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    Reading, marching band, being stupid with my fellow trumpeters, video games, and paintball specifically woodsball, oh almost forgot KINGDOM HEARTS!!!! Nerd out over....

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  1. Discord channel name ideas

    @Seagull fair, well those are my suggestions, I'll only be a lot of salty if you get rid of shacos, put way to much time in when i was manager with green to lose that
  2. Discord channel name ideas

    Shacos stayin, that's a legacy at this point. I'd like to say maybe be creative with the names, we used to have a bunch of unique ones pertaining to the game, like the Rune Prison, our timeout room, twitches sewer, the void, ect. Rather than just use areas in runeterra, add some flair to the names.
  3. Rank and Time

    Sup guys. Just a small question. What ranks everyone at, and how long have ya'll been playing. Season 4, Gold.
  4. Tournament Bracket!

    Good luck to everyone. We're gunna destroy.
  5. What are you reading now?

    @HansJob Yeah but that re read is special don't want to over saturate it.
  6. Who is your favorite champion(s)

    Really like the edginess that is Kayn. Twitch is a pretty boss ass little sewer rat, but Jhins just fun to play sometimes.
  7. Just Wondering .

    Sorry if it wasn't exactly what you wanted. Like I said, if the interest is there, I'll help you, just not starting them up myself.
  8. Just Wondering .

    Short answer no. Reason for that, we've started up multiple Ranked teams while we've been here, the initial hype and interest is usually great, everyone wants to be on a ranked team. Within a week or two people stop showing up, or don't like the teammates they're with. If the enough interest is garnered I'll help set up the teams, otherwise I'm not going near this shit with a ten foot pole, tired of putting effort into it.
  9. oFrost's Intro

    Sup, hop on league whenever. Probs won't rage at you.
  10. League of legends admin app.

    If you're interested in becoming a staff member you should first look to become a Member, then you should check out this link as it's the proper way of applying to be a staff member.
  11. Virid - Introduction

    @Virid Welcome to the community, we don't have the largest EU section in League, but we'd be glad to have you hang out.
  12. Hey everyone! Aris here!

    @Aris_VioletHeart Welcome to the community, if you wanna hop on during inhouses on sunday we'd be glad to have you.
  13. What are you reading now?

    I think it's about time I did the annual reread. None the less right now I'm reading a really riveting one. Attachment Theory and Research in Clinical Work with Adults, grade A shit right there.
  14. Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged

    Runes finally being free is going to really help out the game. Be a little nice to the newer players that now don't have to split their IP between unlocking a new champion or unlocking Runes that you need to succeed. So yeah, totally ready for these changes.
  15. League EUW

    @Delirious We have a few older members who sort of lurk that are on EU, but I will say that the majority of the player base and events are based around NA sadly. Don't let that deter you though, there are still a few.

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