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  1. A Rising Storm

    Lightning needs to get his posts up :D
  2. I love this, its very festive. I would like to see more of these for holidays through the year. ;)
  3. Rush to the end for the end is nigh!!

  4. Will be getting a job soon and will be only playin later in the day and maybe just weekends, will get back on that.

  5. Officer App is up. Im looking forward to spending more time leading the charge into battle. Thanks.

  6. Good to see you finally consented :P hope to see more of you in game   Good luck
  7. Oh lord, Want. I was going to just buy it, but if i can get it from here that would be wonderful.
  8. Preditorian has arrived.

    Welcome to the community Ron, may your battles be favorable.   Your brother in arms, Montage
  9. Hello everyone

    A firebird you say, I love classic cars, i wish i had the space to work on such metal ram wagons ;). Its nice to see another car enthusiest joining the ranks. I hope the best for you.   Your brother in arms, Montage
  10. YAFNG - Introduction to Galen

    Welcome Kevin, hope to see you more on Planetside 2, its great to know so much about you, keep up the good work and you will make full member in no time.   Your brother in arms, Montage
  11. Welcome to the community, hope to see you in TS on PS 2, its good to meet and greet on TS. May your battles be favorable.   Your brother in arms, Montage
  12. Hello, Im Matt

    Cool my name is also Matt, I play PS 2 as well on Connery, hope you do well in the community.   Your brother in arms, Montage
  13. Hello gamer of =ADK=

    Its great you enjoy the PS2 community, hope to see more of you in the future. Make sure your on TS, not only is it easy to talk strats, but we also have a little fun on the side.   Your brother in arms, Montage
  14. Heya !! All !!

    Welcome to ADK, im mostly in Planetside 2 but i hope you can enjoy the BF4 community, they are very friendly and organized. May you have epicness in battle!!!   Your brother in arms, Montage
  15. Get out of here, Stalker! Strelok here.

    Nice KDR, hope your skills can contribute to the Planetside 2 community. NC is the race to be in Connery, "Space merica" as we like to call it. Hope to see you in there more.   Your brother in arms, Montage

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