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  1. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    VanQuiSer Level 30
  2. TF2 people might digg this.

    O That look Boss. You painted it?
  3. Member Picture Thread

    [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/wvoplk.jpg[/IMG] From about 3months ago
  4. Well, i just submitted a form to join ADK, Hopefully i get a chance. Anyways, my name is Josh Yu, 16, Still in Highschool. I'm a Jr from where i come from. I like to play FPS. Mainly because of the thrill and excitement and surprises that happens across the field. You never know when someone where drop you from behind with a knife. Or headshot you with a Sniper. Alright. Besides BF3 and Combat Arms. I do play a MOBA game. LoL(League of Legends). I started playing this after HoN became free to play. I Just love it. I do competitive play, (Ex: Ranked) and im currently 17W 16L. Stupid Trolls. No offense. I love Trolls, just not in a ranked game. Well, Nice to meet you all. And Happy Early Christmas
  5. Welcome to the =ADK= Website kieki4567 = D Thanks for joining, feel free to browse around. Post some new topics, reply to some current ones. We look forward to chatting with you!


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