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    Chilliwack B.C. Canada
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    Computer Games, fps, Booze, Tiddle Winks, things like that... genrally things that don't take a shitload of brainpower, as I lost a lot of that in a Car Crash...
    P.S. don;t believe in the freedom 55 BS, keep working Manno, this early retirement SUCS!!!

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  1. uh owww looks like a hack attack on a lot of webpages last night, its harmless it seems, just some Jackass living up to their name it seems...

  2. The problem lies within the registry files, and can be fixed by a simple Recovery in a Windows system. This will not affecrt the game,, as your files will not be deleted, just Resets the registry that makes the Programs work The easiest way I found to correct a Program that has malfunctioned, is to Recovery via Windows, just before the Update happened. Again, it wont affect the game, This Just resets the PC, to make it think/run/start programs, correctly. Once you have done a "Recovery", Start Battlelog, BF3, and let it "Update" or self repair, whichever it needs to do, let the game choose itself. After all is done, don't start playing, First,...Reboot your Computer, This will reset the Windows Registry files, and make it "STICK" If you still got problems after all this, brother you may need a new system, cause its not reseting at all. Good Luck My PC works fine after I did this. PS if you are proficient in cleaning the Registry files, by all means do so, But I caution those of you who are not familiar with the Registry Files, "Do not touch them," !!! as you may inadvertantly kill you PC. PLease,..? If in doubt, let the PC fix itself,,its safer...
  3. Watch out for those so called secure storage places to park ehicles in. Seems like the ole Motorhome we parked for the Winter was broke inot,( nothing of value to steal anyways), And the Manager of the "Secure Storage", didn't even have a Camera watching the parking Area..Might as well park it on the street, probably a lot more "Secure", right? I mean, come on, if it says "Secure" it has to mean Secure???

    1. AOBLXIX


      Wow. . that's freaking messed up. Shouldn't they be responsible for all damages if they are considering it "Secure" I could see if it was just regular storage than you being responsible but they advertise secure.

    2. JDClampett


      Yes of course I believe they failed to do as advertised, but tell me, can you define " Secure" for me? There is sooooo many definitions,.....

      old wise warning comes to mind right now

      beware of things that are to good to be true, because they usually aren't

  4. The Last Firefly

    When the Army Base closed in Chilliwack BC, Canada, , the Military took the Tank with them, they got as far as Kamloops BC on their way to Edmonton with it, and had to turn around to put it back in Chilliwack....HA HA .. Sneeky Buggers thought the Tank Belonged to them, ha ha , The old WW2 Veterans who looked after it, also bought it Surplus, a long time ago, then donated it to the City for a Memorial, Seems like the Military forgot about that little detail.!! , but th grapefine story is, ... The Top General Planned this all the way, When he was asked why they were taking it to Edmonton, he told the News and Press, "This is the best maintained and running Tank we have in Canada right now,..,We need desperatly to train soldiers how to Defend Our Country"! with what we have in mothballs..HA HA HA !!!! Shamed the Polititions in Otttawa about it so much, they went ahead and gave the Army a HUGE amount of Money to go buy their OWN TANKS LOL, ha ha ha ...Thats what we were told anyway

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