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  1. Hello =ADK=

    Welcome to ADK, I hope you find yourself at home here.
  2. Will You be upgrading to Windows 8

    Tried it and I might upgrade at least one machine just for the convenience the new UI provides.
  3. Training to be a better player for ADK?

    Go find a gun that you are comfortable with. m16a3 + heavy barrel is a good start. Be patient and don't charge foolishly. Its not a bravery competition, if you see alot of skulls in an area stay away from there. If playing on conquest large maps, try to move with your teammates. If you wanna go solo, might as well use a suppressor so the enemies won't see you on their mini maps. Let your team mates go first. Then watch the mini map to know where the enemy is shooting from and flank them.
  4. Canals Fast Rank Closed?!

    For some reason sometimes our servers go down (can't connect via procon neither) or just not listed in battle log. I already informed AOB about this.
  5. Tera Online MMO

    It seems that the game play is much like general Dragon Nest except that the graphics is different and its Pay to Play.
  6. Wanted to say hello

    Welcome Justin! Hope you have a good time with us. Hop on TS to meet more of the members. Looking forward to play with you sometime soon!
  7. BF3 Servers - Lagging Issues (6/26)

    For me who plays around 250 ping? Its barely playable. :|
  8. World of Tanks

    I play WoT SEA server. But if it is not laggy and alot of ADK members will play it, then I will switch over to NA sever.
  9. Hello from Sh1kabane

    Hello there! Nice playing against you on Caspian/Firestorm/Kharg server.
  10. Hey guys, I'm FastCR

    Welcome to the forums! Hope to catch you in-game or teamspeak! Nice battle station!
  11. Game with RiotJules

    19 kills with AP Teemo. Looks great!
  12. Introducing Dozer!

    Welcome Do2er!
  13. Noob Q&A - Simple Hints and Answers

    On big maps, FLANK with SUPPRESSOR on, flaking without it makes it POINTLESS since they will just see you on their mini map. Having problems with HARD BREAK with Jets? Use this utility to bind it to a key. Or use it for configuring BF 3 outside the game. [url="http://bf3.realmware.co.uk/"]http://bf3.realmware.co.uk/[/url] Do look at your minimap, ALOT. When gunning in a heli, randomly press Q. When getting to a flanking position with a jeep. Don't leave the vehicle when you are near to the enemy's position. It is advisable to get off the jeep far from your flanking target then walk the rest. Getting off the vehicle will show the vehicle to the enemy's minimap, hence will make you detected. You can hear the enemy "chatter", when an enemy throws off an ammo, you can hear them saying here's some ammo sound. This can help you tell where the enemies are. Helps in CQC. Never underestimate the beauty of SPRINT perk. Sniping with medium range scopes will make you less susceptible to counter sniping. Remember to use the GRAVITY to your favor, when dog fighting, face down when trying to maneuver quickly/gain speed. Face up otherwise. That's all that I can come up for now.
  14. AP Yi?

    I only go AP Yi during randoms when no one bothered to pick AP heroes. Other than that I usually go AD since AD can be used for split pushing or cutting the enemy to pieces. Yi is very susceptible to disables though.

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