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  1. Back From A Long Leave

    Welcome back, Grizz. I just happened to see your post on Discord and followed the link over here. I'm not usually logged in to the ADK site as I'm not an active member anymore. I check Discord more often as I try to stay in touch with some of the folks here from time to time. Most times it's just Th3Raz3r that I see online. I'm not playing Elite too much these days as I made a decision back in September to pursue a second career that entails revisiting my old primary career field in the Air Foce -- flying. I entered a flight training school up in Denver in late November and wrote off the majority of my leisure time on the computer. I hope to be soloing here in the next week or two and taking my first checkride for my private pilot by the end of the month. After that it's instrument training,then multi-engine and commercial. After I get through all that I'll move to certified flight instructor school and then return as an instructor for about a year. I won't get much more than a dozen years (maybe fifteen, if the FAA extends the mandatory retirement past 65) in the airlines but I can come back to fly charter or corporate if I can find an opening. I hope to see you on Discord and/or in Elite on the occasion when I do jump in for a bit.
  2. Build Advice: Anaconda

    Noob, Below are some combat (support) Annies, either ENG'd or stock that a couple of the ship design folks in Ghost Legion put out for members as solid examples. It really depends upon what you are going to use your Anaconda for in-game. If you want to keep it fairly versatile you'll need to find a happy middle ground or be willing to swap out modules as the need arises. https://eddp.co/u/V9P3V58s https://eddp.co/u/H3cglXNm https://eddp.co/u/S3LmU1hl
  3. 2.4 Patch Notes

    You can find all most of the new stuff added to Elite with the 2.4 patch here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/378706-2-4-The-Return-Patch-Notes
  4. RP PvP Event

    Th3Raz3r, if Wikipedia is accurate, this is how it describes 'meta-gaming' for space simulations: "In space simulation action games like Star Conflict or Star Citizen, metagaming occurs in selecting the ship class, weapons, shields and active ship modules in regard to game mode or the kind of team play. Metagaming in the player vs player mode (PvP) plans and realizes ship builds and teamplay mechanics according to the most damaging weapons, the escapes available to ships, the duration of crowd control effects, etc. The abbreviation meta may refer to a term in gamer slang for what works currently on the highest competitive level and what is the leading type of ships or multiplayer strategy, for example." In other words, we might be limited to non-Engineered, stock ships. Not sure if this is what Killik has in mind, but it seems reasonable.
  5. Well Book,
    Was checking on the locations of some fellow GL members and one was in Saktsak. So I started checking on the system status and found that it is now contested by Edmund Mahon.  

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. BookD20


      Yup, same as always, same as the usual memo.  70 is the min and quickly falters; 75 is safety.  Should be fine once our CG goes live.

    3. Diettinger


      Ah huh,  I will definitely get over that way to support the CG when it comes up.  Any time frame, yet, as to when it will be?

      I think the frustrating part with ADK in Saktsak has been the repeated problem of seemingly persistent sliding of the influence from day to day after several solid pushes to alter that outcome.

    4. BookD20


      High pop, high traffic.  No time frame though, but it's in for review.

  6. Book, came across this on the Beta 4 Forum Thread.  It may help explain why you've had such a time getting anywhere within Saktsak.




    1. BookD20


      So someone posted that eh?


    2. Diettinger


      Yep, this was the signature block for Fosdyke Smythe.  I assumed, by looking at it, that they are operating their own support for Sak Labour.  And Sak Labour has been the proverbial thorn in the side every time you've run an op to boost ADK there.

    3. BookD20


      True, but we've had the same slip every time we /have/ had thorns pushing Labour up itself too.  Maybe I'll pay these gents a visit

  7. How to Pop a Dropship

    Kaffiend and I were bounty hunting the other day in our Federal Corvettes when we found a Federal Dropship...   https://youtu.be/8V8TbCz3E2k   Wanted to embed this but couldn't get it to work.
  8. @[member='CmdShepard'], Keep in mind, if you can see your way over to a system controlled by Lin Yong-Rui (hope that's spelled correctly) you can pick it up for a discounted price (usually 12-15%) along with the outfitting components.
  9. Dev Update - more Huge weapons in 2.1

    @[member='KafFiend'],@[member='Malkravon'], Well ... dagnabbit...  According to the post in your forums link Michael notes that the gimballed don't work well, which is funny, because they have the cannon available in a gimballed mount.  This is something they appear to have 'discovered' with the cannons, maybe?  Hopefully they will get it worked out.   Personally, I think the turreted mount would be a nice addition--more like the five-inch guns on destroyers and Aegis-type cruisers.  The only issue they would have with the corvette would be the proximity between the two mounts.
  10. Dev Update - more Huge weapons in 2.1

    @[member='Malkravon'], I don't 'assume' anything. An educated guess would be that, at the very least, the multi-cannons will come in a gimballed format as well as fixed as the cannon currently is offered in the same.  The energy weapons is anybody's guess but, I think they would come in a gimballed variety as well as fixed, too.  Else, you might find that the gimballed are offered through the new engineer NPCs.  Don't know, just a WAG based upon existing systems..
  11. Made it to Saktsak

    @[member='LegallyBlindCake'],   That's because I was already well-established in the game--Spyderbyte88 got me to jump in back in the Beta or Gamma period (I think it was Beta, which was followed by the Gamma)--by the time you joined our merry little band. ;)   I certainly wasn't as gung-ho as you to let it all hang out in a madcapped exploration scheme.
  12. Made it to Saktsak

    @[member='LegallyBlindCake'] - I remember your first trip away from the core -- it was also awesome.
  13. Viper MKIV set up

    @[member='nonnahob'], First off, it was good to have the opportunity to run in a wing with you last last night (glad we got the instancing issue resolved, too).  Wish we'd had a bit more time to get you a few more credits!   Second, I will attest, right up front, that I am not an experienced Viper pilot--I spent most of my early, small ship time in the Cobra Mk III.  However, that said, the basics of upgrading/outfitting any ship are the same early on.  You want to focus first on your power generator and distributor.  The frameshift drive (FSD) is equally important and should be upgraded as early as possible (sometimes before  the other two simply to get you to a system with better RES hunting grounds or trade routes).  After that the most important upgrade you can make is to your shields.  These get prohibitively expensive the higher the rating so you may have to stair-step your way up as you get more credits.   Most folks in the community will tell you to upgrade your life support and scanners to the "D" rating simply to save weight.  The "E" rated equipment is cheaper but it is also heavier.  Most advise to keep at least your life support at this rating level as you will rarely, if ever, be more than 7:30 minutes away from a station.  As you sock away more credits you can upgrade your armor, weapons, thrusters, etc. as you see fit.  A lot of what you settle with will be based upon your own experience and preferences.  You see and get a lot of advice on your loadouts for various ship frames but it is ultimately going to fall upon your personal likes and dislikes.   One thing to remember about your weapons is that there is a trade off between the energy and kinetic types.  For the first type there are no ammo limitations and you can literally stay until your ship is about to fall apart (not recommended) but they have a higher energy draw.  For the second type they tend to have lower energy requirements but they are limited as to the number of rounds you can carry; meaning, you will have to break off more frequently to R&R (repair and reload).   Here is a link to the Viper Mk IV I picked up for being a beta backer of Horizons: Viper Mk I V.  Mind you, I had the cash to spend on it so I've topped off several of the components.  I would have left the life support at a "D" rating but Bursch Enterprise doesn't have any.  There are, however, a number of other high tech stations in nearby systems that might.
  14. Made it to Saktsak

    @[member='RuinyourDay'], Nice to have you in the Elite community Ruin!  Hope you find it as much fun as I have.  I will make sure that I get the chance to run in a wing with you in the near future--help you move up the ladder for ship-types and for your combat rank.
  15. Steam

    @[member='DarkKnight2912'], Yes, the community is a public group listed as,"A Different Kind".  We also have a private group for those members who play Elite:Dangerous listed as, "=ADK= Fleet".  If you conduct a search with "ADK" in the box and click on 'Groups' you will pull about 116 returns.  The public group shows up on the fourth page while the ED group is part way down the first page.   Or, you can go Book's route and look it up on the Steam website.  Much quicker.

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