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    Windows 7 Pro
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    Gigabyte X79-UP4 socket 2011
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    i7 4930
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    Geforce GTX 780 x 2 (SLI)
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    64 MB
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    512 SSD x 2
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    Sound Blaster SBX pro Studio
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    2 x planar HDMI PX 29 inch
  1. CTE Patch Went Live!!!

    Patch is good for me, no problems with BF4 at all .... However ....... ADK Spamming Begging Message all over the screen when I try to play = F A I L ! ...  :(   Madcat x
  2. 64 Man Clan Battle

    I'm here <3 !
  3. lets try this again

    Welcome to ADK! Good Luck with the app, im loving listening to the medical stories in TS! U and mojo are too funny! Wish u guys worked in my ER!! Look forward to gaming with yas! , :D , :rolleyes:  :wub2:
  4. Need an Explosive Server !!

    Nice way to talk to a member.. nice try though?... whats that meant to mean....?   Way to go to talk to one of the people that just donated $100.00 .... thanks :(
  5. Need an Explosive Server !!

    Not with a 150 ping i cant   :unsure:  :wacko: .. we lost so many players... USA players want an explosive map .. we shouldnt make them go to EU and play with a terrible ping.  :unsure:  :wacko: I also see alot of our old players in TGB explosive metro/operation locker 24/7 ... makes me sad.   Madcat
  6. Need an Explosive Server !!

    Please can we have at least 1 explosive server back! I have been living in ADK 7 since before xmas! It was really popular as there are not many explosive servers left! I cant play in a non explosive server as my main is supply, so cant use airburst, if i use medic i cant use the LVG, and if i play engineer i cant use the rocket! and EVERYONE knows i cant play recon lol we have lost lots of players that used to play ADK 7 Operation locker. Now i find mtyself in TGB or on another server to play Operation Locker or Metro where u can use explosives... and I would really like to play in our servers!   :(  :wub:  :wacko:  :wub2:   Cheers   Madcat =^-^=       
  7. Donate $100.00 ! ...............

    No problem at all! Glad i got it to work! Thanks to everyone who helped!    Thanks for running the servers i get so much entertainment in, as I have done since last year and thanks for making me part of your family!   Madcat!  :wub:  :)  :D  :wub2:  :P
  8. What's your occupation?

    Im a SRN and I work the busy shift of the ER department! (nightshift) love it and wouldnt change it for the world... my fiancee, lots have seen him with me on the ADK servers called Guptastu, is a database administrator for a big oil company in Houston! More of a geek than me!!!! Spends his days working on servers, writing scripts, blah blah beyond my pc knowledge blah blah lol   Madcat 
  9. Donate $100.00 ! ...............

    You just made a payment of $100.00 USD   Paid to funding@[member='ADKGamers'].com   Yay Finally   Enjoy guys !   Madcat xxxx ps... Thx for the help !!! :wub:  :wub:  :wub2:  :wub2:
  10. Donate $100.00 ! ...............

    Well it seems like I will have to do it tomorrow. I cant ring PayPal as they are in the UK and the offices are shut! lol @ time difference! I cant get into my paypal account as i cant answer the security questions ..lol..its been awhile! So i tried to call them, forgot the time difference... 18.16 in Texas so 00.16 in the UK! It wont let me pay as a guest on Pay Pal as even though i still have British Bank Accounts, it just comes up with .."sorry u cant use this card to pay" .. and I use this card all the time online even when im home in Texas. Something werd going on, so i will ring them tomorrow and see if they can reset my account and take my details.    It might be that Pay Pal can detect im in the USA with a British Bank account .. /shrug ..shouldnt make a difference cos i use this all the time overhere!   Will let u know what they say tomorrow.. i WILL get my donation to u one way or another ! lol  :D  :P   Madcat  :wub:  :wub2:  :wub:
  11. Donate $100.00 ! ...............

    Ok well im willing to give Pay Pal another shot... I now have a seperate credit/debit card for online use only, so they have no access to my Platinum account anymore. This seems to be the easiest way to do this. Thank u for getting back to me. I will transfer my donation sometime tonight. I dont want to put anyone out and u shouldnt have to go to the store just for me. But i appreciate u offering.    Thanks again!   Madcat  :wub:  :wub2:
  12. Donate $100.00 ! ...............

    Ok i hope the title of my post has your attention ! lol I know our website has been down, but no one has got back to me about my donation. Is there anyone who can take my credit card details? cos i REALLY want to donate to the family I am now part of! I know how expensive servers are to run and i feel bad playing in ADK al the time without donating! So plz plz plz can someone help me. The donate button is broken and i cant use paypal! I have $100.00 dollars sitting here with ADK's name on it !! plz someone take it !!   Cheers   Madcat  :wub:  :wub2:  :wub:   PS... Happy Valentines Y'all !!! (insert big hug here!) 
  13. Hi ADK!!

    Hehe aww you guys! (insert big bear hug here) thx! I am really enjoying gamimg with u all. never had so much fun online and in BF! I really look forward to logging on with you all !  :wub:  :wub2:  :wub:  :wub2:  :wub:  :wub2:  :wub:   And yea my sniper skills suck, but they are improving very slightly lol i challenge u all to an all airburst round!!!  :D  :P  :D  :P   Madcat 
  14. 0 health bug or not?!?

    Hehe Thanks Guys!  :wub:  :rolleyes:
  15. Submerged PC !

    Right. No problem with it getting too hot! It really runs well. As for the oil getting contaminated, thats no problem, although messy it can be easily filtered. Small teething troubles like we noticed that every day the mouse mat was covered with oil.. oil seemed to be coming through the mouse .. easily fixed.. got a wireless mouse hehe got little problems like that but overall it really it a great PC.    Madcat

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