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  1. So how involved is ADK planning to be in Wildstar?
  2. A good old fashion anime

    I'll renew my recomendation of Planetes then. Lots of character development, decent action, emotional ups and downs, some comedy, and while not one of your criteria, perhaps the best hard scifi anime out there.
  3. A good old fashion anime

    The struggle is that people have different tastes in Anime, so it is hard to make a one size fits all recomendation. The shinining example of a genre of Anime can just suck for someone not into that genre. So the first question we all should have asked is, what type of Anime do you really like? I take a look at fan rankings of Anime, and I'm lucky if half of the top 10 are ones I like. SO what do you like?
  4. A good old fashion anime

    How old we talking? My fall back recomendation is always Planetes, but its only about 10 years old.
  5. Cooking French Fries With a Computer

    The original article indicated that a heating element was required to actually fry anything, and that when the external heat was applied, the computer did crash.
  6. Sword Art Online Speculation?!?!?!?

    My understanding is that Gun Gale is the next installment and is due out later this year. Not having read the source material, I can't say how closely tied to the first 2 plot arcs Gun Gale will be, but it is in the same fictional universe, and is the next in the sequence.
  7. Cooking French Fries With a Computer

    Hope you enjoy toxic metals with your fries lol.
  8. Hi, I'm Monty

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone, looking forward to playing some more with you guys.
  9. Anime and/or Manga

    LOGH is one of the greatest works of Scifi/space opera around, period, but its definitely not for everyone. It can be pretty dry at times.
  10. Favorite anime Characters?

    Its hard to come up with a list off the top of your head but;   Favorite: Yang Wen-li - LOGH   Runners up: Bunta-kun - from FMP Fumoffu Kaito Yashio - Robotic Notes Akihiko Kayaba - Sword Art Online
  11. Sensitive debate time!!

    Crunchy is the clearly superior variety. The puffs get all glommed up and stuck in your mouth if you don't just scarf them down.
  12. Ninth Circuit 2A ruling:

    The Ninth circuit is the most overturned circuit yes, but usually its over turned for going left of center, not right. This could still end up fitting that pattern, but only if the circuit reviews the case enbanc, over turns, and then it reaches the Supreme Court.
  13. Political warfare with Lasers.

    The problem with both lasers and railguns is they are big, and take a lot of support infrastructure. On a large naval vessel, a laser or railgun that can be fed by the ships existing power infrastructure makes a lot of sense, as all the generators are already there, and  dozens of tons of equipment isn't going to matter too much on ship that is already thousands of tons. Likewise you could build a fixed position laser site for missile defense, but for anything else, having a fixed position is a very risky proposition if you ever do have a war, which all makes laser development a low priority for any country without a big navy to actually use them. I think we are still a long way from having a railgun mounted on say a tank, or a laser on a truck for air defense.
  14. Hi, I'm Monty

    Tried hosting my own server for awhile, that one actually made it to 3 weeks before the curse took it and corrupted all my important chunks.
  15. Hi, I'm Monty

    I've liked the recent Elder Scrolls games, I started seriously with 3, but I'm pretty worried about ESO. The biggest appeal in the previous games has always been the freedom to do creative and interesting things in the sandbox world, particularly with the wide lattitude many of the abilities gave you. Morrowind was infamous for the extent it let you do crazy and fun things. Yet every MMO I'm aware of is all about balance, and removing situationally overpowered abilitys that add so much to what makes the Elder Scrolls games interesting. I guess I should probably try to get in on a beta to see if my fears are realized.   Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for the welcome.

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