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Everything posted by Rexperience

  1. Girl With Dragon Tattoo

    Very dark and suspensful movie. Not what I had expected but loved it altogether The ending was a bit of a let down but no reason not to see it! 3.8/5.0
  2. Hello World!

    Hi and welcome
  3. FlammingCliff checkin in

    Welcome cliff ! I also tend to dip my toes into admiring women here and there seems like we'll get along
  4. Sup?

    Welcome Foshizzle
  5. quick intro

    Hey there Gary, welcome Sorry to hear about your wife but hooray for more PC time. Never had twisted tea, gotta check that one out now
  6. Tekone reporting! (New member)

    Just installed Kinda lost right now haha
  7. CEVO Battlefield 3 Tourny

    [quote name='xSteeLer' timestamp='1354170498' post='56709'] aha Nah its all for fun, BF3 desperately needs more teams. [/quote]
  8. Greetings

    Welcome Thanks for stopping by. Join us in team speak !
  9. hello

    More LoL players! Welcome
  10. Tekone reporting! (New member)

    Welcome Tekone Don't feel bad for not finding us earlier, as long as you did now haha I need to install PS2 , looks awesome !
  11. =ADK= Holiday Bundle Raffle

    Love the raffle idea
  12. Bonjor, PATTDIZZLE in da house.

    Suppp Patttt!! 7 cats and a beagle?? Damn! But, beagles are my FAVORITE! You're right about carpentry being a random hobby. You Jesus Christ wannabe
  13. Hello my name is Daniel

    Welcome Daniel We will definitely run into eachother in the TDM server!
  14. The Official 2012 Happy Thanksgiving Thread!

    [quote name='Hoole' timestamp='1353398778' post='54978'] First Thanksgiving in 5 years that I get to be home for! [/quote] Your family finally let you back
  15. Thought I'd say hello

    Welcome Zolutar Nice servers, yes! Even better team speak
  16. TS3 overlay. Can it work?

    I enabled my TS3 overlay in my plugins setting and every time I am joining a game in BF3, I am welcome by a huge "TS3 Overlay" icon and in the top left I can see all the people who are in my channel works great for me. Although, I did not assign a hotkey when it asked me to AGAIN. Maybe that had to do with something?
  17. MrSnipe1

    Welcome Snipe Make sure to join everyone on team speak when you get the chance !
  18. Server population order

    [quote name='ColColonCleaner' timestamp='1353230235' post='54595'] I thought time logged against your play time was only for "spawned in" time, when you are actually doing things. So if you go afk but arent spawned it wont affect your time played or spm, am i wrong to think this? [/quote] This is correct
  19. Jeeze sock.. I'm hoping for just 1 670 hahaha
  20. New Chat System

    [quote name='Hoole' timestamp='1353185862' post='54489'] does that include your penis? [/quote] it includes everything
  21. Huey's Parts sale!

    I'm wondering if my gigabyte 560ti would SLI smoothly with yourssss..?
  22. Hey guys I'm theone

    Hey welcome Maybe you could recommend me a great router to switch to haha
  23. Hello everyone

    Hey Ben I've definitely seen you around somewhere before haha Anyways, welcome
  24. All your base

    Damn, loved the intro ! Never quit anything for a girl -__- Also nice gravatar!
  25. Hello I am Jprime777

    Hey there Jprime Stay active on the forums and team speak !

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