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  1. Greetings... H3rrPie here...

    welcome to ADK, hope you find your stay here as enjoyable as i have. Sofar these guys and gals have been a great help. I see a long road full of laughs, kills, and moments of total clueless confusion :P. Hope to see you around and best of luck to you.
  2. Preditorian has arrived.

    Hey guys, names Ron and its nice to meet those of you i havent met ingame (BF4) or on teamspeak. Im a 35 yr old father of 2 amazing boys, no wife or gf and never married. Im a supervisor in a glass factory and i work 12 hours a day 3 days one week 4 the next. When im not working im chilling with my kids, playing BF4 or possibly World of Warcraft.   Im a smart ass, im a pervert, im honest and loyal. If you want my opinion make sure you truly want it before you ask because i failed cooking class and im unable to do a sugar coating for ya. If you dont have a sence of humor and cant take a joke, you probly wont want to talk to me. I do try to be respectful of other peoples feelings though so if i know something bothers you, ill attempt to be polite about it, however i wont change who i am for anyone.    i love to have fun and play the game, i do have a life offline and im fully aware that BF4 is a game, with the push of a button its over and its as simple as that.    ingame... some days im the guy that holds back and snipes from a distance, other days im the guy out front with a LMG clearing a hallway. just depends on my mood and how the rounds going. im big on fallowing rules and showing respect as well. i dont like cheaters and people who cant fallow rules. i find it sad that too many people who play BF4 cant play with respect and fallow the rules unless an admin is there to hold there hand. Im not Anti explosives, i just choose not to use them 90% of the time. Like my 11 yr old said when i let him play and hooked him up with LVG... "dad, seriously, i want a gun not this lame thing". I dont care what others do with there nades, i like to keep mine close by and to myself.   would love to stay and chat more, but i hear my name echoing through metro so time to kill before work. you all want to know anything more feel free to ask away. good gaming and a good day to you all.                                                                                                                                                   ~PRED~
  3. Preditorian has arrived.

    lol i try to never run in a strait line, its a good way to loose your head. as for kits, i have all unlocked, most weapons, just for some reason i always drift back to playing support / sniper. Im also starting to get into the attack chopper more, BF3 i skipped the vechicles all together, so trying to be more... open to things in BF.
  4. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike: All Four Maps Detailed

    so i hear this is supposed to be out tonight, ive been going nuts to try it. looks a little fast paced compared to my normal play style, so im looking forward to it being educational, hopefully i dont go in my normal comfort zone and just snipe all match. I love watching peoples heads poof, but the fast pace also looks fun, something ive been neglecting in BF4.
  5. gday mate!

    welcome to ADK, hope you enjoy your time and hope to see you in game.
  6. hello im sam

    welcome to ADK, hope you enjoy your time and hope to see you in game.
  7. hello im sam

    welcome to ADK, hope you enjoy your time and hope to see you in game.
  8. Just a taste of the Funky Green Bush!

    welcome to ADK, hope you enjoy your time and hope to see you in game.
  9. Greetings From The Netherlands

    welcome to ADK, hope you enjoy your time and hope to see you ingame.
  10. Look At This Gay Crap

    lol dude that would suck. maybe you need to use a few of your other boost :P
  11. Preditorian has arrived.

    sofar i love it here. i think probly tomorrow im going to get the $25 membership 
  12. Preditorian has arrived.

    glad the weeks about over, having BF withdrawls LOL. work tonight then 2 off, work 2, then 3 off.. hope to see you all soon.
  13. Preditorian has arrived.

    shit, i cant even have any, i do get to break lots of it though lol.
  14. Preditorian has arrived.

    actuly, the joke i know is "no throwing stones in the shop" also happens to be company policy where i work. Just so happens i work for PGW, we make the windows for GM and Honda lol.
  15. Preditorian has arrived.

    lol im not all that great with knife kills, think all mine are counters :P and thanks for the welcome.
  16. Preditorian has arrived.

    Someone asked me about making flyers and stuff, here is a banner i made for one of my old world of warcraft guilds. [attachment=2782:3358984396.jpg]
  17. Preditorian has arrived.

    yea, its awsome playing with the, even when they are watching. my oldest is 11 and he was watching the other night and i got killed, he looked at me and said "wow dad, i think you need glasses because a blind man could have seen him coming" .... little shit.
  18. Preditorian has arrived.

    btw, here is my work schedule for march 2014. the days with red i work 8pm to 8am eastern time. [attachment=2777:2014-03-12_190424.jpg]
  19. Preditorian has arrived.

    my kids love BF and WoW. and thank you, im sure i will enjoy it. sofar its been a riot. 
  20. Preditorian has arrived.

    hmmm, still no post... i must be boring. lol
  21. intern0t here.

    welcome to ADK
  22. Preditorian has arrived.

    ty ty :D

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