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  1. That dino dossier is the frost titan, which is the one in the trailer.
  2. More Rock Drake Eggs?

    We are currently looking at June 23rd as the day but we are trying more to get the most amount of people we can as well
  3. More Rock Drake Eggs?

    So @Zeus13611 and I were thinking on going and gathering rock drake eggs. Therefore we were thinking if anyone else would like to join us in gathering some eggs.
  4. Caving

    I want to get the red cave drops, cave boss drops and artifact item so just having to stock up on things to clear the cave.
  5. Caving

    So I haven't done a cave as they are generally intended to be completed, the only time I had done a cave was roughly 2-3 years ago when on the ADK server we aloud flyers to enter caves. I would love to do some caves with others if anyone is up for it.
  6. Free Easter painting when you purchase a dino!

    10/10 Would buy if I was able to afford.
  7. Vote for eco decor mods!

    With Terrarium and Garden having the same number of votes currently, when we implement them would it be discussed or another mini poll comprised of just the two of them?
  8. At the wall of boss fights

    I'm on Ragnarok, and the level range is just a preference I have mostly bcuz around viking bay it is either i see 190 to 200 or 130 and below which means I will have to start traveling around to try and find some around 170 and higher.
  9. At the wall of boss fights

    So after playing on ARK for a while now and it is starting to feel like I'm nearing the wall that has stopped me for roughly the last 3 or so server wipes. That wall being getting setup to do boss fights for Tek gear and items. While I know that boss fights aren't suppose to be easy. I'm finding it harder to even get everything starting for getting geared and good breed dinos for it. I have spent time going around looking for rexs, daeodons, and yutyrannus, but i generally can't seem to find many in the level range of 190 to 200. I know I could possibly buy good breed dinos from others, but it seems the times I'm on others aren't so at that point I'm stuck back at spending time looking. Does anyone have any ideas of how I may be able to get around this wall and be able to for once touch that land of Tek gear?
  10. ADK Zombie server Event

    i have played 32vs32 zombie "mode" was fun but would be most likely funner with more then 32 people :)
  11. BF4 Platoon

    @[member='caveman70'] Saw your post and put the ADK tags on
  12. BF4 Platoon

    I didn't know that there was a second platoon. Thanks for the link @[member='gozzen'].
  13. BF4 Platoon

    I'm unable to apply to the platoon in the battle log do to it being declined and am only able to get into the platoon via invite to it. My battlelog name is Exionfatalis.
  14. Longest Headshot

    Yeah i had someone snipe me from in there uncap so i could do anything but snipe back, bu t sadly i have poorly equipped guns so i couldn't hit back
  15. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    I dont think i have ever seen a MAV roadkill but i do know it can trigger certain things using its flare, EOD bot is awesome if u catch people unaware of its presence, but im guess that is why it was banned in the first place.

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