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  1. Can't get connected to team speak for some reason. Anyone want to Netflix and chill?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. GeekDucks


      You. Look out your window....

    3. Astrobamf


      Hahahhahahah omg LOOK ITS A DUCK!!!


    4. Spyderbyte88
  2. Giant Duck Battlestar. Quack quack motherduckers! Sent from my LG-H901 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  3. Moving. Forgot to get internet set up at the next place. Be back gaming ASAP!

    1. Astrobamf


      Hurry we need you AHHHHHHH!!!

  4. I was going to go bar hopping last night, and the one that had the shooting was on the list of my friends to attend last night. They never made it to it last night, and I could not go because of lack of funds. I guess being broke may have saved me from getting possible shot. My thoughts are with the victims and I will be donating blood tomorrow morning, and if you are in central Florida I strongly urge you to as well.

  5. @Dwight K Shrute Little bitch!

    1. AOBLXIX


      nah, not dwight. . . he stayed longer so he's safe for now :)

    2. AOBLXIX
  6. Take my word. If I win the lottery, ADK will have a deposit of 1m in the account.

  7. anyone want to come to my place of work and keep me company? so freaking bored.

  8. Trump or Clinton

    The issue with this statements the idea that while inflation has been happening, the min wage has not been increased. We are making less and less each year,and those who are in school or have children usually have to take up 2-3 jobs in order to make end meat. The businesses threaten to raise prices on the products when the profit margins on many of the products including all overhead, they can clearly afford the wage increase and still have substantial profits. This defiantly applies to Wal-Mart who has the most employees per ratio and overall on welfare nation wide. On the tax issues at hand, they have to be done right. Currently the U.S. needs to close up the loopholes that larger corporations and many individuals use to circumvent the regulations in place. Also, there needs to be an overhaul on what we spend money on. Not to use money for individual benefits and to fund healthcare, regulatory agencies that secure the quality of life for citizens and services for our vets (The current state of the VA is a joke). Another example that has been shown is that trickle-down economics has failed on a nation-wide scale. The larger corporation did not pass down the benefits to their employees, they just started paying them less and ripping apart the unions they had as their only security in being able to have a hand in the fight for a better life. Also, if I were you, I would read deeply into each plan for each candidate. It is something as simple as just raising wages, and to discredit someone because they are "Trump" is not a good approach to have towards it. Each of them has some benefits and strong points, but to discredit one completely without because of their prior business obligations is not entirely accurate as many presidents has own companies and have done great with both in each hand. I do agree with the Hilary thing thought. She proves herself on multiple occasions to turn her back on anyone and to do anything to grab what she can.
  9. Trump or Clinton

    Do not like either of them. I hope Bernie runs independent if he does not claim the nomination for one reason or the other. If for some reason he does not, I ill vote for Trump. Here me out on this: Bernie- I'm a millennial, The price of education for college from everything from book to the base price of tuition has risen, even dramatically from when my sister went to college 6 years ago. I do not want a free pass, but not go into a life filled of debt on what seems like empty promises at this point. At least make it towards someone on minimum wage trying to better themselves be able to afford it. The centralized healthcare would just be cheaper overall on the tax payer, and even the republicans are starting to come to the idea to free up more of the budget to the lobbyist that they are in bed with (on both sides, not saying the democrats do not have lobbyist as they obviously do). He also just has consistency from the beginning of his political career and during his presidential campaign. I like stability and I am tired of having someone like our current president turn his back on those he promised transparency with, and the goes and classifies more than ever. Although he may be to radical, he is just someone who I believe is here for the people and not someone in the background sending wads of cash his way. Hillary- One can say that you need to have an open mind to change to be president, but if you decide to change your stance on something multiple times during a debate, I think that stroke got to you or you have some other mental health issues (ie being a pathological liar). Ones who act like her tend to be the ones that become unfavorable and are in the pockets of major outside forces, and winning the presidency will make for a good payout for her. This makes someone say anything and everything to win. No LGBT right, to "Hey lets all become lesbians". I do not want the commander and chief to have the stability of North Korea (I know that is a overboard of a comparison) Trump- This would only be the resort against Hillary. Yes he has some confirmed issues, but he does not tend to run away from them. He support raising the minimum wage to a modern standard, and healthcare reform. He does need to be more specific on his plans, and needs to get rid of some of the all together (that wall for one of many examples). But he is like Bernie, a good bit of what he has will not get passed as congress does not like him in the slightest bit. The thing that Americans need to focus on is the election they fail to see time and time again. The Executive branch is important, yes, bit not the , most important. The ones who have the majority of say as to what happens to you and I is congress. The gridlocked highway of government bureaucracy that sucks on the tit of the guys on wall-street with the patience of a six-month-old. Both side of the legislative branch need to get there head out of their asses and learn to compromise and the term "sharing is caring" which apparently their mother's forgot to instill on them during childhood while she was breastfeeding them until the age of ten. They all suck with very few exceptions. The main thing is to not be focused on just this one election, as they use it to distract you from the main course. The more voters that turn out, the more middle of the road our congress will become and more functional it will become as well with more diversity and people willing to compromise more with one another. Being polarized has gotten us to this point in our electoral process, and this puts the stability of our great country at risk.
  10. Welp, I did it!

    I decided to go ahead and purchase all the items for the new deployables. No life needed from here on out.
  11. 4th factioning

    It's fun on occasion but I like the tried and true blue!
  12. May's ADK Admin of the Month Announcement!

  13. My thoughts on the new content

    Awesome insight on this! Have had the same opinions and thoughts on this along with the others that have been in the game from when the update went live.
  14. Construction and Indar revamp patch notes 4/24/16

    Guess I might play for an hour before I sleep tonight Sent from my LG-H901 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  15. Anyone Interested for a Meetup in Florida?

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Just do not not dismiss the edit notification at the bottom.

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