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  1. Hello =ADK= community!

    Welcome to ADK, My in game and steam name is Fiction. Feel free to send me a steam request for grouping up.
  2. Hello! I'm GeekDucks

    Brad,     Welcome to the community as well as the epic world of PC gaming! Are there any games that you have seen that have your interests? A couple of the good ones are DayZ, Rust, and planetside 2. If you ever want to group up just give a yell!
  3. Fiction here!

    Hey guys,   Im Jeremy, Been playing with some ADK members for a while and thought i would stop in to say hey. Been playing on the ADK dayz standalone server with Fuz whom i met playing Rust several months ago. Alot of the people here seem great and I will be applying to be part of the community.   Fiction

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