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  1. free handgun unlock pack

    Pistols and grenades for non premium members I believe
  2. free handgun unlock pack

    The shotguns come out at a later date. Couple days of free download for the DMR'S and once that ends it's shotguns for a couple days
  3. BF4 servers in desperate need of population - ranking

    Was on early this morning and a lot of the servers were dead. Most of the time they are packed in the am. Not sure why it wasn't this morning
  4. free handgun unlock pack

    Premium members get DMR'S and Shotguns
  5. How's Everyone Doing

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to see everyone in game
  6. Bikes

    Anyone on this site ride motorcycle? I have a 2012 Yamaha R6
  7. How's Everyone Doing

    Lately the ADK server is all I have been playing. Seems like a pretty competitive place to play
  8. How's Everyone Doing

    My name is Derek from NY. I just recently started playing bf on pc. I spent a lot of time playing on xbox and decided it was time for a transition. So I went out bought a new rig and have been loving it ever since. Biggest thing I was looking for was a good populated server which also has a great community. So far it seems like ADK has both! I really look forward to spending time in the server and getting to meet everyone. I'm 23 years old btw. I'm currently a supervisor at a large sawmill in my hometown that supplies the whole East coast. Which means I work tins of hours but hope to still find lots of time to play with everyone!

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