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  1. GTX 1080 Which Brand to Purchase?

    So currently I have a the ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX OC Edition (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814126103) (I'm paying $730 for that not the $1,000 listed) on back order from NewEgg, but while I wait I wonder if this is the best one for the price range vs power/performance. I know there are several different types of the same cards from various companies like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, Zotac, etc... Anyone can offer advice. Thanks.
  2. New Rig Creation - I Have No Clue

    Finally everything came in and the setup up went relatively smoothly. Only issues were: 1. Even though everything is downloads (games/software) you still need a CD drive to install Windows and the drivers for the motherboard. I didn't buy one for this build but luckly my neighbor let me borrow his to do all the installing from those discs. 2. The case has a fan hub for easy controlling. The CPU fan doesn't like the like hub so after some searching and testing I had to connect the CPU fan to the CPU_Fan on the mother board and the fan hub to the CPU_Opt. Now I don't get the fan speed issues when booting. Now the only thing missing the back order on the GTX 1080.... NewEgg has no clue when it will be back in stock (I double check via e-mail and text). So now I have just time to wait before I can get back to the gaming. But with this time I wonder if I am getting the best card in that price range....ugh
  3. New Rig Creation - I Have No Clue

    So.......... 8 months later and many issues dealing with playing games I have caved in an did this thing.... http://pcpartpicker.com/list/R4Nbhq Should be here in a few days. NOTE: 1080 was actually $719 from NewEgg
  4. New Rig Creation - I Have No Clue

    Wow that looks awesome! What about a secondary storage? I see the 128gig for the main but I feel I would try to keep that from limited use for game installs. Would that mid tower have support for 2nd hard drive (1-2TB)?
  5. New Rig Creation - I Have No Clue

    $1,500 - $2, 500.
  6. New Rig Creation - I Have No Clue

    Hello guys. So here's my story. I'm been using Dell gaming laptops for the last 10 years. Started with the Inspiron 9300 for 5 years and now currently XPS 17. I roughly spent $2k-2.1k on each. So I felt I got my money's worth for them lasting so long. The Inspiron died cause I left a window open and torrential rains hit and the graphics card got fried... was going to cost $300+ to get a replacement; not worth considering its age. The current XPS I have is doing fine for all task basic tasks except for running newer games (released in the last 1.5 years) on anything but the lowest possible settings and getting around 25-30fps. Why laptops, well I was in college and moving A LOT (8 times in 8 years) and flying back and forth from Hawaii to NJ (to visit family once a year). So I needed something to take with my easily. Now I have been living in the same place for 3+ years and my rig is reaching its limits of playing relatively smoothly. I took a hiatus from gaming for the last two months because of life. Now I have returned I have difficult time playing games such as 7 Days to Die (20fps average) PlanetSide 2 (25fps average), Space Engineers (18fps average), BF4 (30fps average), Star Citizen (5fps average), etc. All these games on the lowest possible settings and with other alternatives to increase FPS and eliminate background program usage. So I have come here to let my troubles be resolved with the community I have grown to appreciate and respect. I know a number of guys here have built their own rigs and helped other design theirs. I too now seek advice and more so a setup that will help me. What I am looking for is something that will allow me to game with the setup for years to come. Where in a year I do NOT need to buy more parts or upgrade to keep up. I know every year a new game comes out and new equipment is need to keep up. I am not asking for that. I am looking for something to play what's out there now at near max settings and as time goes on with new games I will lower the settings to maintain playability for years to come. Since my experience with computer systems have been through Dell and Dell has since eliminated their custom built PC (outside of Alienware) I have no idea what I am doing. I've played around on numerous sites and most of the rigs I have built have been around $3k+. While that is a quite a bit of money for most (me included) I know some of you guys dropped much money on your system. I am strictly looking for a gaming rig and nothing more. I have a sample of what I built from CyberPower to start.  I thank any of you who will help in my creation. It doesn't have to be prebuilts but it is simple, but if I can save by part buying then I'll consider it. I do not mind spending the extra on Extending Warrenties since in my experience I have always gotten my money's worth. Thank you again.   //www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Gamer_Infinity_8800_Pro_SE
  7. im sure....

    As a current shotgun rusher, never get frustrated at dying. While I do maintain a positive K/D it comes at the cost of a high death rate. My play style currently (until they fix the shotguns) is to run and gun. I rush those fronts, in Metro for example, in lockers with my UTS ablazing  mowing down any threat in my path. At times it is the game changer, but most it turns futile.    First tip I'll say, get squaded up. Finds people on TS that are will and do work together. Not just the, 'Oh hey you're on TS and the same server, let's join the same squad.' But you want to group that will work cohesively together to get that area locked down. A good mix of unit types is best. Have a sniper/support type guy (the one that'll stay back and allow forward position deployment). Then have at least two forward rushers (the ones that'll die just to get the lines pushed up.) And finally have the medic who WILL go out into fire to revive you. At times those revives will make the difference between a temporary squad push and a push that allows the entire team to move forward and secure the point.   Figure out do you like to rush, revive, support/cover, or snipe. From there you should build up on that with your squad. Hey maybe for sniping or machine gunning you need to adjust your sensitivity of your mouse. That simple adjustment could mean the difference of taking out at least one guy or clearing the entire room for your team to move up.
  8. Problems Playing Star Wars movies on my XPS Laptop

    Another thing that help in over all performance is to go to you Performance Options, Virtual Memory, and Power Profiles.   Performance Options Start -> Right Click on Computer -> Advance System Settings -> Advance Tab -> Performance -> Settings... -> Visual Effects Tab -> Click on Adjest for best performance -> Apply.   This should totally disable all the 'pretty features of Windows interface. The stuff that makes it looks nice (ie Shadows, translucency, animated window movements, and other various effects). If you don't like the look of the color scheme, and you probably won't, simple fix to change coloring is... Right Click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Windows Color.   From there you can change how all the things that Windows' windows are displayed (color of windows/text/icons, size of buttons, font, font size, etc).   Virtual Memory Similar to the previous steps for Windows Performance options this is mainly for adding 'extra RAM' to your system by is hard drive space for RAM processes. This may help in all some intensive programs needing the extra space to run their functions. I will warn you adding only so much will make a difference, slight as it might be, but you are limited as well by your free space on your hard drive. While I have yet to find a specific answer on how much free space to have leaving enough space for your temp files to be added without eating all the memory is important. Also the less space you have free on your hard drive does increase both the amount of defragmentation and time it takes to defrag the drive. So leaving at least a couple of free gigs free (5-10gigs) is what I try to leave. Currently I have about 518gigs free on spread across three drive (194gigs avgerage) I am not worried about it at the moment. So if you could add at least 2 gigs to Virtual Memory you should see some improvement in running certain programs or just longevity of use between restarts.   Start -> Right Click on Computer -> Advance System Settings -> Advance Tab -> Performance -> Settings... -> Advance Tab -> Virtual Memory Section - Change... - Select available drive -> Custom Size -> add allocated space,   Power Profiles Final suggestion I can give is adjust power profile performance settings. This pretty much tells your computer should it focus on its resources on making things run smoothly or running pretty. When performance is an issues, smoothly is priority.    Right Click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Screen Saver ->Power Management Section -> Power Management - Change power settings -> Click on High Performance     Option continuence down the rabbit hole...    Right Click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Screen Saver ->Power Management Section -> Power Management - Change power settings -> Chance advance power settings -> Drop down menu -> High performance.     Hope this help further, good luck!!
  9. Problems Playing Star Wars movies on my XPS Laptop

    Try Windows Media Player Classic. One of my favorite video players. Quick to load and no annoying unnecessary graphics and info added. I doubt this will make a difference, but maybe you need a updated/correct video codec. Do you have a lot of programs running in the background? That rig is at least 9 years old... maybe its time to reinstall windows. A fresh install, hopefully you have your old Dell CDs, if not might set you back a hour or two getting all the basic drivers and installing them.  I try and keep my non-essential background running programs to a minimum, but just from everything my Windows 7 64-bit OS is using 4gigs (5.4gigs including Chrome) of RAM. You have only 2gigs.... so yeah. Alternative add my page filing space allotted. How much of your HDD is free space? Last defragmentation of that drive? Being such a old system and low memory/space for current software you're pretty much giving that rig hospice care.
  10. BF4 Chainlink Event

    working that night. would love to be there though......
  11. Sparta: War of Empires

    Hey guys. Just started playing this game on the side. It is called Sparta: War of Empires. It is similar to those Clash of Clans. Long story short, I just started today and I have no friends. Since being in this great community I am looking for anyone else that might be interested. Or at the least if you want to create an account and play for a little until you get level 15 I would appreciate it. If you already have an account, let me know and I'll add you.   Referral Link: Please help me by signing up. Thank you!          
  12. I have this promo code if a clan member wants to use it. Has to be for a new account only. Let me know.   350 Gold 7 Days Premium Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (F) Free Garage Slot Use your key during the World of Tanks account registration process to unlock the above items. Please note this key is only valid for new players signing up for a new World of Tanks account. Keys are only available to residents in North America and Europe and are only valid on NA and EU servers.
  13. 4th

    I got a semi
  14. 4th

    America!                               and let us not forget....  

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