers like Metro, half your time is spent typing out admin commands and watching other players, so you're either working from the spawn screen or hoping you don't get killed while watching others.   Then, after each match, you need to spend time going through your GCP profile to check for any bans you may have issued and post them in the proper forums as a record. You also have to check players stats who seem suspicious or are being accused of hacking. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, believe me.   I wouldn't say it's tedious, but if you play BF to play, being an admin is going to cut into that time.
  12. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    The only feasible way to go to another FPS game is if it had cheaper/free server hosting abilities and is popular.   BF3 servers, IIRC, correctly, are in the $80 range per server. That was $320 for BF3 alone, per month.   Actually... I wonder if it would be possible for ADK to run a Vanilla ARMA II Domination server. I love A2 so much. I've wasted entire days playing Taki Domi West from sun-up to sundown IG at realtime speed. I remember Jest Servers having good deals on ARMA II servers. It was like $100 for a 64 man server. Or you could split that into two 32 man servers (more ideal for a Domi server, IMO) A lot of people I used to play with stopped because Vanilla was almost extinct once DayZ came out. Vanilla Arma can be a blast when played with people who work together.   I'd probably take that over Battlefield, any day.   Edit: And if you have the hardware yourself, you don't really even need to pay others to host for you.
  13. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    Indeed. Paid admin privileges are a slippery slope. And we really don't need admins butting heads with each other, as we'd have to train each person who bought it to know what's enforceable, when, and how to enforce.
  14. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    The downside to Rush, IMO, is that it's very linear.   I've played nine games of Rush and won six of them. Did that by having people constantly spamming mortars on the objectives. Defenders just drop mortars non stop on them while assaulters let their teammates plant a charge, then drop mortars on it non-stop. After that, I was like, nah... this is too boring.
  15. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    I heard about it's F2P model, and that it's very limited, so I don't really wanna feel forced to pay to get stuff. And like I said, I'm not really looking to get into another MMO until I'm tired of LotRO. but thanks for the suggestion.

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