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  1. New world looks great

    I like the size too, and I too have started a 'small' farm. There are mushrooms in the world, near Greg's tree house, I think, the the SE of spawn.
  2. Welcome back PS2

    So Planetside 2 has, apparently, lost all my interest after six years of constant gameplay. Up until last month, I'd continued to play as NC on Connery after most my fellow ADKGamers had left. The only week long breaks I took were due to vacations in AZ and TN to visit family were I didn't have access to my PC. That isn't said to toot my own horn or disparrage other members, it's just to show my own love for the game. No matter how many times I thought I was finally done with the game, something always pulled me back with a couple of days. Back in September of 2018 Daybreak Games announced the creatation of a new continent, Oshur, that would be coming to the game 'soon'. So, as a consistant player, and as someone with permissions, I started to promote Planetside 2 to the ADK community, knowing that players would need to grind out the certs required to obtain the items needed for construction prior to Odhur bring released, if they wished to have full advantage of the game; construction was a large piece of the coming continent. Then in December of last year, Daybreak pushed aside Oshur and announced the release of Planerside 2 Arena. Daybreak also laid off a large section of employees and did a cash grab with an all access pass. All this, and their lack of support to PS 2 console players has lead me to the conclusion the Planetside 2 is truly dying; therefore, I have left the game. That all said, it is an amazing game, and free to play at that. I fully support the revival of Planetside 2 in ADK; however, I don't plan to return until the release of Oshur, if and when.
  3. [POLL] Weekly "Let's Play" Times

    I'm in. Where do I vote? Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app

    Let me get right to it. If you haven't been playing Planetside 2 for the six months, or longer, and if you have any thoughts of coming back to the game once the new continent of Oshur is released, then NOW is the time to come back. Why? Let me give you three reasons. 1. Mentor Squads - Much of the game play has changed, so you will have a bit of a learning curve. However, with the new 'mentor squads' I hope to be in game as much as possible to give some guidance to the changes, and I'm sure that other ADK members who currently play the game will help you as well. 2. Air Vehicle Costs - The new continent of Oshur will have no warpgate system and fewer bases. Players will be reliant on air vehicles to traverse the playing field. Recently Daybreak Games has initiated the Air Anomaly alerts. When these occur all aircraft 'purchases' are free, which means that learning to fly during an Anomaly Alert is currently easier to do. In addition, both the Reaver and Valkyrie have been added to virtual training field of Koltyr. 3. Construction Costs - Since Oshur will have few bases, players will draw on the contraction system for holding territories and engaging in battles. Construction items must be unlocked with Certifications Points (Certs), just like all new equipment and upgrades in the Auraxis world. Certs are awarded on game experience, so it may take several hours of game play just to unlock a handful of construction items. I would think that Daybreak games would release Oshur as early as Thanksgiving, but no later than the Christmas holiday season, so that currently gives you about two to three full months to get in game and level up and get the needed experience points needed for the coming continent. So, I hope to see you in game soon.
  5. Instant Action

    If you're like me, you are still working and/or have all the day to day IRL (in real life) issues to deal with and don't have a lot of time for the pleasures of reading or keeping up with your favorite games and/or subjects. One answer to this dilemma is audio books and podcasts, and, fortunately, when it comes to Planetside 2 there is the Instant Action Podcast by Mark 'The Deringer'. If are looking to keep abreast of the latest Planetside 2 news and information, like the upcoming release of Oshur, than this is the place to be. The newest feature is the Veteran's Voice which I am really getting a kick out of. So be sure to give it a try and check it out.
  6. On August 31st of this year (2018), Daybreak Games announced a 'new continent to explore', Oshur. The web article describes Oshur as a series of islands that will be more easily traversed by the use of aircraft, which will place a heavy emphasis on air combat, which is something they have most recently attempted to encourage with the Anomaly Alerts; will contain few traditional bases, so that Construction will be encourage to control areas and help players win battles; AND, more surprisingly, WILL NOT have a Warpgate Ssystem, but instead, players will be deployed via Bastion Fleet Carriers. I was so very excited by the announcement that I was considering a paid Planetside 2 membership again, that is until last weekend, when I ran into yet another enemy faction player of the Terran Republic using the exploit of placing his modules and spawn tube under one of his construction structures, thus making it impossible to attack the base without the use of an orbital strike. See attached video link. I have been assured by another player, who is a very reliable source of Planetside 2 information, that the Devs at Daybreak Games are of aware of the issue, but unless they resolve this issue before the release of the Oshur continent, then any gameplay on this new continent will be nothing but a nightmare. I guess we will have to wait and see what they, the Devs at Daybreak Games, come up with. Your thoughts and comments below, please.
  7. Anyone Looking To Play?

    Hey Prod. I play ED:H, but I'm 22k+ lys from Sol. I mainly explore. Can I suggest playing music or podcasts to help past the time in-game. Hope to see you in Discord though. Space Madness is real. Fly safe. And remember, in space, no one can hear you weep. Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  8. Anyone Looking To Play?

    Hey Prod. I play ED:H, but I'm 22k+ lys from Sol. I mainly explore. Can I suggest playing music or podcasts to help past the time in-game. Space Madness is real. Fly safe. And remember, in space, no one can hear you weep. Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  9. Welcome back PS2

    Hey Noob. Miss you. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  10. Planetside 2 Homecoming Weekend

    PLANETSIDE 2 HOMECOMING WEEKEND JULY 4 - 8 July 4th kicks off a five day DOUBLE XP WEEKEND for all players on Planetside 2. ADK is hosting a homecoming and is inviting all it's members to come back and play during these five days, to reconnect with each other and this game. Please join me, Th3eRaz3r, and others for a fun-filled, casual gameplay of this game that you once loved, but is not the game that you remember. We will be fighting as NC on Connery, of course.
  11. How fast can you type?

    I work in finance. How fast can you ten key? [emoji39] Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  12. How fast can you type?

    I average 30-35 wpm. My WESM (wicked evil step mother) clocked in at 120 wpm without errors. Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  13. Poll - Discord Music Bots

    I think that music bots are a great idea so long as they are restricted to specific 'music group channels' (Such as a Minecraft Music Channel or Elite Dangerous Music Channel) and to the Donor Club Channels or Purchased Discord Channels, so long as the donors or channel purchaser would have control over them. I would not want to see them in something like the Elite Dangerous Wing #1 & #2 chats. I myself, if I want to hear music, plug in my cellphone and listen to Spotify or to a podcast. I'm not sure how the bots work, but it would be kewl to share my Spotify music in my donor channel.
  14. ADK Membership Requirement Changes

    I'm usually on Planetside 2 every Saturday at noon PST, and more often if I can. I am currently on an expedition in Elite Dangerous, which BTW is on sale at 75% off. Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  15. Buzz

    Hello. Welcome to ADK. Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app

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