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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. Cant find me in TS just send me a PM on the website. I check it regularly.

  2. @[member='Eirik']   Welcome to the forums! Yea we like to see applicants engage with the community and build up relations with current members of the community. This is partly why we have requirements on becoming an ADK Member. However we feel these requirements are too much of impediment for people who love playing games with our members and want to become an official member as well. When it comes to your 20 forum post just make sure that they are in complete sentences (more than 1 or 2 words type of thing), remain on topic, and no spamming. Other than that just get your hours in, which by the sounds of it you already have, and you should be good to go. If you have any issues or concerns just remember to talk with you assigned recruiter, for Elite Dangerous this will be Blaze, or contact a Recruitment Admin: DoWin or myself.   Note: if you want to mention someone in your post and leave them a notification use an @ mention like I done with your name at the top of this post. So for me it would be @Nagotzu   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu

    @[member='changeofx']   Welcome to the forums! I wish you luck both on your application and college with Computer Engineering. I am a Computer Information Technology (CIT) major with a focus in Information Security so I understand your desire in going into a computer related field after messing with them in childhood. I will be graduating at the end of 2015, when are you going to start attending college?   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  4. Intro Post

    @[member='GoldenGems']   Welcome to the forums! I see that you like finding interesting things in video games. What is the most interesting things that you have found so far and which game did you find it in?   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  5. I think that I am addicted to Spreadsheets and Graphs.

    1. Dowin


      i must agree with you on that

    2. Spyderbyte88
  6. New to guild in Wildstar

    @[member='Proffy']   That sounds good, just take your time and enjoy your time with the community. We are all here to play video games and make new friends. I hope you are able to get some awesome loot from those dungeons in WildStar, I played for a little but I never got a high level so I didn't get to experience that part of the game.   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  7. New to guild in Wildstar

    @[member='Proffy']   First off I would like to thank you for your service. Do you have any interesting stories from your time in the U.S. Air Force?   I see that you are a networking person, I am currently going to college for Information Security. I am projected to graduate in Dec 2015, after that I hope I can find a reliable job to start paying off all my loans. Bachelor's in Computer Information Technology & Leadership Studies Certificate   I hope that you enjoy the community, remember that you are more than welcome to join us in any game that we are playing. If you have any problems or want someone to chat with don't hesitate to contact me in TeamSpeak 3 or on the forums.   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  8. "So a QA tester walks into a bar...

    Hello Remmy,   I did indeed guess that you were a QA Tester for video games from the introduction joke, it was a nice touch. I personally don'e do much programming, but I always like to go through programs and see what I can break. I especially like to do this on released products, oh what fun you can have submitting bug reports for silly mistakes like allowing people to put in a negative number for a currency.   I looked at your drawling and I quickly noticed they are better than anything I will ever be able to draw. However, I was wondering what do you like to draw the most or in what style? I ask this because the characters that you have drawn make me think they could be in an anime or a manga.   I hope that you have fun interacting with and playing video games with the community during the times that you can play. If you ever have any questions or have any problems don't hesitate to look for HansJob or myself in Teamspeak or message us here on the forums. We will gladly help you in anyway that we can. Until then...   Happy gaming, Nagotzu
  9. recruitment

    @[member='urzan13684']   Anyone is able to join our Outfit in Planetside 2, that is one way that we recruit. However these people are of rank "recruit", when people become official ADK members they are promoted to Soldier. This promotion grants you the ability to use the in game Outfit VoIP.   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  10. Hey everyone, I'm VeXtopher

    @[member='VeXtopher']   I am currently a student, going on my 4th year, at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). After it is all over with I will have a degree in Computer and Information Technology (CIT) from Purdue University. Seeing how the CIT course is coming from the Purdue University side of things.   I will look for you later today, so make sure you join our TS3 server so you can chat with everyone. We will be able to get in some Planetside 2 gaming time with the other members. Who knows we might be able to get some revenge on the VS for their late night dominance.   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  11. Hey everyone, I'm VeXtopher

    @[member='VeXtopher']   Greetings, even though you moved out of Indiana it is good to see another Hoosier. This especially goes for one that plays Planetside 2, currently my main game. If you ever have any troubles don't hesitate to contact me. Like I posted on your Application I am easily found in the Planetside 2 section of the TS server, just poke me by right-clicking and selecting poke if I am in a room that you can't access. If I am AFK I will try to get back to you ASAP.   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  12. Hello ADK!

    @[member='Jango38']   I am glad that you have been enjoying your time with our ADK Outfit on Planetside 2. It is also a pleasure to see someone that is highly interested in squad leading. In our platoons we really appreciate good squad leaders. The better the squad leaders are the less that the platoon leader has to do so he can focus on where the platoon needs to go and what it needs to do. Effective leading comes with experience, if you become a member there will be a lot of training and leadership information that you will be able to access at your leisure that can also help you on your way. I hope you continue to run with our platoons and strive to become a better leader and most of all having fun.   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  13. EmmTeh's Introduction

    @[member='EmmTeh']   I will be looking into getting this updated so future applicants will know the new schedule. Some things just go amiss sometimes. I know a lot of people still think that the weekly promotions/meetings are still on Wednesday. We need to make sure we are showing up-to-date information so that not only new people know what is going on in the community but so current members but also the officers, and  etc. don't get confused by conflicting information.   Happy Gaming, Nagotzu
  14. Oh Hai, I'm Jeremy

    @[member='jcspears2014']    I am glad that you found our community, it is a really good place to hang out and play with so many different types of people. You will definitely see an improvement on your personal skills by chatting with the rest of us on here and on Teamspeak 3, ts.adkgamers.com.  On a personal note you seem quite like me, I started with computers early and leaning how to fix things for my parents. I was always eager to learn new things. The only difference is I am now 21 years old and going to be finishing off college in a couple years.   If you ever want to chat you should be able to find me in the Planetside 2 section of the Teamspeak 3 server. If I am in a channel you can't get to then just leave me a poke by right clicking my name and selecting poke. I will jump down and chat as soon as I can.   Talk to you later, Nagotzu
  15. Recruitment Notice

    WOOT! @[member='Pepsi'] is the best! Thank you for making the banner for us.

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