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  1. BF4 Game Update March [LIVE]

    My guess is to achieve that one shot head shot model, but they should just fix the headshot multiplier for it
  2. Need tips on best fps keyboard and mouse

    I'm running with logitech g710+ and razer mamba for games.   I have a razer ouroboros sitting on the side when I need to do productivity stuff.    Generally its down to preference and comfort of the mouse while any mechanical keyboards perform roughly the same.   Mouse: the mouse is based off of comfort due to everyone holding it differently.  I don't think having a super high DPI will help in most situations since you usually don't max it out (I sit at 2500-3200 as my range)    keyboard: the only differences here is usually design and which cherry switches they use.  Each user has a difference preference I usu sally refer people to this guide http://www.overclock.net/t/491752/mechanical-keyboard-guide  (they don't have green switches since that's a new one but it is basically a harder to press blue switch)    All that being said I see you're somewhere in MN, you could possibly be close to a store called microcenter and they have a wide selection of keyboards and mice just ask an employee if you can try them out before you make the purchase   If you're not close to it, you can go on amazon / bestbuy and purchase a few try it them out and keep the one you like   Hope this helps
  3. Hey, I'm panda

    Hey, I'm panda I'm 22 currently a student at vcu finishing up my senior semester   I don't play too many games and usually only stick to one game at a time and it has been consistently battlefield 4 lately, I'm on the adk #7 metro no explosives server as of lately too. (also found you guys through that server)   My other hobbies are a bit of gunpla along with modding my computer here and there.   My ign for battlefield 4 and steam is panduhsaur and my main goal out of this is to start playing in squads  

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