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  1. My Return To ADK

    I think titanfall, but I'm obviously more interested in other games. (Overwatch)
  2. My Return To ADK

    Hey all, I'm a 3 year old Member. After seeing some e-mails, and regaining intrest in gaming; I'm returning to the community. I applied for a membership and was granted one. I know nothing of the comunity or how it works haha, but I will learn and settle back in, in good time.
  3. Tag Question

    Nevermind It hadn't been moved at the time of this post   Please Close This Topic
  4. Tag Question

    Hello, I have a question, my Application is not accepted/reviewed yet, but...I have this green ADK Members tag beside my name, does that mean I'm a member or only an applicant?
  5. New Poetential Member

    Welcome to ADK
  6. Fresh Meat. Schrado

    Hey, hope you like the community!
  7. intern0t here.

    welcome, hope you have fun here!
  8. Hello, I'm Chunsa (=^_^=)

    Welcome to the community!
  9. Hello everyone

    Hey, I hope you have fun here!
  10. Never fear, The true Infidel is here!

    Welcome to the team!
  11. The Name's akaemands12

    Welcome to the community, I'm new myself!
  12. My new ADK dishwasher

    Talk about loyalty and motivation, props to you sir.
  13. Gummy Bears from hell

    What, kill the gummy-bears with fire!
  14. Your Gaming History?

    I played the old Half-Life Game and mods. Also I played some Mario Bros. for the Game-Boy that's about it :\
  15. Would you ride this?

    I would totally, looks cool.

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