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  1. I've been playing it and it is pretty fun. I do like it better than BF4 and will order it today.
  2. BF1 Closed Alpha

    I know, I see that everytime I log in.
  3. Clearing corners fail

    That is funny. not one guy even thinks to look left when entering the doorway. geez. I won't even mention about going in 1 at a time or as we called it "entering the shooting gallery".
  4. Hello

    Thanks, seems like a nice bunch of people.
  5. new BF4 camo

    Dalriaden, looks nice. I like the back of it too. :)
  6. new BF4 camo

    It looks frosty with the colors scheme. Being there wasn't too bad either, if you like the cold. "which I do" The only part that turned dreaded was outpost duty.  But, when the c-130's rolled in. Everyone was in a good mood.
  7. #6 change proposals

    For myself. I have a very hard time seeing who throws smoke, flash bangs, etc... though I do see them thrown all the time. I wish there was an easier way of spotting who is doing it. Like today for example, there was a guy named "Claymore" and he was non-stop complaining about "ADK" hackers and cheats and then in the next round I luckily  was in his squad and watched him spam flares in the bottom of "C" . I told him about it and that I watched him do it. So, naturally I got the old "FU" and he left the server. Which worked out for the better.
  8. new BF4 camo

     My first assignment in the Marine was in Antartica and that was far from warm. Then, the opportunity opened for joining Recon which after training I was sent to Kosovo. After that. I qualified for Force Recon and survived the training. I then got deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan. Which after 4 years I was offered an early retirement and left the Marine Corps as a MGYSGT.   As for the people thinking "your weird" comment. I could care less. I earned what I have and nobody handed me anything. If they have a problem with it. Then, they need to go and figure what the true problem is. once they fix that their lives will be much better off. Also, I do wear my HOGS tooth everyday. I hope that bothers people too.
  9. Finally Found it!!!

    here's a pistol I wish they would put in bf4. :D   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMkiDguYtGw
  10. new BF4 camo

    That's ok. I spent enough time in the desert that I earned the look. hehe.
  11. new BF4 camo

    Sgt.Grit. http://www.grunt.com/?utm_source=blast&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nlb01312014
  12. Hello

    you sure will. :)
  13. All hogs were once pigs . But, most pigs will not be hogs. Semper Fidelis.

  14. new BF4 camo

    Well, just kidding. But, my new U.S. Marine jacket just came and wanted to show it off. :D    
  15. question about silencers

    I agree. I was hoping that I was missing something and one of them was super-quiet.

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