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  1. ZV Intro

    Thanks thanks cant wait to game with all of you <3
  2. ZV Intro

    Thanks I was in TeamSpeak but couldn't see anyone on
  3. ZV Intro

    Good Day!! I'm 24 Southern Girl, born and raised. I been Gaming since 2005 Xbox and PS2 PS3. Every since Dayz Mod I have been a PC Gamer. I really Enjoy MMO's, Also I love FPS. When I'm not gaming and doing YouTube videos, I'm a make up artist, I attend a lot of cosplay events. Another hobby I have is the beach, I love skim boarding. Music: country, rock, Rap, I guess I just like good music. Fav Game: Dayz Fav TV show: Game of thrones Fav Football Team: Giants Twitch: twitch.tv/xdaisyys YouTube: youtube.com/zombievixentv Anything you would like to know about me just ask??? xoxo ZV

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