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  1. Hey, Tthree is here in TS now. Says he's looking for you. You can email him at:


  2. So I've heard alot about BF4 and even watched alot of clips and youtube player videos, but was wondering if anyone here has played both and could give me an idea of the difference. Good or bad, so I have some concept of what I'm getting myself into. Not sure if BF4 is F2P like Planetside or not.
  3. A 50year old noob

    Welcome xDargohx. 40 year old gamer here, mostly Planetside 2, tho I keep hearing good things about BF, watched a bunch of videos online yesterday regarding gameplay, looks great. If I can muster the ambition I'll check it out this week/wknd. I'll have to look U up and the rest of the ADK bunch.
  4. My intro to The fine folks at =ADK=

    Glad U found ADK Jake. We do play a good number of games here and there are alot of experienced players. I myself usually go more for the MMO, but am currently addicted to Planetside 2. We have the largest outfit on our server, worth a visit.
  5. Welcome to ADK Longshot. I really need to check out BF4... but Planetside is... right... there....
  6. IngeniousIon's Introduction! :D

    Welcome to ADK and the PS2. I too started as a part time/casual player of PS2. Didn't really put too much thought into the game beyond shooting anything that wasn't blue. Generally stayed solo and avoided platoons like the plague. One weekend when the GF was away I sat down and played all wknd. I was lucky enough to run into a zerg and got invited into an ADK platoon and enjoyed the experience. My understanding of the game and enjoyment have skyrocketed since. Lot of great people who don't mind taking the time to help and explain things. Welcome and I hope U have the same experiences I have. Also that U can get another computer...
  7. hi

    Welcome Infamous. As I read yours and others introduction posts I keep seeing the vast diversity of games. I currently only play SWGemu and Planetside 2. Im gonna have to check out some of these other games. BF4 keeps pooping out as the most mentioned other game. I'll have to look U up in game.
  8. Ali - Introduce Yourself

    Welcome Ali. I myself am a Planetside 2 player, but it is nice to see others enjoying the ADK community in other games.
  9. Howdy

    Mass hole, born and raised, suburb of Woo town. I can remember thinking what can be cooler than Pong or Pitfall Harry?
  10. HI im thewhitephenix

    Welcome to ADK. Good to see (and hear on TS) a bit of cultural diversity. I mostly play PS2 but hear good things about BF, might have to check it out.
  11. Hello, I'm EagleDelta

    Welcome to ADK. Check out the PlanetSide 2 community. We have the largest outfit on our server. Great bunch of people.
  12. Hello from another CGC community member

    Great to have U and great to see others seeing the great group of people we have over here. Check out PS 2, it's where the cool kids play, lol.
  13. TheDoctor, from GCG, is here

    Welcome theDoctor. Doctor, doctor who? Hope to see U in game. Nice to have some experienced PS2 players seeing how great the community here at ADK is.
  14. 'Get the fuck off my lawn'

    Welcome Zeliounz. I think you'll find ADK a community filled with good people and hope U enjoy your time with us.
  15. Hi All

    Welcome GenZC, good to see an experienced FPS player around, always good. I myself am a PS2 player so hope to see U around, we'll kill us some TR and VS.

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