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  1. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name: CorpselSteamID: STEAM_0:1:1722093Stream Link (If Streaming): twitch.tv/corpselHours/Days that you can play: usually play between 9AM-5PM central, sometimes 10pm-2am central. days vary according to my work schedule. but overall i play at least 5 days a week
  2. Congratulations to Our New Admins

    Grats everyone! looking forward to playing and kicking some more ass with y'all!
  3. Yesterday at work I had some free time and decided to search up some strategies for our match today and future wins Here are several videos I think we should watch in order to understand competitive attack/defense mechanics. These videos are jam packed with useful information. We could take some points from each video and create our own strategy, or find something that could work for us a team. As today is our first official game together, these videos may prepare us for what we can expect to see from the opposing team. As well as how not to give away our own strategy so easily. Communication, team play, and diversity are going to be our best team players today. I leave you guys with these youtube links below. If you can't find the time to watch it, no biggie! I think it would be a great idea to use some of these strategies in our future quick plays and comps as a team. @Rosebud@Liz @KernalSpicyWeiner @Aomine @QuirkyTurtle @anumaz @SLIMJIM@magiceel What is a Death Ball This seems to be our preferred style of play, and the most common we see. In this video he describes what it's like to push up slowly with a tank and let our DPS burn down the enemy team. So, why watch it if we already know what to do? This this video uses an example of how to defeat or effectively slow down an enemy "Death Ball". So two things we can learn from this: 1.) How to stop the enemy "Death Ball," 2.) How to not let the enemy team stop our "Death Ball." What is a Dive Comp This strategy involves the use of more mobile heroes in order to make a quick advance, group up, advance again while taking cover, and then BAM! Drop in and take the point. This strategy, I feel, would have to be something we all work on together as a team so we can feel comfortable applying it to a competitive match. This may make some of us use a hero we aren't very comfortable with, or too versatile with, but remember, we are playing a team game. What's best for everyone else may not feel like it's best for you, but in the end hopefully we can all take home a win with applying different dynamics to our game style. Triple Tank Meta More and more, I see competitive teams using three tanks. Even in Quick Play tbh. This video shows us how to apply a more DPS tank: Roadhog, a tank kind of enough to lend other heros a shield, and with an ultimate that can change the course of the game in an instant: Zarya, and of course our favorite rectangle shield bearing giant, Reinhardt. The use of a Reaper is almost a must in competitive. He is currently known as a "Meta" hero, teams will almost always employ the use of one to their advantage. So, if we ever come across this composition we should be ready to counter that tankiness and beware of the massive DPS output of their Roadhog and Zarya. Those two heroes will most likely not be focused on tanking so much as they are launching energy balls and screws and nails at us. If we ever find ourselves feeling a bit spicy and want to try something new, I think this should be one of the team compositions we should work on. I honestly believe this would make us nearly invincible! 3 Tanks, 2 healers (Mercy and Lucio?), and Mr. Beefy DPS Reaper. Top 10 Most Important Terms to Know This video's title pretty much explains itself. This is more technical terms we sometimes see or hear when watching pro level gameplay. Not necessary to watch, but I learned a few things here and there. Such as the projectiles vs skillshot explanation. After I watched it, it seems like all this is pretty much common sense. But when we start looking at the grand style of things, once we are all familiar with these terms we can start to use them in our gameplay. I know we all come from a gaming background, so these terms are some we have used in DOTA, LoL, and other fps games. But when we start using our own made up terms or less than common terms, we may begin to cause confusion between each other in an intense/critical moment. So I use this video to suggest the idea of developing our own form of communication. Whether its common terms, or ones we make up on the fly. As long as we can all understand each other when one player suggest we poke or bait the Genji. Also, the map locations are going to be some of the most important callouts we make. Those are simpler, I'm sure we all know where the forklift is in Volskaya. So, if there is an enemy player in that area that needs to be killed ASAP, we can then turn our focus to that enemy. As oppsosed to saying Kill the mercy. We then spend a few seconds scanning for wings or tracing that golden link between her and healing target, causing a slight hiccup in our focus, or missing the Reaper teleporting behind us and wiping our team out with that Ult. Just some food for thought : ) Or as Liz would say "( :" Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEzOHrh9snmHJSGu9wmOvsw Tons and tons of information here. Feel free to browse the hero guides. Maybe you can learn a new play style. If you ladies and gents find anything else, feel free to post it! I will try to continue to post/edit as I find more info for us!
  4. mains?

    My most played is Reaper. Although I really like playing Lucio when we need a healer or Rein in quickplay. I feel I'm comfortable with most of the heroes though. So I tend to switch it up. Same goes for competitive. My three mains are Reaper, Lucio, Reinhardt, or anything we need
  5. Battle.net ID Tags

  6. Welcome Austin! Look forward to playing some more CSGO with ya!
  7. What's your take on gnar?

    give him a chance! He really is badass, and super cute, first few times i played him he instantly became a favorite. His boomerang is an amazing tool for early harass. 

    corpsel_135 add me! i also play Titanfall if anyone else is down to play that too. You can also find me in TS under the LoL chat or DayZ.
  9. I need something new

    If you are a fan of FLCL (fooly cooly) then you should definitely watch Kill La Kill.. Its from the same guys that made FLCL. I am halfway through the series and its reallllly fun. check it out! Attack on titan is badass, can't wait for the next season!!
  10. What's your take on gnar?

    I can agree to this to a certain extent. I have been getting my experience with Gnar in solo q, and thus far I haven't had a problem timing my transform or ganks. It's just a matter of knowing how to play the game and execute certain strategies at certain times. If you have a good jungler that will respond in time to your ping then thats all you need. Otherwise, Gnar can hold top lane extremely well with no assistance, giving you a very good edge over the opposing team. But you do need to beware the enemy ganks. If you just burned your transform and they come to get ya, you probably won't survive unless you see it coming ahead of time and you can escape.  Also, knowing that your solo q team most likely doesn't know how to team fight with Gnar yet, I am usually the one that watches out for the team fights and I come in to sweep up the floor. Always having at least 90 rage and making sure I don't needlessly burn my transform until its the right time.  All in all, I think it requires overall LoL experience to master this guy. He has great potential.
  11. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    Sounds good! i work 24hr shifts and am off at 7am as well so I'm sure we'll bump into each other sometime. Looking forward to becoming part of the ADK community :D
  12. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    Thanks, I will let my friends know about ADK. I have been hanging out here for almost a year and have played all sorts of games so I know ADK is definitely a great gaming community a few friends, myself included, have been looking for. Appreciate your response!
  13. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    Good to have you here Dowin. I usually play in the LoL TS and am currently applying to ADK. I've been playing for a while so it would be pretty cool if you came and joined LoL and got to see what this game is really about and maybe we can start a few teams that play regularly. I'll let my buddies know and drag them this way so we can all play together sometime. 
  14. Soooo.... Gnar

    As i mentioned in another thread with this same question: Gnar is definitely a fighter and a killer. I know he can be a decent tank as well. Still haven't tried that out but top lane solo I usually take out the enemy and his buddy who comes to gank. Gnar is super badass. He's also cute so can't go wrong there. I played him for two days straight and won almost every game by controlling top lane and coming mid just in time with max rage to take out the enemies mid push. This guy is definitely one of my new favorites! Gnar can really dish out some damage. and his stun is amazing. that lil boomerang is perfect for harass. There's been several games where i can push back top by just tossing that boomerang and catching it on the return. The fact that he has no mana makes this ability so spammable, its almost OP early game. GG Gnar
  15. What's your take on gnar?

    definitely a fighter and a killer. I know he can be a decent tank as well. Still haven't tried that out but top lane solo I usually take out the enemy and his buddy who comes to gank. Gnar is super badass. He's also cute so can't go wrong there. I played him for two days straight and won almost every game by controlling top lane and coming mid just in time with max rage to take out the enemies mid push. This guy is definitely one of my new favorites!

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