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    Sport bikes, offroad trucks, computer games obviously lol, firearms and hunting, skateboarding and bmx, real wrestling(not wwe crap) jiu-jitsu, love tattoos and heavy equipment operating as thats what I do for a living. Most of all, my children.

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    windows 8
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    asus crosshair v formula z,ek motherboard blocks
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    amd fx 9370 8 core,ek supremacy waterblock
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    msi twin frozr r9 290x 4gb in crossfire
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    kingwin mach 1 1000 watt
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    32 gb ripjaws ares ram at 1866 clock
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    60 gb kingston ssd master, 1tb wd blue slave drive
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    yamaha home components
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    asus 1080p cheapo
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    corsair carbide air 540 with custom loop water cooling setup(two alphacool d5s, ek blocks and xspc dual pump bay reservoir, black ice gt 360 radiator
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    bf4 edition black widow elite keyboard, deathadder mouse
  1. Hello, thought I'd stop by

    Hi tunafish, have been enjoying seeing you around ts and the no ex metro server.  Also thanks a lot with the report help on rulebreakers lately, it's folks like you that really make life easier trying to admin.  If you decide to put in a member app feel free to use the missus or I as a referrer, It's been nice to hang out with someone as polite and even tempered as you are.  Welcome to the forums man :D
  2. Would you ride this?

    Think the wife and kids and I are going to visit schlitterbahn this summer.  K.C. is only an hour away from us. Looks like fun.  Had to edit though, the wife wont be able to ride this one this summer, might throw her into early labor with the baby lol.
  3. No Naval Strike for you.

    Yes, I have completely opened the one port it occasionally complains about (3659) it hasn't helped any. But I do appreciate the ideas you guys are throwing out there. 
  4. No Naval Strike for you.

    @Darknae I get the "Disconnected from EA Online (1)" deal, unlike it used to do, it won't reinitialize and connect.  The only thing that works for me is if I get it pissed off by spamming the join server button until it says too many attempts to join, and then I wait until it looks like its connecting because the bf icon comes up and I hit reconnect.  If I do that about 3 times it will work.  If its a server that's in queue, I pretty much can't get in.
  5. Spectating Question

    @dalraiden, I am pretty sure that shadowplay only works with 600 series and above, I know it is not available for the 500 series so I am sure it won't work with the 400 series either unfortunately.
  6. US #3/#5 and EU #3 Server Updates - 3/27/2014

    I didn't get much chance to get in yesterday, only got a couple populate rounds in yesterday.  I will go check it out and post here today AOB.
  7. ADK FNG

    Hey, nice to meet ya George, I love Oki, did two 6 mo. deployments there myself on Camp Sheilds, never been to the mainland, so I don't really know how much different it is than the small islands personally.  Hope you're enjoying yourself man, and welcome to the forums.   Mr.Parker
  8. Introduction

    Hey Ray, I spoke with you a bit last night, I can vouch for you, I haven't seen you break any rules in front of me, and I have a good memory for names.  Come hang out with me in teamspeak sometime, it'll be fun.  Looking forward to playing some more metro with you, been enjoying it as of late.  On another note to everyone, this dude has been good people when I've been around him, hit him up in game, you won't be disappointed.   Mr.Parker
  9. Hey guys

    Hey Jason, nice to meet you, is your profile pic someone in a metal band, or someone raging in teamspeak lol, kinda looks like me during a bad round :D .  Hope to see you in server soon, and welcome to the horde!   Mr.Parker
  10. TheArabGuy95 in the house

    I have seen you a lot in #7 lately, you have also started to really help out with reports, that is appreciated more than you may know.  Welcome to the forums, you should come hit me up in teamspeak sometime soon if you can.  Put in a member app, I will be sure to back you up with a few kind words Surdawi.  If you ever need any help from me, or the wife, poke us in teamspeak or shoot me a pm here on the site, I'm always down to help out if I can.  See ya in #7 man.   Mr.Parker
  11. Hello ADK

    Welcome Marcincoman, it's good to see you here.  It always makes me happy to see some more family folks showing up around the community.  If you ever need anything, or are just bored and wanting to engage in some friendly conversation, feel free to give me (cm3scwparker) or the wife (Mrscm3parker) a poke in ts.  Look forward to seeing you in server again, and thanks for the kind words in regards to the servers, we have an awesome staff of admins working at that daily and it's always nice to get compliments from other than the usual sources. :D   Mr.Parker
  12. A couple quick TS(mostly) questions

    Cool, I will be looking for you in TS more often now.  I have seen you around the server lately, would be nice to put a voice with the name, Marcinkoman!   Mr.Parker
  13. I'm still trying to figure out why neither of our machines will connect to servers without trying a multitude of times.  None of the workarounds seem to help.  I didn't even have a user config file until I made one for my console commands.  It's driving lizzie and I crazy.  Disconnected from Ea Online (1) arrrrggghghghghhhhhahahhhah damnit  :(
  14. No Naval Strike for you.

    still cant connect to servers until I have tried 30+ times, kinda questioning the quality first thing??????
  15. My stuff

    random things

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